Free coding training
for those in need

Here at Lolly Co, we pride ourselves on our passion for technology. But we don’t just dedicate our time to finding a fix for your business - we want to encourage more people to enter and excel in the technology industry. Unfortunately, a variety of barriers block the entrance to the digital field, from privileged access to training to our fight for equality in the workplace. We wanted to change that.

We believe in second chances. And we know they are far and few between.

That’s why we set up the Lolly Co Foundation, the stepping stone needed for those that require that extra support to break into their future career and restore meritocracy to its rightful place in the world of business. For those that missed out on the privilege needed to break into the technology industry, we can provide the guidance, the training, and the sponsorship that can ensure they enter their dream job on a level playing field.

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Changing Lives

The Lolly Co team places a lot of importance on learning. We are constantly seeking new avenues of upskilling and exploring new areas of digitalisation to add to our consulting so we can provide a greater service for our clients. But it’s not just about our own success; the ambition to learn is one of the core values at the heart of the foundation.

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Creating Careers

The Lolly Co Foundation doesn't simply teach you the fundamentals of coding. We provide in-depth guidance to how to go about securing a career you believe in - and we walk you through the entire process, too.

The specific support on offer for those that secure a place with the foundation includes the necessary training for business technology professionals in a range of programming languages and other digital capabilities required for the field, support regarding finding a job in a specific field and extra assistance with interviewing and applications, and a wider range of guidance for navigating such a complicated field.

Central to this is ensuring that those working with the foundation have access to the technology needed to begin the learning process. We can provide you with access to an internet connection, laptop and other computing technology required for the course and then proceeding with your future career, and access to the programmes needed to complete the course and maximise your potential.

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Summer 2020 batch

The Lolly Co Foundation is currently accepting applications for Summer 2020.

If you think the Lolly Co Foundation is what you need to access the technology industry with the necessary support, the first batch of applications is currently being accepted and processed. And with the coronavirus pandemic leaving the future of many uncertain - especially those physically vulnerable and financially insecure - the support of the Lolly Co Foundation has never been more vital.

Our Requirements

You are able to read, write and speak English at a good level. Unfortunately we are unable to provide lessons in languages other than English.
You need to be ready to commit around 30 hours of learning per week to complete the course on time.
You will need to be available for online tutor lead 2 hour lessons 5 times per week. We will provide your internet connection and your computer.
You must be over 18 years of age at the start of the foundation 2020 summer batch - 1st June 2020.

You must complete our application video series in full and submit your application to us by the deadline date of the 25th May 2020.
In order to qualify for our help you will need to fall into one of the following five categories:
   1. You are an asylum seeker or a refugee
   2. You live below the local household poverty line
   3. You have been diagnosed with a mental or physical disability
   4. You face significant difficulty in affording education
   5. You have recently left the armed forces

Application process

Our application process is completed by following a series of coding tutorials which will then allow you to submit your completed application to us in the correct format whilst demonstrating your new found knowledge.

Although no previous coding experience is required, as part of the selection process, applicants will learn the basics of coding simply by applying to the foundation. This is also a great way to get started and will allow you to discover if you love coding.

On average it takes most students around two weeks to complete an application, and whilst some people are faster or slower you should expect to spend 20 - 40 hours completing your application.

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