Aviation is due a re-do.

Given recent developments in the global economy due to Coronavirus, this once stable industry has been thrown into turmoil. And with price transparency, deregulation, and fluctuating fuel prices on the cards, competitivity amongst the crisis is set to curate a cocktail of issues for this sector.

But we have the remedy.

Whilst the aviation industry has always relied on up-to-date technology and has even been a vital force is leading the world in digital-terms, failing to keep up with it threatens the existence of your business.

Turbulence is forecasted - change is guaranteed.

It's Time To Innovate

Running a tight ship starts with a tight team, and this begins with technology that encourages collaboration across the entire business. From there, the innovation needed to keep the business afloat can finally put the wind into the sails.

Make Sense Of A New Model

Bring together customer experience and fundamental operations to ensure fluid communications between key forces at ground-level and up in the air. And this starts with a model designed to deal with huge volumes of aviation and customer data.

Opt For An Overhaul

The aviation industry might have already gone digital, but a complete technological transformation of the entire industry - from the brains behind the business, to those sitting in the cockpit - is a must.

On The Production Line

Whilst digitalisation has always maintained a strong grasp on the aviation industry, innovation is not to go amiss.

The process of R&D notoriously takes many years to complete, but armed with digital technologies that can provide data-driven insights into your business, and reduced the time taken to design and develop products, you can beat the clock. This is especially vital given the changes on a global scale that have rocked this sector to its foundations. And by streamlining each side of product innovation and commercialisation, improved efficiency can also be met.

An overhaul might seem unnecessary for such a quick-paced industry, but military precision starts with innovation.

By bringing together your vital production and the all-important customer, we can frame your business in a whole new light.

For The Customer

Running an airline is by no means a simple feat. In fact, the challenge behind keeping the aviation sector up in the air is down to one thing: meeting the customer’s expectations and keeping them happy. At the fore of achieving this for your business is sourcing an operating model that aligns your operations with your customers, and this pivots on a data-driven approach.

By bringing together the complex amalgamation of data between customer service agents, airport colleagues, and those mid-flight, meeting the customer’s needs at each and every stage of the buying and travelling process can be achieved.

On top of this, airlines are fuelled by immense volumes of data that can be far too much to cope with at one time, especially when being translated for the customer. Monitoring and controlling it via operational models is key.

Anyone with a growing business needs automation in order to succeed. Our inbound leads and sales due to online inquires grew by 200% month over month.

Michael Garcia Director of Marketing, Answering Legal

You're in good company
Do You Dare Go Digital?

For those with an ear to the ground, our services carry out a Digital Transformation.

A Digital Transformation rethinks how you manage your employees', your clients' and business’ data, and how you carry out your business operations. Or, in simple terms, a DT is the technological revamp your business needs to stay competitive.

The aviation industry stands firmly as a unique industry, bringing together technological innovation and the need to satisfy and protect customers at all costs. But it’s the dual-focus which confirms that the sector is due an intense digital transformation.

This starts with technologies devoted to that all-important communication. In fact, this is where the future of the industry pivots around, ensuring you can find security in the lack of stability, and streamline complex business processes with digital solutions for the entire supply chain.

Only recently has analytics, automation, the cloud, and the Internet of Things been integrated into the industry’s technological stance. And only recently have your competitors realised the importance of staying one step ahead. By harnessing third party services and algorithms in particular, cutting out development time and reaping the rewards of digital innovation are much easier to grasp. This means your digitalisation won't just bring you up to speed, it will also encourage the future evolution you need to keep up the pace.

Put Personalisation At The Fore Of Your Business

No customer can be reduced to a statistic, nor should they ever be - but using data-driven insights to tap into their exact desires is far more effective than assigning them a number, ensuring you can personalise the traveling experience.

As with all leisure-focused sectors, the chief perspective looks at the customers’ satisfaction. By ensuring your products will satisfy your customers, you can be sure to score sales thanks to high-speed insights from data.

At the world around your sector changes, altering your aviation company to grasp a hold of relevant business operations is key. Detect the exact products and services your clientele expects, and fine-tune your business’s innovation via data-driven insights.

Engage With The Need For Engagement

Fundamental to this industry’s digital transformation is adapting to the disruption courtesy of new competitors. By harnessing new business models, the technological innovation can align with the business.

Innovation might be the buzzword of the industry, but putting it into practice is no understatement. Align your whole business digitally, and rethink production, supply, and communication with customers.

Central to the industry’s future is that of driving growth to cope with the onset of thriving demand. And growing a business can start with something as simple as planting technology in all departments.

Enforce Efficiency Via Technology

The current disruption evolving the industry is not a wave that will crest and crash onto the shore; it is simply part of the tide to come. It’s time to rethink technology, and never stop rethinking it.

Problems cannot be predicted, thus, by rooting technology in all facets of a business, issues can be identified, analysed, and solved at speed. That’s what you call customer service.

Collaboration is a core principle of the industry, but outside of the military perspective often taken, this should stretch into all areas of the business. And the supply chain must be a part of this, too, to guarantee customer care from the airport to up in the air.

We're Taking Over The Controls

Taking things technological might seem a challenging feat set to put your troops through their paces, but with Lolly Co at every step of the way, navigating the new territory need not be difficult. In fact, with our tech-team assessing your business’ exact needs and walking you through each step, you don’t need a map, either! But, if you do fancy finding your way around tomorrow’s business technology, you can start here.