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Originally published 21 February 2019.

React Native Testing feat. Josh Justice of Big Nerd Ranch
React Native Radio | Episode 116


  • Nader Dabit
  • Gant LaBorde
  • Spencer Carli

Special Guest : Josh Justice

In today’s episode of the React Native Radio podcast, the panel speaks with Josh Justice of Big Nerd Ranch. The discussion covers several main points on test such as, End to End Testing, Unit Testing, and Test Driven Development. This is a great episodes to learn more about the difference avenues of testing as a React Native Developer.

Topics and Questions:

0:35 - Todays discussion covers End to End Testing, Unit Testing, TDD, and more!

0:50 - Josh gives his background in React Native and Testing and other platforms such as Ruby

2:20 - Josh talks about Big Nerd Ranch and it background.

3:12 - Nader ask Josh to talk about the different categorize of tests. Josh talks about End to End Testing and Unit Testing

5:15 - Nader ask what people are using for testing. Josh talks about Mocha and Jest as testing technology. Josh talks bout Wix Detox, Enzyme, React Native Testing. Gant chimes in with tools they use at Infinite Red.

10:00 - Josh talks about RN Tester, and other technologies associated with testing in React Native. More on RN Tester.

13:00 - Gant talks about testing that Facebook is doing internally. Nader talks about Unit Testing with Jest, about a year ago. Spencer talks about using with MeteorJS. Nader talks about how some companies practices testing.

18:00 - Gant talks abut the impostor syndrome on testing. Josh talks a more testing trials and experiment with his colleagues.

24:00 - Nader talks about crashes and unit testing, and ask if this is normal? Gant talks about how they handle this at Infinite Red. Josh talks about tool belts and typescript and what testing should be.

30:00 - Some general discussion of live streaming with teaching about testing. Josh talks about his series and the types of content is available on the live stream.

36:00 - Nader ask about training and consulting within Big Nerd Ranch. Josh talks about what they do as far as consulting and training. Nader asks if they are seeing an increase of training with React Native.

39:00 - Josh ask Gant to chime in on their experience at infinite Red on keeping customers happy with their services. Gant talks about application on iOS. Spencer talks about people bootstrapping their projects and his experience on this solo consulting business.

43:00 - Nader ask what should be people start with to learn testing. Josh suggest several recommendation in the show notes. Josh talks about what is going to be in his upcoming talks.