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We build software that will turn your manual processes into automated systems

Our automation engineers turn the insights gathered from your process workshop into custom technology. We make robots do your work so you can get back to growth.

You’ve got a problem. You’re human. You can only do so many things at once. Running a business is a bit like spinning plates: right now, you’ve got everything under-control and up-in-the-air. But what happens when you want to grow? You can try and spin more, but we all know how it ends. Your core processes will get ignored, spin out of control and bring your operations down with them. Enter automation. We can translate your lagging, manual processes into suave systems that run without a second thought. And you can finally kickback - and then kickstart your operational efficiency. No more keyman risk. No more human error. Way more control.

We leverage insights from our process workshops to create business automation with a 10X ROI

Utilising only the most modern of technologies, our business systems are robust and future-proof

Accuracy is at the very heart of what we do, allowing us to be within 5% of all project estimates

Here's how business process automation works

It’s what we do best. Business automation or BPA is the use of software to automate repeatable and complex processes. It’s when we get computers to carry out the tasks your employees normally do.

Automation is your secret weapon. But these days, it isn’t so secret. Lots of businesses are leveraging BPA to streamline their processes and push forward their growth and digital transformation strategies. Unlike your employees with their basic human needs (like taking a lunchbreak and going home at 5pm), automation software does the job faster and more accurately. They don’t need to be trained - we just run a few lines of code. They don’t make mistakes - they produce a standardised outcome out of standardised inputs.

So, what’s RPA? Glad you asked. Robotic process automation is software that mimics the repetitive things humans do at work. Think of adding data to a spreadsheet. It doesn’t sound like it, but BPA can handle way more complex tasks. Business automation takes care of processes with lots of different steps. It can automate the entire spreadsheet process.

Reach peak effeciency by automating and optimising processes

  We build your custom automation software with top-tier digital solutions

Defy disruption with the latest technologies that match your business needs and your industry’s expectations. All without breaking the bank. Our team builds software fused together with APIs and smart business tools. The best bit? We manage all of the advanced tech for you.

  Our projects are fully project managed and heavily QA tested

Get your hands on faultless and fool-proof software. Our software developers team up with project managers and quality assurance testers to guarantee that we leave no stone unturned. This is the ultimate custom software experience. And we should know.

  We only produce automation software that is easy-to-use

Save time and money on extra training and human error with our top-tier software design. We believe that if you should never need to use a manual. That’s why we prioritise building usable software. From digital-whizzes to technophobes, anyone can use our solutions.

Process automation will generate long-term benefits

We build and deploy custom software that maximises value in short-term timeframes. But it creates a foundation for new future growth that will outlive your time at the company.

  Experience instant process improvement

See your bottom line boosted within weeks thanks to our development process. We’re over waterfall development methodologies. We follow agile development; every two weeks you get new features. It won’t be long until you start noticing those benefits.

  Stay in-step with disruptive companies and technologies

Keep up with the competition - even when demand changes. We produce software in iterations (i.e. little and often) which means we can alter your software to stay in step with disruptors. Your systems shouldn’t be set in stone. Your software shouldn’t be, either.

  Lower your costs with our ROI price promise

Get more bang for your buck with custom software and accurate end-cost estimations. Before we draw a single process map, we see how much it costs to run the process now and how much it costs to automate it. We don’t do any work unless the return on investment adds up.

Gaining clearer vision, reducing costs and getting higher profits

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We are constantly taking into account the latest insights and developments in the field of robotics and business process automation software to ensure we deliver the best possible solution for your business. And then, we adapt the automation to new trends with a streamlined approval process to keep your processes up to speed.

We've done the math: process automation facilitates growth

Intelligent automation can drive greater efficiency and lower costs into your business. Rethink the 9-to-5 with bespoke BPA software and a new team of robots.


Proportion of executives that claim BPA helps them move into new ventures


Average annual savings of our clients via process automation


Average volume of business processes we have automated per client

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Frequently Asked Questions?

We’re always happy to answer your questions, queries and concerns. We are the experts, after all.

Also known as business process automation, this is the automation of complex business processes using technology. It performs recurring, manual tasks where human intervention can be replaced.

Also known as RPA, this is a form of business process automation which involves metaphorical ‘software robots’ or ‘digital workers’. The robots emulate human actions when interacting with digital systems and software.

Automation is reserved for manual, repetitive tasks that follow a pattern. Complex tasks that require human intervention or insight should not be automated.

The best example is support channels. You shouldn’t automate large sections of your phone support channels as it can be frustrating for your customers when they want to talk to a member of staff and might not produce a high ROI.


There are lots of different processes in your business that can be automated. Any processes that are repetitive or rely on manual labour can do with some business automation, like data entry or admin.

1. Data entry tasks
2. Website chatbots
3. Employee analytics
4. Meeting scheduling
5. Social media scheduling

There are lots of benefits of business automation. The most popular ones include greater efficiency, lower labour costs and less wasted resources.
Using automation to streamline processes, increasing effeciency and optimising tasks
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