Make a wave in banking’s digital revolution

The banking industry is undergoing disruption defined by a new emphasis on automation and the value it can bring to a business.

COVID-19 has hit this essential industry hard, forcing traditional banks and FinTech opportunists to adopt new technologies that move the customer online. But beyond the shift from high-street branch to mobile app, automation is being harnessed to drive greater value into operations, enhance the new digital user experience, and supercharge efficiency. Our automation engineers can meet the new demand sweeping the industry: we design, deploy, and maintain bespoke solutions that open up opportunities for future innovation and new strategies.

As a result of the digital banking revolution, our team of developers have access to a vast range of tools and technologies to devise a high-quality, custom-fit solution.

We only hire highly qualified business consultants and automation engineers to ensure your solution can expertly optimise your processes.

We deep-dive the competitors within your industry to guarantee that your technology goes beyond the industry standard.

RPA & Automation banking processes

Prepare for an automated future

Banking’s digital revolution is no longer driven solely by mobile banking. Hyper-automation is now leading the cause.

This traditional industry has long rejected the need for digital solutions. But digitalisation has forged new ways of working which extend to robotics, machine learning, and blockchain. Automation is at the forefront of the digital revolution, streamlining customer interactions and rethinking manual processes that were once essential to this historic industry.

  Leverage Robotics Technologies

Robotic process automation has vast potential to automate processes and analyse vast amounts of information on an industrial scale. RPA can process the repetitive daily tasks and redirect employee time elsewhere..

  Optimise With Blockchain technology

Once reserved for disruptive cryptocurrencies, Blockchain has the potential to entice digital customers that now depend on secure, streamlined transactions that have the potential to simplify the core processes of a bank.

  Streamline With Cognitive Process Automation

By combining technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning with RPA, you can harness intelligent solutions that drive greater value into operations by processing large volumes of data.

Robotics assisting banking processes

  Connect To The Cloud

The cloud has already established itself within the digital world, but it's now set to cover the banking sector: with a forecast of real-time digital insights into your customers, satisfying customers has never been easier.

  Introduce New Business Models

If technology wasn’t complicated enough, the shifting nature of the sector confuses matters further. Correct inefficiency with management solutions designed to balance technology, analytics, and a newfound competitive advantage.

  Rethink Intelligent Banking Systems

Banking as an industry is prone to an unsettled future, and so it follows that one solution will not be the answer to your business’ needs. You need a solution that can evolve, and an intelligent system can provide just that.

RPA & Automation banking processes
We are the banking experts

The Lolly Co team is made up of automation engineers and business analysts from across the world. We’ve worked with global industry leaders to unlock their full productive potential.

We work with your entire team - from executives to junior employees - to introduce the latest automation technologies that give you the competitive edge. We’ve collaborated with a range of influential firms in a number of sectors to drive greater efficiency and value into their operations. We follow Agile development methodologies to ensure your solution is constantly evolving in alignment with wider trends.

We can elevate your efficiency

We generate new levels of productivity with bespoke automation technologies.

Harnessing the power of technology is dependent on respective knowledge of technology that suits one's business and one's industry. How else can you begin to drive innovation when you need to compete?

Boost profitability, reduce the complexity of the new tech harnessed, and conform to the necessary regulations with advisory centred on navigating the digital world. And in such a disrupted sector, maintaining stability is key.

Rethink technology and recreate your credit services with efficiency in mind. Analytics, automation, fintech, and the cloud are just a handful of the terms you can expect to run into when redoing things digitally.
We can boost your customer satisfaction

Your custom-fit technology allows your employees to redirect their full attention to a revolutionised customer service.

It’s a classic sales tactic - with a twist: making customers aware of other relevant products is now a thing of the past. Harnessing the power of data and strengthening engagement with customers is key to assessing their needs.

With analytics now a necessity in the industry, the statistic doesn’t just equal dollar signs - it can provide a streamlined customer experience that is a must-have in a digital transformation.

It starts with an IT platform: with a host of new tools at their fingertips, commercial banks can finally gain real-time insights into operations, their customers, and their markets. And they’re pretty important.
How can automation help you?

We can help your team navigate what's been left behind by COVID-19.



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Proportion of people that used mobile banking technology in ‘18

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Proportion who’d change banks due to poor mobile banking

RPA & Automation banking processes
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