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It’s a problem encountered by countless business owners across the globe: predicting the future of business technology is near-impossible. Nevertheless, in an ever-connected world, one thing is for certain - we are all online. Given these recent developments, running a business no longer requires the complex, bulky hardware of decades gone by. It’s time to take your business remote.

With a variety of benefits on the cards including increased productivity, lowered costs, and business flexibility, tapping into the new way of working is a vital step for businesses that have the opportunity to do so. And we can help you take it.

Whether your're looking for guidance and support regarding the broader management of your remote business, or the specific software and hardware your individual employees require to perform their role from home, we can provide a roadmap for your next step.

Plan &

It’s your business - it’s your business solution. That’s why we kick-start the process by bringing together your ideas, issues, and concerns. From there we sketch out a plan for your business’ computing equipment in alignment with its exact needs.

Develop & Launch

Having devised a roadmap for your future computing equipment, we follow up by sourcing the technology solution and the necessary software to support your remote team as well as providing the necessary training and management for this shift.

Maintain &

Our services don’t cease when you sit at your new desk. We pride ourselves on a consistent level of support that not only corrects problems as they arise, but also rethinks your technology solution in alignment with your industry’s disruption and changing standards.

Tailoring Your Business’ Individual Consulting Solution

Marketing tends to be a hit-or-miss - but there is one way to secure a loyal customer via your marketing techniques. And that’s by using the personal touch. By allowing your marketing department to work from home, you can free up more time for them to sync up with your customers.

Scoring a sale is one thing. Guaranteeing repeat purchases from the same customer is a different challenge. This challenge can only be conquered via customer engagement, a tactic that can be achieved via constant communication. This can be secure via their improved time management.

With the correct training and company culture, elevating the efficiency of a work-from-home business is an inevitable step in going remote. However, this can only take place within a certain management style - a style we can let you in on.

Anyone with a growing business needs automation in order to succeed. Our inbound leads and sales due to online inquires grew by 200% month over month.

Michael Garcia Director of Marketing, Answering Legal

We Assess

We start the process by opening a dialogue with your team. Tailoring our technology solution to your business requires us to decode your business’ current digital processes, and then source the software and devices that can both enhance and integrate with it.

Our roadmap for your business also takes into the policies, toolkits, and workflows required for your virtual business, as well as the training and management we can implement that is specific to both your business and your industry.

Throughout this vital planning stage we focus our attention on three core principles: your productivity, profitability, and your employee satisfaction.

We Apply

Having settled on your business’ computing equipment, we then begin the process of sourcing it, installing it, and talking your team through their new capabilities. It’s not just about the technology; it’s about retraining your team to meet your industry’s ever-evolving standards.

We also begin the training process and culture recreation necessary for a remote business to take off. By providing support and resources for each employee - whether they are the director of the business, or are chipping in part-time hours - we can ensure each facet of the business is suited to the new model.

Once we’ve compiled resources specific to your business as it stands and as it will be in the future, we can guarantee your team will be ready to adapt to its new operations well into the future.

We Review

Here at Lolly, we pride ourselves on providing support at every step of the way. From providing management training for department heads to sourcing the relevant software for your team, our services don’t end when you power up your laptop.

Digitalisation as a process is intended to ensure your business stays competitive against the new businesses entering the market and disrupting your industry. Evolving to the changing industry doesn’t just mean matching what that business has introduced - it means going one step further.

This can only be accomplished via technological know-how specific to your industry and where your business should be headed - know-how we just so happen to have.

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