The HSSC's Digital Transformation
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The HSSC needed a solution for their past paper-based patient data and their lagging patient services. And we sourced that solution via automation and the cloud.


This award winning cosmetic surgery clinic has earnt it's reputation via its celebrity clientele and innovative cosmetic procedures.





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The Challenge

The Harley Street Skin Clinic was committed to streamlining processes involving managing patient data and elevating the efficiency of the clinic’s staff as a whole to improve patient experience. To reach this goal, they needed to focus on solutions that could automate tasks and allow them to go paperless. That’s where we came in.

With a majority of patient data still being managed in a physical form, finding this data for appointment purposes was a slow, laborious process that could detract from the customer service this world-class clinic deemed so vital.

On top of this, the large team behind the clinic were versed in juggling a variety of responsibilities, but diary clashes and uncertainty regarding patient appointments was heightening the complex nature of the day-to-day organisation of the clinic.

"Above all, it was the higher revenue we saw month-on-month which confirmed the benefits of our digital transformation"

Lesley Reynolds Owner of The Harley Street Skin Clinic

The Solution

We started with the cloud, harnessing the power of its computing capabilities to reduce the risk of threats to in-house client data, finalising its protection with the digitising of past records. It was cloud computing that brought the whole team together by ensuring that any changes to patient data, alterations to appointments, and other updates were seamlessly integrated across the entire team.

The process of going paperless in turn allowed employee-based IT solutions such as tablets and smartphones to tap into our tailored technology solution that allowed the right staff members to access the right patient data.

Physically finding data was no longer necessary, and notes on that patient was now merely a tap or two away. Also, the encrypted file formats utilised in the digitisation process not only promised the security expected by clients, but also allowed faster access to said-data when interacting with them.

Furthermore, tasks like patient reminders were also automated, as was technology that could prevent diary clashes among staff. To ensure client satisfaction was secured via these new initiatives, Net Promoter Scoring was put in place, too. Efforts to improve customer service be realised and could be monitored as well.

"Instead of labouring over admin, we could finally deal with a greater volume of incoming enquiries, and continue our growth.”

Lesley Reynolds Owner of The Harley Street Skin Clinic

The Results

This technological transformation stuck to the principles of the clinic, and put the client first: with higher feedback on the NPS confirming the benefits of our tech-based solutions, and lower overheads due to the automation of tedious tasks, processes were streamlined and costs were cut.

Fundamentally, the faster access to the relevant patient data during appointments allowed a greater level of insight and efficiency during patient appointments; sourcing their own solutions for their own services in turn was thus promoted.

Beyond this, by connecting the updated data with the entirety of the clinic’s staff, a complete technological overhaul was achieved.

Improvements in efficiency was at each staff members’ fingertips, creating the client-focused experience expected of its star-studded roster.

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