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Change is tough; especially for industries relying on manufacturing. The smallest spark of innovation needs to burn across the entire supply chain, from production to purchase. Automation frees your team up to ignite this transformation.

There’s more to digital transformation than self-driving cars or electric vehicles. This isn’t the future; they’re already here, using our roads. But claiming these technologies for oneself won’t satisfy consumer demand or challenge rapidly-evolving disruption. This will: you need to put your business in a position to keep up with the competition. At every level, new technologies need to be implemented, with their own set of opportunities and challenges. Achieving a high ROI from technology is no easy feat, but with streamlined business processes creating more agile, adaptable workflows, digital transformation no longer has to be a risk. Instead, it can open up more opportunities enabling you to move you up a gear. 

  • We can extend the capabilities of your automotive manufacturing robotics with automation to speed up production.
  • We can automate mundane processes and liberate your employees to deliver higher-quality customer-facing services.
  • Our technology consultants can help your team navigate the opportunities and risks associated with the latest tech.

A wide array of technologies fuel
the future of the automotive industry

Here’s the problem. Every step and stage of the supply chain, including handing over the keys to the customer, requires a rethink to make it more efficient, secure, and competitive. The good news? We know what the finished product will look like.

Something like the domino effect. The consumer shows an interest in hi-tech, space-age gear. So, you design new cars that accommodate this demand. That means your production line needs to make room for these new capabilities. Simple, right? You know it isn’t as straightforward as this. Environmental concerns bring in a whole slew of new, government regulations. The manufacturing sector is disrupted and once again takes off in a new direction. And then something like COVID-19 happens, sweeping the planet and making in-person sales an afterthought. You can never prepare for disruption but with automation, you can accommodate for it.

Custom automation technology has the flexibility to work on a number of levels for this manufacturing-heavy industry. Automation has the potential to fast-track production processes and streamlines tasks industrial robots complete. Alongside this digitized factory automation can speed up internal processes that facilitate the adoption of new technologies as and when the consumer wants them. No more mundane, repetitive processes. Only agile, efficient operations.

Revolutionize the customer experience with competitive dealership technology

Meet consumer demand with digital solutions that enhance engagement, like augmented reality and virtual prototyping. Customers can now get a real-time experience of their next car, visualizing and understanding how it’s built and giving invaluable feedback at the same time. Wave ‘goodbye’ to intimidating dealerships. Say ‘hello’ to lickety-split sales.

Increase sales by driving home a conversion via an omnichannel eCommerce

Satisfy the shift to online car buying with a succinct, streamlined eCommerce experience. Your customers are ditching the dealership and heading online. Whether by social media, app, or website, you need to meet them there. Then, you just need to guide them through the funnel with hyper-personalized marketing. Easy.

Boost demand with in-vehicle connectivity that matches consumer demand

Increase profitability by producing cars that engage with the surge in interest for a digitalized driving experience. Cars crammed full of features that can understand voice commands, monitor the car’s performance, and give them greater functionality are now essential. Customers now want peak performance and full flexibility. Give it to them.

Secure customer loyalty with predictive maintenance capabilities

Leverage the power of data and do away with costly, time-consuming support with predictive maintenance. With technology sensors that monitor parts and software performance, your customers will be the first to know if a failure is looming. All you need to do? Deadbolt the data with military-grade security.

Increase efficiency on the assembly line with automated robots

Harness the potential of the latest robotics technology and delegate repetitive, mundane tasks over to the computer. Armed with advanced vision and motion control, they can complete a multitude of tasks like welding, sorting, and inspecting. That means you can produce cars faster and more accurately. All without compromising employee safety.

Utilize 3D printing technology to simplify the entire production process

Limit manual employee intervention and speed up the manufacturing process by printing components faster with 3D printing. By unifying this solution with cobots, you don’t have to do away with employees; they can perform safer, quicker tasks and divert their attention to value-generating processes.

Here’s what
we can do

We can transform your traditional assembly lines into finely-tuned machines. Armed with a team of bespoke cobots and automated internal processes, your team can finally face up to disruption. Whatever it throws at you.

Leading a successful company in the automotive sector is very much like the cars you sell: complicated. With cogs and components spinning and whirring, tripping off a new process and kickstarting another. However, instead of technical parts setting off a chain of events, every business process involves a different stakeholder. Ranging from the OEMs, the design team, the factory employees, and the marketing team, to the dealership executives on the hard sell. Each cog needs its own digital solution to bring it in line with the competition. You’ve got enough on your plate as it is. Our job is to take care of your core, repetitive processes with automation. Then you’re free to wonder what to do next.

We use custom automation software to convert your lagging internal processes into suave systems. Those tedious, time-consuming internal processes (think admin or data entry) can be taken off your hands, enabling your employees to focus on customer-facing processes. We can even fine-tune manual intervention on the production line by programming your industrial robots to work smarter and faster. That’s right – we can reinvent the efficiency of your business one line of code at a time.

Once we’ve accelerated your core processes, our technology consultants can get to work. They’re experienced in solving the most complex digital problems, refining digital transformation strategies that put you on a par with your competitors. It’s not necessary to keep navigating the industry’s rapidly-changing tech trends, anymore. We can guide you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

For every technology question there is a technology expert. In fact, we've probably already answered it below.

This is the adoption of digital technologies to improve business processes, increase value for customers and create a digital culture in the workplace.

Process transformation: Modifying the elements of a process to achieve certain goals.

Business model transformation: Reinventing a business model that finds new paths to growth.

Domain transformation: Moving into new industries or sectors (e.g. Amazon moving into Amazon Web Services).

Cultural transformation: Updating a company culture so it fosters innovation.

There are many different technologies at play including autonomy, machine learning, robotics and dealership digital solutions.

It can create great value by revolutionising the entire value chain, bringing about greater efficiencies and cost savings.

There are several obstacles to a successful digital transformation: organisational culture, lack of effective IT, digital security and agility.

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