Turn manual farming over to the machines

The agriculture industry is entrenched in laborious processes that stop short of modernisation. But new pressures are mounting.

As one of the fundamental building blocks of an economy, the agriculture industry relies heavily on hands-on processes that are slow and therefore costly. On top of this, in an uncertain sector affected by year-on-year trends outside of its grasp, sourcing a solution that can reinforce stability is essential. Less than 20% of global acreage is being processed with technology, leaving opportunity wide open for firms ready to adapt to the digital age. From robotics to a reinvented supply chain, we can apply automation software and streamline a sector entrenched in manual operations.

Our senior developers and automation engineers have access to a range of tools and technologies to drive optimisation in your business processes.

We only hire highly-qualified consultants and developers that can apply their select expertise to enhance your organisation’s innovation.

We analyse your business requirements alongside your wider industry to guarantee your technology moves beyond your industry’s standards.

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Unleash new opportunities with smart farming

With fluctuating numbers of labourers available to meet traditional farming’s standards, machinery and automation that fills these roles is becoming commonplace.

At the forefront of this industry’s concerns is growth in demand. Your business requires a scalable solution that can match disruptive competitors’ technology and adjust to the growing pressure from global trends, such as overpopulation. Automation and its complementary technologies are a necessity to optimise and streamline outdated processes that ultimately increase output. This extends to IoT technologies for field workers, crop monitoring via drones, and robotics to carry out manual labour.

  Harvest With Robotics

Machinery has always been difficult to utilise when harvesting fruits and vegetables as it can damage or incorrectly gather the produce. With flexible mobile platforms, robot manipulators can perform the role of a manual labourer whilst meeting the standards set out by the farmer.

  Lead With Autonomous Tractors

Tractor automation can fulfill the role of the essential machinery without requiring a driver. We use cutting-edge driverless technologies to cut costs and increase yield simply by making tasks that involve a tractor remotely operated.

  Enhance Monitoring Capabilities

The latest drone technology can monitor, manage, and perform vital responsibilities within the agricultural field. This can extend to identifying issues with imagery and analytics technology remotely and applying treatments to the crops.

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  Streamline The Supply Chain

Securing a streamlined supply chain is essential with smart farming. With effective communication between company field agents feeding back vital information, the lifecycle can stay in motion.

  Foster A New Business Model

This sector has grounded itself on its ability to survive changes in the digital world and prevail with basic methods. But basic survival now has to contend with disruptive automation and pending demand from global crises, such as overpopulation.

  Utilise Operational Insights

Optimise yield and raise revenue with data-driven insights that can direct your business to new opportunities. By identifying the specific areas of production that exhibit inefficiency, innovations to correct this can be applied effectively.

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We are the agriculture experts

We are a team of automation engineers and expert consultants that can apply global insights directly into your operations.

We collaborate with your entire organisation to introduce the right technologies that can identify your competitive advantage and optimise your operations. We’ve worked with industry-leading businesses across the world to push forward this traditional sector. Our automation development follows Agile methodology and ensures our solutions are constantly reviewed, revised, and redeployed to meet the changing trends of the industry.

We can elevate your efficiency

Our team builds custom automation solutions dedicated to streamlining core operations.

Manual labour has long dominated the agricultural sector - but things are about to change. With added accuracy, improved management, and intensified levels of data on offer, handing over time-consuming tasks to the computer is the new norm.

At the fore of your future digital transformation is the IoT. And that starts with devices designed to monitor and support field workers. Elevate their efficiency with renewed management techniques and revitalised data insights.

Digitalisation might be due for those working out in the field, but it is also expected of those working in head office. Draw together each component of your business, and streamline areas that need a rethink.
We can drive greater customer satisfaction

We provide optimisation solutions that enhance the user experience and drive better customer service.

What if you could know exactly what your customers want, exactly when they want it? Thanks to operational insights, you can personalise the product to their standards.

Going green is officially on-trend - is your agricultural business ready to be up-to-date? By cutting waste via data-driven insights and using machinery focused on boosted efficiency and accuracy, you can uphold a futuristic front.

It’s not just about the product itself - from the customer service experience tailored via data-driven insights, to purchasing the good itself, your website, social media, and shopping experience must be rethought to their needs.
How can automation help you?

We can drive greater productivity into your processes to overcome swelling demand.

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Average reduction in energy costs as a result of IoT farming tech

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