Our mission:
Automate 1,000,000 companies

That's a bold statement, right?

In 2019, Lolly Co was founded to help companies navigate an increasingly competitive business environment. We do just that by eradicating your wasteful business processes and liberating your workforce from repetitive and mundane tasks.

How? With something called business process automation.

I've spent the best part of two decades reviving and reinventing businesses across the globe, one line of code at a time. I believe that the future of work is both human and machine working together to free employees from boring and manual responsibilities.

Become one in a million and automate your business.

Daniel Cooper
Founder of Lolly Co.

The purpose driven technology consulting firm

You know what our mission is. But our aim? That’s to improve your business’ bottom line. And we’ve got it all figured out.

Every service we offer has been created to lower business costs and boost process efficiency. We look for those repetitive and mundane processes clogging up your operations, cut them out of your business and replace them with faster and cheaper ways of doing things. Then, we build the custom automation software to make the process go even faster.

So, who are we?

We’re a technology consulting firm obsessed with turning drab, delayed processes into sharp, standardised systems.

You already know a bit about who we are, what we do and why we do it. But allow me to fill in the gaps. We’re a UK-based team of top-tier automation experts, software developers and technology consultants. Even though we’ve set up shop in the British Isles, we like to think our work’s gone a bit more global.

We’re worked with businesses across the planet, remotely crossing borders to bring up bottom lines and sort out operational inefficiencies. Our talents aren’t restricted to specific industries, either. Every sector deserves a dose of automation. It doesn’t matter what you do, nor how you do it - we can make it run smarter.

And what do we do?

We’ve brought together process workshops and automation software development to offer end-to-end process improvement.

We have four services up for grabs: process workshops, business automation, API integrations and systems integration. Each targets the repetitive, complex and slow processes that are suffocating your ability to grow your business. Our services allow business owners to take stock of their operations, make them more efficient and then let technology take the wheel.

That’s why our process workshops and business automation services are combined; we can’t produce your custom software, unless we’ve optimised your process through a workshop. This makes sure we produce automation that can have an instant impact on your efficiency and bottom line.

We’ve only gone and written a book

Not to boast, but we know one or two things about business process optimisation. And we’ve decided to publish them.

We’ve learned a lot about streamlining businesses with technology consulting and business process automation. Having put that knowledge into practice with industry-leading firms across the globe, we thought it was only fair that we share it with you.

You can also get the lowdown on how to use the latest tech to drive your growth and digital transformation strategies, like AI and IoT. Don’t worry, we explain that kind of jargon in the book.

That’s right - we’re giving you the ultimate guide to upgrading your business without signing the dotted line.

Ready to transform your company into a future-proof, forward-thinking enterprise? ‘Course you are.

Release date: October 2021
Meet the Lolly Co team

We’re an in-house unit dedicated to bettering your business processes. It’s time you met the cogs powering the machine.

Daniel Cooper

Founder & Consultant 

As the Founder & lead consultant at Lolly Co, my attention is entirely focused on working with my team of specialists to help automate and optimise manual processes, implement business intelligence, and make better data-led decisions for our clients.

Francesc Gili

Lead Developer  

I'm the lead developer, here at Lolly Co. I dedicate my time to designing, building and deploying the high-quality automation software our clients use (and love). Before I landed my job here, I studied Technical Engineering in Management Computing.

Yevhenii Zhadan

Senior Developer  

I'm a senior developer that specialises in PHP and Javascript programming. I design and develop projects that automate your business processes, smoothen out any bugs that crop up, and help optimise even the most complicated automation tools.

Yuriy Narozhnyi

Senior Developer  

I am a senior developer with extensive experience in the PHP and GoLang programming languages. I’m also the go-to-guy for everything to do with data, like Big Data and Data Structures. My area of expertise is high-load systems based on microservices.

Tom Garrad

UX/UI Designer  

I'm the resident UX/UI designer - that means I make the software, products and website look great and easy to use. When I’m not putting my passion for minimalism into practice, I’m constantly developing new skills to further progress in software development.

Ali Ismailov

Front-End Developer  

I’m Lolly Co’s front-end developer. I have vast experience in graphically designing software and websites so they are easy for clients and customers to use. If someone has a question about HTML, CSS or Javascript, I’m the guy they should ask.

Demet Parlak

Business Analyst  

I'm a business analyst here at Lolly Co with a particular passion for data. I currently help lead the process workshops and optimise clients’ business processes. Before I started designing the workshops, I was studying for a PhD from the University of Marmara.

Stefano Privitera

Business Development Rep  

I'm one of the business development representatives that helps new clients navigate our business process automation services and process workshops. I've worked as a business consultant for several years, and am ready to help executives find their next growth opportunity.

Sid North

Business Development Rep  

I'm a business development expert, which means I bridge the gap between the IT experts building software and the companies that come to us. I specialise in using tools like data analytics to determine requirements for optimising business processes. I also have a journalism degree.

Ben Gray

Business Analyst  

I'm a business analyst that guides clients through our process workshops, process mapping and process optimisation. I also manage our support desk, connecting client queries and software bugs with a developer. Before working at Lolly Co, I studied video game design.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Content Writer  

I’m a content writer that manages our social media platforms and online content. I wrap my head around the incredible things our automation engineers and software developers can do and translate it for our clients and online visitors.

Christina Constantinou

Content Writer  

I’m a content writer, here at Lolly Co. I produce some of those top-notch articles on process mapping, process optimisation and automation that you can find on our service pages. I’m also helping to edit and publish our new book, UPGRADE.

The six core values Lolly Co live by

There’s more to our software than lines of code. Team work, hard work and honesty - they’re what make us tick.

If we aren't being transparent, insightful and innovative than we aren't our jobs. Putting clients first is always at the top of our to-do list. And just below it is learning more about automation.

We always do
our very best

In every task that we undertake we always ask ourselves and each other: ‘is this the very best we can do?’. And if the answer is not a firm ‘yes’, then there is still work to do.

We're always in
the room

When we’re communicating with clients, suppliers, contractors, and team members in our day-to-day work we must be 100% focused on the person in front of us.

We always put the clients interest first

At all times we consider what is right for our clients’ business. As consultants, we make sure we are constantly providing transparent and honest insights.

We always get
the job done

With any commitment we make to getting work done, we see it through. Sometimes this means a few late nights and a couple of early mornings. But clients can always rely on us to get the job done.

We're always honest even when it hurts

By being transparent with team mates and our clients, we can build a level of trust that never goes amiss in the business world. Being honest can be difficult, but it is essential for success.

We always act as a unified team

As a team, we support each other through both the good and the bad. By acting as a team we can achieve great things. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”.

The Lolly Co Team
by the numbers

We've introduced ourselves in words. Now it's time for you to do the maths.


Lines of code that written since our company's launch


The number of technology experts that make up the team


The biggest distance in miles between some of our team members

We take pride in our ability to improve others at Lolly Co
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