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Running a business is no simple feat - but having to consider the new competitors in your industry? Things are about to get that much more complicated.

The thing is, here at Lolly Co, we are experts in the complicated. In this day and age, your business has to monitor your competition, align with the changing capabilities of the industry around you, and match the changes, too. This is why we place so much emphasis on tailoring our technology solutions to your business; we monitor your industry, we level your business with the disruptive forces in your sector, and we produce the solution in record time.

And you can find out what we can do for your business here.

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Industry Specialists

We aren't just experts in programming, nor are we just miracle-workers for your marketing. We work around the clock to monitor the tectonic shifts in your industry, no matter how seismic the event, nor how small the tremor. From there we design and develop our technology solutions, ensuring your business can digitalise and beat out the competition.

Aerospace & Defense

Rethinking the business model via R & D and harnessing the power of data-driven insights for customer engagement is the future of this industry.


Whether it's the wearable technologies bringing IoT to your field workers, or the operational rethink in head office, now is the time for an overhaul


From autonomous cars splashed across the tabloids to connectivity driving the dealership experience, this industry is set for an AI and automation overhaul.


Keep your aviation firm up in the air with technologies designed to process, package, and monitor changes in the complex web of data faced by your employees.


The traditional processes of this industry are due modernisation, whether its redefining management or connecting to the cloud.

Capital Markets

This complicated industry is set for a similarly complex rethink, with asset and management, and investment banking requiring a personal touch.


Source new donors and keep contributors within your grasp to meet your moral obligation of your organisation via digitalised marketing techniques.


With AI, data-driven analytics, and wearable technology on the cards, this industry is brewing up quite a reaction, whether it's in head office or in the field.


Help rebuild the digital world of business by implementing an operational overhaul that considers accuracy of your clients' demands at a new level.

Consumer Goods & Services

The customer takes centre stage in this digital overhaul, whether it's the process of rebranding or flipping the sign to 'open' on your online store.

Defence & Security

Businesses operating in this industry might be trained in military precision, but keeping up with the competition requires a technological rethink.


Meet your students needs, and protect their data at all costs, all the while streamlining the teaching process in an accessible way.


Take operations upstream and protect your data-driven insights with powerful cyber-security if you want to claim success in this industry.


This sector is due a rethink - a rethink that considers its fundamental processes and corporate culture.


Take this tech-driven industry to a new level with patient-directed solutions that use insights and analytics to determine their exact needs.


This industry isn't necessarily set for specific digital changes - it's transforming the User Experience and moving to As-A-Service which takes the fore.

Hospitality & Leisure

Monitoring the changing demands of the customer via data-driven technology is the future of this sector, as is an overhaul of its operations.

Industrial Equipment

This industry has already tapped into the latest technology; it's all about rethinking operating models to business processes, now.

Industrial Manufacturing

Take your operating models, products and their production methods, and learn to see them in a 21st century light


This vital sector is forecasted to find technological solutions to match the potential changes in the economy around it.


Revitalise your revenue and protect your secrets of profitability with cyber-security initiatives that rival the integrated platforms dominating the sector.


Curating a customer experience via UX, and focusing efforts on data sourcing and management is the future of this industry - are you ready for it?


Cloud computing, data-driven insights, and scalable technology solutions are forecasted as the future of this industry. From customers to company culture, disruption begins now.

Life Sciences

The future of this industry is dominated by integrated platforms, data-driven insights - essentially, anything which can access and answer to the specific needs of the patient.

Media & Entertainment

This sector will follow it's past premise, but use digital technologies to access the changing wants of their clientele on a whole new level.

Mining & Metals

Central to the technological overhaul in this industry is discovering new avenues for growth, and changing operations to suit them.

Natural Resources

Manage operations from the plant to head office with AI, the IoT, and analytics that can source a solution for the entire supply chain.

Oil & Gas

Follow operations upstream and protect your newfound data-driven insights with cyber-security to claim success in this evolving sector.

Private Equity

Sourcing new outlets for value creation as well as unveiling a future roadmap with a digital expert is the lifeforce of your firm's survival.

Public Service

Tap into automation and reap the rewards of innovation with this company culture overhaul. AI, blockchain, and the IoT take centre stage, here.

Real Estate

Tap into an operations overhaul that rethinks and protects your finances, all the while keeping in check with the changes in the wider economy.


Match the changes in the wider economy to ensure your firm can provide for your clientele, and support applicants, too.

Renewable Energy

This sector might already be forward thinking, but it needs suitable technology via an operations overhaul and an assets portfolio rethink.


Revamp retail with curated customer experiences ranging from online orders to in-store experience. From omni-channels to re-creating the checkout, this is the future.

Sovereign Investment Funds

with a rise of disruptive forces bringing change to the sector - including political sensitivity - it is in dire need of digitalisation


This sector will always stick to its ambition of gaining more customers, but the use of digital technologies to access the changing wants is the new normal.


Ensure your transport firm stays on track with technologies designed to measure and monitor changes in the complex web of data faced by your network of employees.


From website chatbots and your online re-branding to data-driven insights, the customer is at the centre of this industry. Marketing is the future.

Power & Utilities

Rethinking your revenue creation and fine-tuning the customer experience is fundamental to the future of this industry, whether it's employee-based tech or customer data analytics.