One Company
Three Missions

Lolly Co’s technology consulting services transform our clients’ businesses in terms of their digital capabilities, harnessing both our technology experience and industry-specific expertise to unlock insights and opportunities for our clients. Finding the business solutions and scaling them to their industry in the face of disruption is the core premise we follow.

That being said, we aren’t just lead by business opportunities. We operate in order to complete our three missions: changing the way your business utilises tech to achieve its own goals, changing how society works via digitalisation, and changing how its citizens learn and access opportunities in the technology field.

Your profits are important - but so are your people.


We aim to combine our passion for technology with our passion for benefitting society by closing the skills gap present in the digital economy, and creating a diverse workplace free of barriers.

Transform Companies

No challenge is too big or too small - and thanks to disruption, none remain unchanged. That's why we support your business over time, ensuring we don’t just solve your problems, but stay one step ahead of them.

Transform Society

To sustain a culture of equality so valuable to society outside of the office, we focus on fostering equality in your business and our own in terms of gender, ethnicity, LGBTQ+, religion, and people with disabilities.

The Future Is Digital - And The Future Is Fair, Too

Whether we’re solving the disparities or providing the necessary support for individual success, we pride ourselves on being as forward-thinking as the technology we specialise in.

We also focus our efforts on reducing our environmental impact, as well as encouraging digitalisation to reduce our client’s contributions to climate change. From our work with our clients to finding fixes for our own operations, super-charging awareness about sustainability is fundamental to our core values.

The Lolly Foundation

Here at Lolly Co, we pride ourselves on providing forward-thinking technology solutions that reframe the future of your business. And thanks to our core efforts also dedicated to equality in the workplace amongst other modern values toting opportunities for all, the Lolly Foundation was formed.

Simply put, we believe in second chances.

We believe in supporting those who didn’t have access to the privileges often needed to break into the technology world, and we believe in training them and supporting them through to finding stable employment in a career they believe in.

Join Us & Create Change

From our on-trend technology solutions, to our efforts to include everyone in the oppurtunities birthed by digitalisation, Lolly.Co is all about change. And you can be, too. We are always on the hunt for new development talent or creative content writers, and update our vacancies frequently.

Press Coverage

Welcome to our Press Centre, the hub of high-resolution images, content, and contacts for those looking to give us a mention for the awesome things we do.

Whether you work in print or on the webpage, you can find your starting-point here.

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