Build Better Rapport & Convert More Sales in 2019

Where It Went Wrong

I want to talk a little bit about how I completely lost sight of the essence of sales.

When I say completely, I mean completely.

I was constantly telling my team that solutions had to be faster...

More efficient...

Have a higher turnover…

I was so swept up in productivity that I had sacrificed everything human about the sales process.

Staff were exhausted, management were on my back, and sales were down.

Way down.

Sales conversions down

I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong.

...until I overheard one of my team on the phone going for the hard sell.

The penny dropped when I could practically predict his entire conversation by only hearing his side of the telephone call.

That's not a conversation. That's a monologue.

A soul-less, prepared script that was not:



...Or tailored to the potential customer at all.

That tells me that it really didn't matter what the customer had to say.

(even if they had a chance!)

The depressing part?

They were my words; from my script.

Sales had become a science to me, and that's what I was teaching them.

So I decided to re-educate myself.

Sales education

After reading an article that claimed 'People don't buy from those they like, they buy from those they trust' it got me thinking about our sales angle.

Previously, I'd always thought that 'rapport' had to do with likeability.

But that paled in comparison to what happened when I started channelling my energy into trustability...

I want to show you how not only did I pull our entire team back from the brink of sales extinction by the skin of my teeth.

But how we hit our most prolific sales numbers yet.

Here's how our sales team converted 89% of the leads that landed in our CRM (Customer Relationship Management tool)...

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Author: Daniel Cooper

Managing director of Lolly, Daniel is obsessed with all things sales and lead generation. Previously working as a stock broker in London's financial district he loves to help clients realise their company goals with higher revenues and sales excellence.
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