We connect APIs so you can move data between your systems with minimal effort

Your staff are busy being busy. Moving data between systems takes time and money - both of which you're trying to save. Data entry is painful. What if I said we could take that off your hands?

You’ve done a pretty good job keeping up with the latest tech and trends. Can’t knock you for that. But the software packages you are using will only take you so far. Right now, they are producing piping-hot data that your employees need to shovel into other pieces of technology to keep your business ticking over. This means you’re relying on manual intervention. Humans make mistakes. Humans are slow. Humans need to have lunch breaks and make cups of coffee. You know who doesn’t need to do all that? Your computer. Application programming interfaces take the swivel-chair of your data-entry workers and move the data between your technologies seamlessly. No matter the time, no matter how frequently you want the data, they get the job done.

We take into account your current software and technology stack and create custom API integrations for your business

With 40+ new reputable API connections created each week, we can guarantee precise solutions

API integrations are the backbone of our services - our developers do this every day

Here’s how an API integration works

Application programming interfaces are a collection of protocols and definitions that allow software components to interact. You focus on communication in your team and we'll take care of the communication between your technologies.

We start with your systems. Our technology consultants explore why you want to use an API and the goal you’re looking to achieve. Then, we take a hard look at the API you’re considering. We pull apart the code, analyse its capabilities and shop around the web for any better alternatives. There - we’ve settled on your dream API!

Our developers now step up to the plate, investigating the endpoints of the API (this is where the software connects with the API) so we know exactly what we can ask it to do. We need to understand what data is required from your business and what it can give back in return. Once we’ve got to grips with its potential, we put it into practice.

You’ve now got a few options to choose from: we can set it up on your servers, build servers in-house and manage the API connection for you or deploy the code directly to your systems.

  We take complete care of the API integration and management of the technology

Get back to business with a team that can test, manage and monitor your API connections. You already know APIs get your data entry done. We make sure that it stays that way with in-house devOps. All you have to do? Simply hand over your API login details.

  We use small snippets of automation to streamline your software even more

Take your business to the next level with one of the top-rated tools in our arsenal. APIs make computers do your job for you. As the automation experts, your team can trust that we can build an efficient and effective solution custom to your internal systems.

  We guarantee a large ROI for a minor change - if not, we don’t work with you

Make a small investment in your digital capabilities that is long-term will work out more economical than your current process. No need for data-entry employees to perform mundane tasks. We integrate the API once and your boring, repetitive tasks are automated forever.

API integration will unleash your tech’s full functionality

API integrations can streamline not just internal business processes involving suppliers and employees, but the customer experience, too. And all through the power of data. Become flexible, become future-proof and start disrupting.

  Cut your costs by replacing your manual processes with automation

Move your data-entry employees into customer-facing, value-generating ventures by replacing their roles with technology. Instead of repeatedly moving data from one system to another, we can slash the mundane and repetitive tasks eating into your efficiency.

  Accelerate your company’s innovation by extending your employees’ capabilities

Boost your team’s technology potential with APIs that engage new talent. If you want the best players on your team, you gotta make sure they’re fully equipped to do their best work. APIs are a crucial step in your digital-first strategy. We can help you take it.

  Open up new opportunities for growth - and then drive disruption

Flex your ability to adapt against evolving customer needs and expectations. By freeing up your team with APIs, you can plot your next strategy for growth and move with disruption in your industry. From customer to competitor, APIs keep your technology up-to-date.

Gaining clearer vision, reducing costs and getting higher profits

Download the API integration digital brochure

Hungry for more? Let us satisfy your craving for the latest intel on all things API.

We’ve pooled our developers’ and technology consultants’ knowledge to create a succinct, easy-to-understand brochure on APIs. You can get the lowdown on what APIs can do for your business, how we deliver our services and our management protocols.

We’ve tallied up the results: APIs create digital-first companies

Connecting software together can open up your technological capabilities and drive efficiency back into your core processes. Do away with disruption and become an industry leader.


Proportion of software developers that use APIs on a daily basis


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Frequently Asked Questions?

We’ve already solved every query and concern you can think of. And if you’re still not sure about APIs, get in touch with one of our experts.

This is a software intermediary that allows two different web tools or applications to talk to each other by sharing data.

There are lots of different types of API, for example:
Open APIs
Internal APIs
Partner APIs
Composite APIs

This is what allows you to retrieve that all-important data from your software.


Depending on the API, the purpose of the API and the software involved, it can be. But since our programming experts work with APIs on a daily basis, there’s no integration that we can’t take on.

The HTML version of an API should take no more than an hour to integrate. More complex APIs, however, can take longer depending on the software it integrates with and the task it is expected to complete.

This will depend on the complexity of the API integration and whether you want to utilise multiple APIs. While the cost is estimated to be on average $10,000, we only provide this service for companies that we know we can in-turn produce a ROI that will cover this initial cost.
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