About Lolly Lead Generation

World Class Lead Generation

Whether you're a startup looking to establish your initial client base, you're an established business experiencing something of a sales dry-spell, or you're just attempting to take business growth to the next level - Lolly wants to help.

We've been helping companies across the nation outsource the early stages of client acquisition using smart tech solutions since 2011, and seeing so many of our client's business figures skyrocket is just so darn exciting - so we aren't about to stop any time soon.

Noone likes hammering away at a lead badly performing marketing campaign, right? Certainly not when they could be investing all of that energy into honing the future of their company. So go! Grow, experiment, expand... We can handle all of the lead generation for you.

Lolly employee
Lolly employee

Work With Us

At Lolly, we're all about collaboration - and we can always use more brainpower.

If you're a curious, logical thinker, with a creative approach to problem-solving, then you sure sound like Lolly material.

Whether you're a backend, frontend, full stack or a DevOps developer, a content writer, a web designer, a videographer or an administrative wizard... we recognise talent when we see it.

If you're looking to join an ever-expanding team of techies and internet sorcerers shoot us your CV and if we've got a role with your name on it, we'll let you know!

Our Culture

Lolly is all powered by our people - and we believe that high morale and job satisfaction are absolutely essential for the best work output.

That's why we're happy to invest in making sure our work environment is fun and stimulating, with just the right amount of challenge to make sure each and every member of #TeamLolly leaves every work day with a smile on their face.

Not only that, but as a company, we're focused on progressing with the future of marketing so make sure the whole Lolly family are always up-to-speed, too. From Social Media, to engineering - it's in everyone's interest to be au fait with the latest training and techniques to effectively grow and progress. That's the Lolly way.

Lolly employee