Banish uncertainty and optimise production with data monitoring & automated agriculture

Weather. Consumer demand. Economic crises. Watching over your complex internal processes and preparing for the worst comes with the job. But keeping an eye on crops, livestock and the supply chain just got easier.

In an ordinary world, you’d want your agricultural business to cut costs, boost efficiency and harvest the profits. You should know that the agri-food sector doesn’t deal in simplicity. It’s no longer about profitability. It’s about responsibility, too. The typical pain points blocking your growth - think overly complex IT systems or limited margin for error - are about to be compressed even further by global matters: feeding the global population efficiently and making agriculture more environmentally sustainable. That leaves you with a small window of error. But thanks to the latest data monitoring and automation technology, we can turn that into a window of opportunity. Using data to reinforce decision-making can make farming flexible and extract the countless processes blocking your potential.

We can automate complex business processes and free up your team to ensure you can meet the global challenges ahead

We can combine your legacy systems into a suave, succinct IT system that no longer requires manual intervention

Our technology consultants can provide you with farming industry insights into applying data-driven insights from tools like IoT sensors

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Select technologies fertilise the future of agriculture

Investing in digital transformation is risky in this field. It’s costly, time-consuming and might not yield much in return. That means you need the experts - and you’re in the right place.

Access is a privilege. Access to the right equipment, to the best employees and to the most profitable acres of land. But this time it’s access to the right technology that will keep you tossing-and-turning. The latest innovations will put you on the map. But implementing them requires high-speed broadband and complementary software. Here’s the thing: in this highly-competitive sector, the answer for some may not lie with the most complex tools on the market. Instead, farmers running smaller and less agile firms should turn to farm automation. We would know - it’s what we do.

Past transformations in agriculture have found ways to make the sector more productive through increased manual intervention. We’re here to put a stop to that. No more multitasking. No more repetitive, mundane tasks. No more messy admin input manually into a spreadsheet. That's why it's called precision agriculture. Process automation takes care of unnecessary manual tasks and lets your team do what they do best. It declutters your operations and simplifie your supply chain that much more. Finally; you have a chance to map out your next growth opportunity. That’s when you can reach out for that new transformative tech.

  Meet rapidly-shifting consumer demand for traceable, environmentally-friendly products

Generate greater sales and secure customer loyalty with custom traceability software. Log piping-hot data into applications that monitor both product quality and the progress of your products across the supply chain. Give them what they want. And prove it every step of the way.

  Strategise the next steps in your growth by identifying new business models

Leverage custom automation technology and devote your time to finding new opportunities in your business. In this manual-intensive industry, implementing new tech is by no means straightforward. You need a chance to redefine your business model. That’s exactly what automated agriculture gives you.

  Optimise your internal processes and resource wastage with artificial intelligence

Streamline inputs and outputs to a high degree of accuracy with precision agriculture. Monitoring your operations is producing vast amounts of data. Your human employees couldn’t process it. But AI was built for this moment. Then, just take insights that come out the other side into practice.

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  Gain in-depth visibility into upcoming challenges with digital market linkage platforms

Overcome the major risks associated with fluctuating commodity prices with tech that improves your market intelligence. By virtually integrating the stakeholders throughout the supply chain, you can increase your accessibility to financial services and commodity traders. That’s called getting smart.

  Stay on top of your daily workload with remote Internet of Things technology

Use sensors to precisely monitor irrigation of crops, entire herds of livestock and autonomous machines. Are adjustments to field conditions needed? Detected. Want to pinpoint the exact location of cattle? No problem. Got a flock of machinery operating in a building 2 miles away? You’ve got an eye on it.

  Cut out risk by reinforcing decision-making with fresh, relevant data

Action strategies that depend on up-to-date information backed up by farm and satellite-imaging intelligence. Intelligence gathered at points across the supply chain means you can understand market needs to the Nth degree. Find out where the demand is, and then rake in the profits.

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Here’s what we can do

We can plant the seeds of your agri-tech. We reinforce your core processes with automation and translate your complex IT systems into succinct software. No watering required. Then you can get back to mapping out your disruptive strategy.

We don’t need to tell you that agriculture is dependent on manual labour. But the problem isn’t that this is slow and time-consuming. It’s that this reliance is increasing. As economic and environmental pressures stack up, mobility restrictions and gridlocked supply chains have spiked demand for local providers. This is not an obstacle - this is an opportunity. Only agile businesses will be able to seize it. This is where we come in.

We automate your core business processes so you have more flexibility with those pesky obstacles and opportunities. We kick things off with a process workshop, analysing your current business processes. This gives us a chance to find ways to streamline them. Then, we produce the custom automation software to perform the processes for you. Your operations will run smarter or faster - and you won’t have to lift a finger.

And that’s not all. Our technology consultants also go to the very root of your current information technology. Including the overly complex and out-of-date legacy systems powering your essential processes. We upgrade the software, zip your different systems together and make sure it runs like clockwork. We do this with solutions like robotic process automation to prune your manual processes and divert your attention to pressing matters. Work hard in the field, work smarter in your strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Concerns, queries and questions - we've got all the answers you'll ever need.

This is the adoption of digital technologies to improve business processes, increase value for customers and create a digital culture in the workplace.

Process transformation: Modifying the elements of a process to achieve certain goals.

Business model transformation: Reinventing a business model that finds new paths to growth.

Domain transformation: Moving into new industries or sectors (e.g. Amazon moving into Amazon Web Services).

Cultural transformation: Updating a company culture so it fosters innovation.

This is the use of new, advanced technologies in one system that enables a streamlined value chain. This in turn aims to improve food production.


The most important technological innovation in agriculture is real-time monitoring technologies that bring together IoT, data and analytics. Farm productivity and the factors influencing it can be picked apart to find ways to optimise operations.

There are many barriers to a successful digital transformation. This includes scope for technological innovation, legal compliance with land reforms, climate change, trade and value chains.

Also known as agricultural technology, it has the aim of making food production as efficient as possible.
We've done the math: transformation is now essential for agriculture

We can drive greater productivity into your processes to overcome swelling demand.


Average number of data points per farm estimated by 2050


Average bottom-line improvements for our agriculture clients


Annual average increase in agri-tech investments since 2018

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