What Is Lead Generation?

What is Lead Generation?

The million dollar question. At its most basic, you can think of lead generation as sales 'leg work' that peaks the initial interest of your potential new customers.

A 'lead' is someone that has shown interest in using your services, buying your product... etc. Any company or business that deals directly with clients already concerns itself with leads and will, no doubt, invest a lot of time, money and employee time into not only sourcing potential customers but also using their best material to try and talk them around. Long story short: this part of business eats up a lot of resources.

'Lead generation' is essentially the art of finding those interested people, and actually bringing them to you. These Customers are already in need of what you sell, and are more than ready for your sales schpiel.

The best bit? Lolly can herd them toward you in droves.

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Our Lead Generation Process

The Lolly process consists of multiple stages, each one specially geared at delivering you the highest-quality sales leads possible. We won't bore you with the particulars, but the process looks a little something like this...

We begin by casting a wide net across the web using some crafty SEO wizardry. By optimising visibility we are then uncovered by many potential leads which are then qualified, validated and enriched with additional data at Lolly HQ. These leads then appear neatly in your Lolly CRM inbox. Voila -instant business boost!

Do you already have a phone system?

How many phones do you need?
5 - 9

What features do you require?
Phone callings, contact centre and audo/video conferencing

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Less Time Prospecting

When you started your business it was because you thought the world could use more of what you've got to offer. You never really considered that you'd be spending some much energy sourcing business. We hear you.

Cold-calling, chasing flimsy tips, decrypting incorrect contact information and a whole load of empty dial tones? You didn't sign up for that.

It's frustrating, and this kind of frustration can not only have huge impacts on team morale long-term, but devour valuable time that could have been put to good use elsewhere. What if you could, instead, take all of that time back? Automate the whole wild goose chase of sourcing potentially interested customers and see your business soar?

More Time Closing

No matter how great your sales pitch is, or how much experience is under your belt, at the end of the day - if people don't want or need what you're selling, they're just not going to bite. This is where Lolly gets to work, helping you significantly streamline your sales efforts.

By providing you with a steady influx of only those who have a sincere interest in what you're selling, and enriching the results with additional data, we maximise your chances of sales conversions.

Lolly helps your sales team channel energy specifically where it is most lucrative.

We're here to help your business thrive by providing your sales team with as many hot leads that are ready to close as they can handle.

Our Sectors

We work in 15 industry sectors, and many sub-sectors across B2B and B2C. We launch new sectors regularly and are always happy to discuss ideas.

Our Regions

Every day our brands reach over 120 countries in over 30 languages and our lead generation experts adjust our technology platform to be tailored toward local markets. No matter your businesses location we can help generate highly qualified sales ready leads and help take your business to the next level.