Rowalk Holdings' Digital Transformation
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The Reading Glasses Company prided themselves on producing high quality eyewear for low prices. However, with upwards of 7000 pairs of glasses, keeping control of stock and shipping was becoming quite a feat. That’s where we came in.


Operating as The Reading Glasses Company, this eCommerce business produces high-quality, low-cost glasses for a variety of needs in a variety of styles.





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The Challenge

Online retailers have already harnessed the potential of digitalisation to secure business success, but The Reading Glasses Company - alongside many other eCommerce businesses - was facing issues regarding their inventory.

Their technology needs weren’t based on their website, nor their services, but with such a high volume of stock to order, process, package and ship via a factory on the other side of the globe, managing such a vital process was becoming far too complex.

Even beyond the shipping process was the incredible mix of products on offer. With a variety of lens types and a mix of frames to pick and choose from, there was no easy answer to the question of how to streamline this business.

Well, without automation, that is.

“What really made the difference to us was the ability to cope with unpredictable changes in demand. We no longer had to worry about a scramble to find a solution - we already had one!”

Andrew Landesberg Director of Rowalk Holdings

The Solution

By unlocking the potential of both automation and algorithms, we unveiled a solution that simplified the entire ordering and shipping process, and in turn had repercussions across the whole company.

In simple terms, we tackled the complex issue by producing purpose-built software that manages the ordering, production, fulfilment, shipping and distribution of countless pairs of glasses in their stock. Central to this was the automation of the ordering process from their China-based factory.

Via algorithms, they can now predict how far in advance of the shipping window they need to order a particular pair of glasses and in what volume. This automates the fulfilment of up to 2000 pairs of glasses in order to ship to Amazon, taking a complicated and time-consuming process off their hands, and passing it to the technology, instead.

"With such a time-consuming task taken off our hands, we could direct our attention back to more pressing matters, like our customer service."

Andrew Landesberg Director of Rowalk Holdings

The Results

By bringing together an end-to-end solution for such a vital component of this eCommerce business, our automation and algorithm based technology could whittle down staff time often spent on the tedious task, streamlining the business as a whole. And it’s that ‘whole’ bit which really matters.

With a focus on Amazon - the globe’s biggest online shop - a major source of income could receive the digital treatment. And this proved most important when it came to accuracy, too. Human error must be accounted for in all facets of a business, but computing prides itself on the speed and capacity for thinking beyond a devoted team of employees.

Nevertheless, with less time spent on the time-consuming process of ordering glasses thanks to automation, that devoted team of employees could put their efforts elsewhere, raising efficiency and lowering costs.

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