It’s time to alter agriculture.

This industry is one of the fundamental building blocks of an economy, stretching back to the beginning of human civilisation - but that doesn’t mean it can’t benefit from more modern techniques.

In fact, in such an unstable sector so easily affected by year-on-year trends outside of our grasp, sourcing a solution with stability at the forefront is vital. Less than 20% of global acreage is being given the technological treatment, leaving opportunity wide open for firms ready to sow their seed in the digital age. From the data analytics being used in head office, to workers in the field performing the manual labour needed for operation, the supply chain is set to change. Are you ready?

On The Production Line

At the heart of the agricultural sector is production; this is vital to the predicted digital transformations gently beginning to rock the industry. Central to this is the digital technologies that put the power of data collection, analysis, and insight into agricultural consultancy.

  Streamline The Supply Chain

Fundamental to running a successful business in the agricultural sector is securing a succinct supply chain. With effective communication between company field agents confirming this and feeding back vital information, food can stay accessible.

  It's Time To Innovate

This sector has grounded itself on its ability to survive changes in the digital world and prevail with basic methods. But you shouldn’t be aiming to merely survive; your business model needs a complete rethink to kickstart your innovation.

  Opt For Operations

Optimise yield and raise revenue with data-driven projects that can direct your business to the specific areas of production your team needs to be focusing on, as well as helping run the numbers on crop failure and your environmental impact.

For The Customer

This industry might not appear to be as customer-centric as other sectors such as retail, but it’s that focus on data which is just as rooted in providing for the customer as it is streamlining production. Boosting that productivity is primarily based on responding to customer demand via data-driven insights, and ensuring that production can both meet those demands, and avoid wasting time and money on unnecessary production.

Indeed, it's the forces which dispute the need for digitalisation in this industry due to the belief that customer demand will not waver which confirm its potential; whilst your business might always have a certain level of demand when put forward to customers, alternative competitors can draw away your clientele for faster, more innovative products and practices, and suitable marketing. A lot goes into our agricultural consulting, but far more comes from it, too.

Do You Dare Go Digital?

For those with an ear to the ground, our services carry out a Digital Transformation. A Digital Transformation rethinks how you manage your employees', your clients' and business’ data, and how you carry out your business operations. Or, in simple terms, a DT is the technological revamp your business needs to stay competitive. At the fore of the agricultural sector’s concerns is that of growth - growth in population and growth in demand. Your business plan requires a scalable solution that can match changes put in place by new competitors entering your field, and adjust to the wider shifts taking place across the globe, whether they take place in your industry, or not.

The technology that is expected to be altered by such technology fuelling this includes the IoT and other sensor-based technologies for use by field workers to provide micro-management and detailed data-driven insights, crop monitoring via drones and 3D imaging technologies, robotics to carry out manual labour previously carried out by human employees, and analytics to manage the insights gained. Farming has little changed since the historic alterations in basic methods of manual labour and machinery; data is forecasted to change this.

Put Personalisation At The Fore Of Your Business

What if you could know exactly what your customers want, exactly when they want it? Thanks to to a wide range of operational insights, you can leave reading the future to the crystal ball, and personalise through farm management.

The personal touch isn’t simply for your customers. Your supply chain employees can be managed on a whole new level, encouraging improved efficiency and loyalty via improved monitoring.

It’s not just about the product itself - from the customer service experience tailored via data-driven insights, to purchasing the good itself, your website, social media, and shopping experience must be rethought to their needs.
Engage With The Need For Engagement

Going green is officially on-trend - is your agricultural business ready to be up-to-date? By cutting waste via data-driven insights and using machinery focused on boosted efficiency and accuracy, you can uphold a futuristic front via a feasibility study.

Providing a product the customers want is one thing. Providing a product as demand alters, shifts, and rebounds is key to keeping a previous customer engaged, and ready to click ‘add to basket’ again.

You shouldn’t just be focusing your efforts on becoming environmentally-friendly. Tech is not just required to keep your business competitive, but to keep it cool, too. Tap into the digital age, and sync up with your future customers.


Efficiency Via Technology

Manual labour has long dominated the agricultural sector - but things are about to change. With added accuracy, improved management, and intensified levels of data on offer, handing over time-consuming tasks to the computer is the new norm.

At the fore of your future digital transformation is the IoT. And that starts with devices designed to monitor and support field workers. Elevate their efficiency with renewed management techniques and revitalised data insights.

Digitalisation might be due for those working out in the field, but it is also expected of those working in head office. Draw together each component of your business, and streamline areas that need a rethink.

What is the agriculture industry?

The agricultural industry is a sector devoted to cultivating plants and livestock. It is comprised of businesses that either grow crops, raise animals, or harvest fish.

Does the digitalisation differ between the individual sectors within the agriculture industry?

Although there are four individual sectors within agriculture (livestock, crops, aquaculture and forestry), they can all tap into the benefits and tools of digitalisation. This includes sensors, drones and robotics, and IoT technology which can be applied to field workers, machinery, monitoring, and other vital processes.

How does technology affect the agriculture sector?

As with most sectors, digitalisation has brought a whole hosts of benefits not limited to improved crop genetics and pest management, streamlined business processes that reduce the need for intensive labour, higher quality livestock facilities, and specialisation of agricultural businesses. This furthers the initial benefits of the technology introduced.

What are the trends for the agriculture industry?

The specific trends that are currently reshaping the sector include IoT and sensor-based equipment, drones and crop monitoring technology, robotics and artificial intelligence, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) sensors and tracking, machine learning and analytics. Each different cluster of technologies interacts with another.

Is the agriculture sector in decline?

The agriculture sector is in decline due to labour moving out of the sector and falling food prices. And with climate change intensifying hardships already faced by farmers across the globe, evolving to the effects of a fall in growth in the industry via the latest technology is vital to staying afloat.

What is the future of the agriculture industry?

By harnessing the power of technologies that automate and monitor business processes on a whole new level, efficiency and safety can be elevated, and environmentally-friendly methods secured. The sector now depends on data, with data driven insights from analytics helping navigate business’ next steps.

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