The Lead Generation Agency [2019 Award Winners]

Generate New Customers

We provide a lead generation service to businesses across the globe. Our technology is specially created to deliver leads on a pay-per-lead basis in real-time to our customers sales teams.

Our sole mission is to help your business to grow at a predictable and manageable rate with high quality potential customers looking to do business with your company.

With Lollys Lead Generation Service

Here at Lolly, we do one thing and one thing only: concentrate on providing our clients with high conversion sales leads that take their business growth to the next level. In fact, we're so confident in our ability to do so that we don't require complex contracts, minimum terms or large deposits. Instead, we let our-pay-per-lead service do the talking, with results so good that your return on investment is crystal clear.

We support your growth without the tech headaches. All you need do is to calculate how many more leads your business can handle per month - we'll do the rest.

Receive Qualified Leads

Lolly doesn't just work at finding you potential leads, it makes sure they're qualified.

That's right, instead of dolling out a fruitless lead database full of flimsy dead-ends that do nothing but tie up your sales team's time, Lolly focuses its energy on catching customers at the optimum part of the sales cycle, meaning they're already raring to go.

That means that every single one of your Lolly-given-leads has only the very best chance for conversion.

Your job? Simply swoop in and seal the deal, and remember, the faster you call a lead the more likely they are to convert into a paying customer!

Lolly employee
Lolly employee
On a Pay-Per-Lead Basis

Also we won't charge you an arm and a leg for the privilege!

Whilst many companies jump at the chance to charge you at every opportunity, we like to think we're a little different.

Here at Lolly, we source the business - but it's entirely your decision with what happens next. Lolly clients will only EVER pay for the leads they actually want, which means marketing budgets are a doddle and you can keep a close eye on your business finances as they progress.

No one wants to be lumbered with a shocking invoice come the end of the month, so a pay-per-lead strategy works well a businesses of any size.

With Enriched Data

We are making it our mission to put cold-calling to bed. Using data enrichment and customer analysis, Lolly ensures that every single lead is of the highest quality. You'll never hear that haunting dial tone again!

Using tech to get right to the heart of your demographic, Lolly leads are unique in that they are based on intelligent insight and really understanding your customer needs. In other words, we match you with a steady stream of perfect patrons based on data.

It's not magic - it's indisputable data. We told you there's a reason our conversion rate is that high!

Lolly employee
Lolly employee
Utilising Our Advanced CRM

We're techies at heart, too. That why we've also made sure that all Lolly clients have access to a easy to use, powerful and effective CRM to take the whole process online.

It's important to us that you feel in the loop at all times, as well as having our own CRM for immediate access and management of your all-important sales data, we're more than happy to integrate with any CRM that you would prefer to use. That's the Lolly way.

We make it super simple to manage your lead budget and set weekly spending caps, check on incoming leads and their communication status - even set automatic budget top-ups at the click of a button. It's all there for you to control.

How We Generate Leads

Normally, we wouldn't let just anyone take a peek behind the curtain, but since you asked so nicely: Lolly works using a 6-step process. This helps us vet and qualify your leads thoroughly, before they land neatly into your CRM ready to be converted. Here's how it works:

The Lolly team manage dozens of our own popular web brands giving us a large advertising reach.

This reach means tonnes of potential customers create enquiries funnelled through our marketing efforts.

Quality control: every enquiry detail is checked and validated before being processed by our systems.

The enrichment stage: We amalgamate this info with even more customer insight.

Leads are delivered to you via either the powerful Lolly CRM or another CRM of your choice.

Now is your time to shine. Your sales guys and girls take the reigns and solidify that sale.

The Lolly Company Ethos

At Lolly we are focused on three things. Great customer interactions, better, more efficient use of employee time and substantial business growth for our clients - and we mean substantial. All that aside, though, what we really mean by that is that at Lolly, you come first - always. And that's a promise.

Lolly employee
• Clients First

We said it before, we'll say it again: you come first. We'd never insult your intelligence by cutting corners or taking shortcuts. You can trust Lolly to value custom and your input every single step of the way.

• Data-Driven Decisions

Our business decisions are made off the back of solid data and never on risky leaps of faith, guesses or assumptions. We're all about the numbers, and we're only happy when we can see, conclusively, that your business figures are heading in an upward trajectory. Then, and only then.

• Ever Improving

We believe that as a team we can make our clients lead generation dreams come true, and at Lolly, we do just that. Pooling our collective knowledge-base helps us to keep supplying highly qualified sales-ready leads on pa-per-lead basis on a daily basis.

• One Step Further

If you need us at any time - we're there. You can trust Lolly to always go above and beyond expectation - we're invested in seeing you expand. That's what makes us a handy resource!

A Lead Generation Case Study

The Harley Street Skin Clinic - A Lead Generation Case Study

The Harley Street Skin Clinic is a high-end cosmetic clinic based in Central London, UK. The Harley Street Skin Clinic provide an expansive range of both surgical and non-surgical treatments, as well as premium skincare, to patients across the country seeking cosmetic solutions.

The Harley Street Skin Clinic
  an increase of 2100% of their total lead volume  

The cosmetic clinic needed a turnaround strategy for a marketing plan that simply wasn't hitting targets. Once we sat down with Harley Street Skin over a cup of tea, we were able to understand more about the business and we then presented a plan. Our plan followed a performance-based model in which we would boost their business with our pay-per-lead service.

The Harley Street Skin Clinic

On behalf of Harley Street Skin, we created a lead generation campaign which allowed us to not only intelligently market their service across the internet at a much higher rate than their current traffic levels, but to also convert those visitors to qualified enquiries at a much higher rate. This resulted in an 85% reduction in their cost per lead.

Once it was clear that our new strategic lead generation campaign was delivering results at an optimal cost-per-lead and at a very high quality we were able to scale the marketing spend to new heights increasing the budget 20x and deliver an increase of 2100% of their total lead volume.

-85% Reduction In Cost Per Lead

+20x Budget Increase

+2100% Increase In Total Lead Volume

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