A chemical reaction is on the cards.

The chemical industry might seem light-years ahead, but adapting to disruption in the industry is enough to set off a sector-wide reaction. New challenges - and opportunities - lie on the horizon. Are you ready to take them on?

Mirroring the fundamentals of a technological overhaul, this industry is expected to treat innovation, growth strategies, and boosted efficiency as its core principles for the future. From utilising technology to rethink chemical plant practices, to reimagining how the business side of the industry is run, this forward-thinking sector is not to be underestimated.

And that’s where we come in.

Overhaul Your Operations

AI, analytics and smart sensors are the core of the transformation of this industry, streamlining the workforce and the production of chemicals via connectivity, and pinpointing problems before they arise. Going digital isn’t just for your employees.

It’s All About Automation

'Analytics' is the buzzword for this industry, rooting itself in all components of the technological transformation your business needs to be considering. By using a computerised brain with a human perspective, product quality and consumer satisfaction can be guaranteed.

Extend The Personal Touch

It’s time to harness the power of the Internet of Things, analytics, and wearable technology that puts safety and efficiency first. Industrial and field workers deserve the people-first approach that is expected of customer service.

Behind The Customer Service

There are 2 sides to the chemical industry - and rethinking the business side of the sector is essential for the eventual overhaul needed to stay competitive in a disrupted field.

Even outside of the plant, streamlining the workforce and restrategising is central to the technological gains to be made by a business. Identifying the necessary technology for implementation across the entire business - most importantly the plant as a part of production - is fundamental to its future growth.

The core of this is predictive insights to ensure the efficiency of the plant is in check, and cyber-security that is protective of the industry secrets a business needs to keep close to its chest. Infusing this approach across sales and marketing is also key to your business’ future.

And we can unlock it for you.

On The Production Line

Whilst the business-based approaches to digitalisation mirror other industrial transformations, it’s the chemical plant that sets itself apart from others.

Thus, pinpointing technology that will ensure safety, streamlining of production, and identification of potential issues is key.

Specifically, the tech solutions that can streamline your plant-based business include tapping into the IoT with mobile sensors, wearable technology, and analytics to effectively track the work of your employees. Monitoring efficiency can also be rooted in the automation of non-productive work.

Technological overhauls always seek to put people first, with the clientele at the forefront of the changes - but your employees need to be included within this, too.

Anyone with a growing business needs automation in order to succeed. Our inbound leads and sales due to online inquires grew by 200% month over month.

Michael Garcia Director of Marketing, Answering Legal

You're in good company
Do You Dare Go Digital?

Chemistry is all about change. But these days, change no longer belongs in the science lab. Businesses operating in such a scientific field are often expected to already be harnessing the power and potential of the technological world, but this doesn’t mean one update will keep your business competitive.

You need to be constantly adapting to new contenders in the field, and you need to be constantly evolving your business inside-out. From rethinking the strategy keeping the business afloat via innovative business models, to the industrial plant monitoring efficiency and keeping tabs on your employees, an eventual overhaul is now a necessity.

For those with an ear to the ground, this process is also known as a Digital Transformation. A Digital Transformation is the rethinking of how you manage your employees', your clients’ and your business’ data, and how you carry out your business operations. Or, in simple terms, a DT is the technological revamp your business needs to stay competitive.

The specific technology this encompasses includes analytics, the cloud, the Internet of Things, and wearable technologies that allow monitoring across the entire supply chain. Matching this with innovative business models that are open to being re-assessed and re-defined completes the incomplete process.

Simply put, this industry is devoted to dangerous products that seek to perform an exact purpose for a customer’s exact need. And your business needs an exact solution.

Put Personalisation At The Fore Of Your Business

Bring together the essentials of digitalising your operations with the need to support customer satisfaction via industry-wide solutions that rethink your entire business.

The customer is always right - but they aren’t the only people you need to bear in mind. Your employees need the personalised experience that protects and promotes efficiency.

With our techno know-how under one wing, and analytics and insights under the other, we can provide a personalised experience for your business that can have knock-on effects for your customers.

Engage With The Need For Engagement

Your customer’s demands are higher than ever. Constantly changing, your products need to do the same, harnessing data-driven insights to tap into their relevancy for your clientele.

Keep your customers on the edge of their seats with groundbreaking innovation set to put the products they need in front of them and ensure the service they expect is always within grasp.

With a mix of technologies determined to pinpoint the relevancy of your products, the power of connectivity is firmly in your grasp, allowing you to deploy marketing strategies that can engage.

Enforce Efficiency Via Technology

Small steps towards digitalisation might not seem monumental, but the consequential overhaul from the plant to the head office is necessary to streamline each facet of the business.

'Efficiency' might be the buzzword of the industry, but this is not to say it should come at a cost of your workers’ well being. Using technology to detect risk in the workplace and to the business can raise issues at pace, and allow solutions at speed.

It's time to step back and look at the bigger picture: your business is no longer separated into the boardroom and the plant. Consider the complete supply chain and rethink all areas of your business.

We're Re-Writing The Experiment

Taking things technological might be set to create chemicals reactions in this industry, but with Lolly Co at every step of the way, weighing up the changes need be as simple as a science class. In fact, with our tech-team assessing your business’ exact needs and walking you through each step, you don’t need safety goggles, either! But, if you do fancy finding your way around tomorrow’s business technology, you can start here.