Our mission:
Transform 1 million companies

That's a bold statement, right?

In 2019 Lolly Co was created to help business owners navigate a constantly shifting business environment. Our aim is to resolve messy business processes, liberate your workforce with automation, and allow you to make informed, confident, and accurate decisions with business intelligence.

I've spent the best part of two decades injecting automation and intelligence into businesses across the globe. I believe that the future of work is human and machine working in unison to free employees from the mundane and repetitive.

Become one in a million and transform your business.

Daniel Cooper
Founder of Lolly Co.

We drive change that
enhances the capabilities
of businesses

Our services range from expert analysis that identifies opportunities for process optimisation to configure a select solution that solves the problem at hand.

We provide custom-fit solutions that take into account your current business processes, operational lag that is driving down profits, and the competitors operating within your industry. Each service is dedicated to your enterprises’ exact requirements.

So, who are we?

We are a software development firm that specialises in automation.

We are based in the UK but work with businesses across the world to streamline processes and save them both time and money. Our small team is made up of automation engineers, software developers, and business consultants that use their expertise to drive innovation in our clients’ operations.

We work with industry-leading firms looking to divide and conquer with new leases of efficiency. We pride ourselves on finding opportunities within operations, swapping slow productivity for new possibilities. And all with the power of automation.

What do we do?

We uncover opportunities for automation and optimisation in business processes.

Our expert automation engineers and business consultants collaborate to maximise the efficiency of businesses. We start by overviewing the entire operation of a business, inspecting individual processes, and identifying areas of improvement via automation. We then use the latest technologies and insights to introduce a custom solution such as process and task mining, robotic process automation, process optimisation, software development, app development, API integration, and systems integration.

We always work as a tag-team, ensuring the experience and capabilities of each developer and consultant is fully utilised to extract and implement in-depth insights into your organisation. But we don’t just pride ourselves on how we work together - it’s about how we can work with you.

Why do we do it?

We are a team of technology experts that are passionate about automation.

Clearly, we are driven by the latest innovations in the technology world. However, the advancements in digital solutions should not be limited to Silicon Valley, nor the vast corporations pushing out smaller firms. We believe automation is the future - and every business deserves to be a part of it.

Our ambitions go beyond our clients, however. Our goal is to automate one million companies. The power of automation is underrated and comes with vast opportunities for those willing to seize it. We are driven by the latest innovations in the world of development.

We literally wrote the book on digital transformation

We don't just automate business processes and digitally transform ambitious companies; we've written a popular and influential book about digital transformation too.

After years of working with some of the fastest growing firms helping them get ahead of the competition. We're sharing everything we've learnt.

UPGRADE shows both business owners how they can transform their company into a future proof forward thinking enterprise. Avoid common pitfalls, learn best practices, and accelerate past competitors.

Order your copy today.

Release date: 14th June 2021
We are a collective of thinkers, engineers and consultants

Meet our team of expert business consultants and top-tier automation engineers.

Here at Lolly Co, we pride ourselves on harnessing the latest innovations in the automation field. Our team was hand-picked from the best developers and consultants we could find across the world. As a remote company, we are always a video call away from building something great.

Daniel Cooper

Founder & CEO 

As the Founder & CEO of Lolly Co, my attention is entirely focused on working with my team of specialists to help automate and optimise manual processes, implement business intelligence, and make better data-led decisions for our clients.

Francesc Gili

Lead Developer  

I'm a developer here at Lolly.co, aka the guy who does IT technical stuff. I've studied Technical Engineering in Management Computing back in Spain. You can usually find me either relaxing with friends and family or reading philosophical and scientific content.

Yevhenii Zhadan

Senior Developer  

I'm Yevhenii, a Senior Developer at Lolly Co. I'm a team player, dedicated programmer, and specialise in PHP Development. I enjoy developing projects to automate businesses processes, help clients function effectiently, and optimise tasks.

Yuriy Narozhnyi

Senior Developer  

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Tom Garrad

UX/UI Designer  

I'm a UX/UI Designer here at Lolly Co; passionate about Minimalism and all things digital. I strongly believe that we should never stop learning and am constantly developing new skills to further progress in the world of Developement and Design.

Ali Ismailov

Front-End Developer  

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Demet Parlak

Junior Developer  

I'm the Junior Developer here, at Lolly Co, with a passion for coding PHP-based websites. I got my PhD in Labour Economics at the University of Marmara and was a researcher at the SOAS University of London. Now I get to spend my time transforming your businesses with advanced technologies and automation.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Content Writer  

I’m a junior content writer that manages our social media platforms, online content, and any other opportunities that require a wordsmith. I wrap my head around the incredible things our automation engineers and software developers can do and translate it for our clients and online visitors.

Christina Constantinou

Content Writer  

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We champion our client-focused core values with every solution we undertake

Our values are implemented across our entire team

We collaborate to ensure we are transparent, insightful, and innovative in everything we do. From development to deployment, our services do not cease; we pride ourselves on constantly monitoring and managing solutions as and when they should evolve with you.

We always do
our very best

In every task that we undertake we always ask ourselves and each other: ‘is this the very best we can do?’. And if the answer is not a firm ‘yes’, then there is still work to do.

We're always in
the room

When we’re communicating with clients, suppliers, contractors, and team members in our day-to-day work we must be 100% focused on the person in front of us.

We put the client first

At all times we consider what is right for our clients’ business. As consultants, we make sure we are constantly providing transparent, honest insights dedicated to their needs.

We always get
the job done

With any commitment we make to getting work done, we see it through. Sometimes this means a few late nights and a couple early mornings. But clients can always rely on us.

We're honest even when it hurts

By being transparent with team mates and our clients, we can build a level of trust that never goes amiss in the business world. Being honest can be difficult, but it is essential.

We act as one unit

As a team, we support each other through both the good and the bad. By acting as a team we can achieve great things. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”.

Our business solutions
boost productivity

The benefits we offer can streamline and accelerate processes for future expansion with automation.

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