The lightning fast path to business productivity and automation

Like me, if you run a business then one thing is for sure - you're spinning a lot of plates. But, what if I could show you how to automate them and scale the number you can spin? Together let's put your business under the microscope and explore the strategies and techniques traditionally reserved for Silicon Valley and apply them to your business.

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what will you learn?

UPGRADE can guide you through the steps towards limitless automation and digital transformation.

The lightning fast path to business productivity and automation. Like me, if you run a business then one thing is for sure - you're spinning a lot of plates. But, what if I could show you how to automate them and scale the number you can spin?

Notice opportunities

Discover actionable techniques to immediately find processes and operations that are slowing your business down and reformat them.

Create agility

Learn the principals and strategies used in technology companies that allow incredible speed applying them to your businesses management.

Automate tasks

Explore how to take mundane business processes and automate them with technology that's readily available to you.

Scale business

Leverage modern digital marketing solutions that can accelerate the speed at which you find new customers for your modernised company.

Want to know what's inside the book?
  • 8 Chapters of actionable digital transformation
  • A method for evolving business processes
  • Detailed process mapping techniques
  • Resources listing common automation solutions
  • Resources to help you increase business productivity
  • An action plan to digitise any traditional business
  • No upsale, no fluff

Who should read this book?

Business owners and entrepreneurs

Reconstruct your business processes and operations improving productivity company wide.

Automate tasks to take give your employees more time to interact with customers.

Develop more autonomy and agility in your company so that it's less reliant on you.

Full-time employees

Build an automated side hustle that, one day, could become your own full-time business.

Find innovative automation and modern management ideas for your company that will impress your boss.

Increase your productivity at work and reduce your workload a little more every day.

Release date: August 2021

What do readers say about Upgrade?

Hear how UPGRADE helped business owners and employees revive their operational efficiency.

My guide to automation has already inspired leaders across the world with actionable insights and probing solutions. Agility and opportunity await those ready to utilise the innovative outlooks enclosed. They've put the framework into practice. Now it's your turn.

Lesley Reynolds 

The book gives a practical framework to help structure change and is made credible by the fact that the author has spent many years at the sharp end of leading transformation projects. It’s always encouraging to read the insights of someone who has experienced the highs and lows of getting sh*t done in the digital space. A great read, and the focus on people first means it will stand the test of time.

Sergio Gomes 

This is a really helpful, simple, straightforward book that actually tells you HOW to do it - with loads of practical examples that are relevant for the real world. I usually resist business books on strategy as they’re usually an ego trip for the author, but this one is a genuine ‘handbook’ that I could see a team getting as much use from as the individual reader. It’s well laid out too - chapters are easy to read and digest so great for commuting.

Martin Alderson 

I can highly recommend this book for everyone interested in Digital Transformation and Innovation. (and for people in need of inspiration on personal transformation - the psychology behind works in personal areas as well).

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Discover how your company can reach hyper growth with the power of automation.

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