We apply sector-specific insights to find your competitive advantage

Every industry comes with its own dilemmas and disruptive forces. But we take these problems and turn them into new potential for your business – no matter what it does, nor where it does it.

We like a challenge. And we’re looking for our next one. If there’s an opportunity to convert complex industry knowledge into actionable know-how, we’re taking it. That’s why our team is configured of the technology consultants and software developers hand-picked from across the planet. It means our consultants can deep-dive your business and its industry, deriving the most up-to-date insights required to build the bespoke software. They then collaborate with our programmers to create bespoke, easy-to-use solutions that fit the bill. Unique problems breed unique solutions. That’s exactly what we do.

  • We lead process workshops that optimise the repetitive, mundane processes limiting your growth
  • We automate core business processes with custom software to free up your team and boost productivity
  • We use API and system integrations to streamline your outdated IT systems The Industries that Lolly Co actively specialise in improving


The traditional processes of this industry are due modernisation, whether its redefining management or connecting to the cloud.


Of all the departments in an organization finance and accounting (F&A) stands out as having the most processes, which are consistently manual, time-sensitive, and monotonous.


This sector is due a rethink – a rethink that considers its fundamental processes and corporate culture.


Meet your students needs, and protect their data at all costs, all the while streamlining the teaching process in an accessible way.


Help rebuild the digital world of business by implementing an operational overhaul that considers accuracy of your clients’ demands at a new level.


Take this tech-driven industry to a new level with patient-directed solutions that use insights and analytics to determine their exact needs.


From autonomous cars splashed across the tabloids to connectivity driving the dealership experience, this industry is set for an AI and automation overhaul.


Whether it’s the wearable technologies bringing IoT to your field workers, or the operational rethink in head office, now is the time for an overhaul


Keep your aviation firm up in the air with technologies designed to process, package, and monitor changes in the complex web of data faced by your employees.

Real Estate

Tap into an operations overhaul that rethinks and protects your finances, all the while keeping in check with the changes in the wider economy.

Life Sciences

The future of this industry is dominated by integrated platforms, data-driven insights – essentially, anything which can access and answer to the specific needs of the patient.

Digital Marketing

Unleash your marketing and lead generation’s fullest potential with data-driven insights and exclusive analytics tools.

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IT Chronicles

companies claim digital solutions would be important to remain competitive



hours SMEs lose to outdated technology



of a business’ revenue lost to inefficient processes every year

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