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Originally published 23 April 2019.

React Native Open Source & the React Native Community feat. Christoph Nakazawa

23 April 2019

React Native Radio – Episode 121


Nader Dabit

Gant LaBorde

Special Guest:

Christoph Nakazawa

In today’s episode of the React Native Radio Podcast, the panel talks with Christoph Nakazawa who works through React Native and open source. The guest and the panelists discuss React Native, MooTools, Lean Core, and much more! Be on the lookout for upcoming conferences with great discussion topics that will be presented soon!

Topics and Questions Discussed:

0:11 – Nader welcomes everyone to the show. Nader makes note of the guest and the panel.

0:43 – Nader: For those who don’t know you, could you please offer your background?

0:55 – Guest: I am involved with the open source, side of things, through React Native. I am involved with building the community through the React Native group.

The guest starts his journey back 14-years ago.

4:56 – Panelist: Do you want to tell us the steps you’ve taken from there to here?

5:25 – Guest answers the question.

12:42 – Nader: It’s insightful. It’s cool to see how it all comes together.

Question from Nader to Gant.

13:15 – Panelist: It’s great to have a community help out. That specific project can be your focus for 6-8 months, and to have help is great!

15:31 – Panelist: Did you get weird information from people where they shared what they didn’t like?

15:41 – Guest: It was a great exercise to see where the community was coming from. We have a huge infrastructure built around the open source.

19:59 – Panelist: If someone has a question, how does the community respond to such a query?

20:24 – Guest: To go back about your gratitude – there are tons of other engineers that have contributed in a huge way. I appreciate it, though.

The guest talks about Lean Core.

27:27 – Nader chimes-in.

27:41 – Guest.

27:44 – Panelist: We are standing here and looking at a lot of great progress. What does the future look like? Say in the next 6 months? Are we refining the same or are we doing something else? What can we expect?

28:13 – Guest: There are a lot of things I cannot discuss, but…

31:06 – Nader: That’s exciting! I didn’t know about the updated website. Is that something that you’ve been kicking around?

31:15 – Guest: Yes, but we haven’t started working on it, yet; although we have some ideas.

31:25 – Nader: You mentioned MooTools. Can we talk about that some more? Tell us about your connection, please.

32:06 – Nader: I think jQuery was my first thing.

32:10 – Guest.

37:09 – Nader: What are some tips that you’d like to offer in the realm of open source?

37:35 – Guest answers the question.

40:00 – Nader: Anything else?

40:06 – Guest: I am good.

40:11 – Nader: It’s been great – I like how you mentioned the encouragement aspect.

41:00 – Guest.

4:55 – Nader: Picks!


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Chain React Conference – July 2019


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React Amsterdam (1,500 people attended)