Automation will open up opportunities for the new customer journey

Disruption led by shiny, new fintechs is pushing out the established conglomerates. Automation can provide a secure, stable foundation to help you leapfrog new entrants to the market - and then stay ahead of them.

Blockchain, Big Data and AI. This is what you’re up against - this is what’s helping fintech steal your customers. They’ve moved with the changing consumer demands prompted by COVID-19, slimming down legacy systems into a unified online platform dedicated to the customer. They know what their customers want and when they want it, too. But here’s the real problem: adopting these technologies isn’t the solution. The future of banking depends as much on your digital culture as your capabilities. What you need to do is modernise your operations and create agile business processes. This will facilitate the adoption of these technologies.

We can automate business processes and free up your employees to perform customer-facing tasks

We can upgrade legacy software with bespoke robotic process automation

Our technology consultants can help you navigate disruption via a custom, unified banking automation strategy

RPA & Automation banking processes

New technologies navigate the future of banking

Digital transformation equals disruption. If you want to stay up-to-speed with the banking industry, you need to know what lies up ahead. Lucky for you, knowing industry-specific technology trends is all in a day’s work, for us.

At the heart of banking’s transformation is agility. The ability to adapt to fast-changing customer behaviour and match its pace operationally. But reinventing front-end processes - namely online and digital customer services - isn’t enough. A coordinated set of digital initiatives spanning the entire company must be set in place. And this requires you to find ways to free up your team to tackle this. Enter automation.

It doesn’t just streamline core business processes and cut operational costs. It gives your team a chance to hand over their mundane, repetitive tasks to a computer. Then, they can turn their attention to finding new ways to engage the customer. It gives you a chance to take stock of your tech and revive your digital capabilities. You can finally plant some new opportunities and make sure they grow. No more keeping an eye on the outdated processes relying on legacy software. After all, a succinct customer journey needs a succinct corporation to drive it.

  Challenge the fintechs with fresh, in-demand blockchain technology

Meet consumer demand with Millennial-friendly banking solutions that tick the boxes of faster payments and more secure cashflow. By fusing cryptocurrencies and databases, this disruptive technology is rethinking core financial services from clearance and settlement to hedge fund trading.

  Drive new leases of customer loyalty with security powered by artificial intelligence

Show your commitment to a personalised, protected customer journey with superior fraud detection technology. AI can crunch the numbers and detect patterns far better than a human employee can. No caffeine required. AI works best when processing data - and banks have a lot of it. It’s a perfect match!

  Boost conversions by building a customer journey based on customer data

Satisfy consumers’ deepest financial desires by pinpointing exactly what they are. How? With Big Data and data mining. We can shed light on customer information to help you deploy hyper-personalised marketing campaigns that always hit, never miss. It’ll even give you a chance to unleash your new technologies’ potential, too.

Robotics assisting banking processes

  Evolve with consumer demand faster and smarter with more agile systems

Ditch your lagging legacy systems and replace them with suave, custom software. Established big banks are suffocated by their rigid security legislation and even stricter frameworks. Break the rules. Integrated IT systems can seamlessly connect your disjointed systems and be adapted to new expectations.

  Focus on more pressing matters by automating online support with chatbots

Get back to growth by streamlining the customer experience with automation and AI. Shave precious time off of customer-centric processes and redirect your human employees to tasks that can generate value for a business. Nothing says a digital customer journey like discussing mortgages with a robot.

  Streamline the entire customer experience with omnichannel offerings

Tap into the consumers’ needs - whether online or offline - by synchronising your services across platforms. Guide your customers through to a conversion via a series of personalised interactions. All you need is real-time data analytics, ultra-specific marketing strategies and a sales team to seal the deal. Easy.

RPA & Automation banking processes
Here's what we can do

We can prep, equip and rally the troops for your digital transformation. Armed with the latest banking automation technologies and a synced-up IT system behind you, you can finally wage war on your competitors. See you at the victory parade.

These established financial institutions have a problem: it’s the ‘established’ bit. The core processes that have kept them at the front of the industry for so long aren’t moving fast enough. And no amount of oil, nor replacement parts will speed things up. In order to move with disruption and keep their customers, these core processes need to be taken off their hands. It’ll allow their directors, executives and employees to devote their attention to these disruptive competitors and new opportunities for growth. This is where we come in.

We use business process automation to do just that. We find new ways to optimise the process at hand in a process workshop, apply the changes in custom automation software and send you packing with far less to worry about. The computers take care of the process, doing it much faster and with greater accuracy than any ol’ human employee.

But it’s not just your core processes that can be taken care of. With all this talk of seamless customer journeys and unified digital processes, your IT system is about to experience some serious strain. Allow us to take the pressure off. With our systems integration experts in-tow, we can cut out the manual processes patching your legacy software together and replace them with automated robots.

Frequently Asked Questions?

For every technology question there is a technology expert. In fact, we've probably already answered it below.

This is the adoption of digital technologies to improve business processes, increase value for customers and create a digital culture in the workplace.

Process transformation: Modifying the elements of a process to achieve certain goals.

Business model transformation: Reinventing a business model that finds new paths to growth.

Domain transformation: Moving into new industries or sectors (e.g. Amazon moving into Amazon Web Services).

Cultural transformation: Updating a company culture so it fosters innovation.

The main reason that banks need digital transformation is so that they can know what their customers actually want and need.


There are several problems with digital banking including solving security issues at scale, breaking down data silos, and protecting social media interactions with customers.

There are numerous opportunities in this industry including: more customers via digital platforms like mobile banking, faster delivery of services, and greater profitability through round-the-clock services.
We've cashed all the cheques: digital banking generates long-term growth

We can help your team navigate what's been left behind by COVID-19.


Average amount of time saved using RPA in banking processes


Average savings for mid-sized banks with process automation


Average proportion of bank employee tasks that can be automated

RPA & Automation banking processes
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