Automation can turn traditional labour into agile, digital-first operations

The construction industry has all the excuses for not digitally transforming. And when firms do try to put new tech into practice, it holds up operations and is ditched before it can waste any more employee time. Lucky for you, we like a challenge.

Here’s the bad news: hands-on work can’t be programmed into a computer. The traditional-n-trusted way of working is impenetrable when it comes to digitalisation. Each project is unique so it can’t rely on standardised processes. Work is completed in hazardous, computer-free zones. And individual processes are completed in smaller, fragmented teams that make digital solutions puzzling instead of productive. But here’s the good news: transformation was not destined to take place on a construction site. It starts with making your core operations more efficient with automation and upgraded legacy systems before even considering new technologies for use in the field. And then, it gets to work fixing your pain points. Job done.

We can automate your core business processes and streamline internal operations.

We can reinvent your legacy systems and make them run smarter with robotic process automation.

Our technology consultants can help your firm navigate select digital solutions to ensure you find technologies that guarantee a high ROI.

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Exclusive technologies are rebuilding the future of construction

Disruption is to break tradition. And in an industry that can only move forward inch-by-inch, disruptive competitors can through entire firms into contention. You might not be prepared to transform overnight. But we can let you in on what lies up ahead.

Construction’s digital transformation is not about the latest technology: it’s about operational agility. It’s an inward-looking focus on core processes ticking over - and how to make them run that much faster. Chasing down changing tech trends can eat away at depleting budgets and limit the potential efficiency of workflows. A process-centred approach, on the other hand, can increase time and money rather than frittering it away.

The trick is to streamline core processes with automation and legacy systems integration. Then, these processes can be improved further with digital tools. This is where the transformation can begin. Speeding up fundamental processes back in the office opens up opportunities to find effective, valuing generating technologies that can be implemented seamlessly into operations. In simple terms: your team can find, test and trial tech that works and is easy-to-use. No delay. No confusion. And definitely no errors. You get a chance to secure a trustworthy solution that can scale up with your business - finally.

  Guarantee high-quality projects with real-time construction collaboration tools

Keep project duties, employee requirements and client expectations in-check no matter where your workers are with connected apps and software. Project management and quality control has never been so easy.

  Streamline design and engineering processes by introducing an agile way of working

Optimise internal design projects by standardising key elements which can be re-utilised in the future. By introducing new technical skills into their workflows, engineering and design teams can automate this process. That means it runs faster and includes less errors.

  Improve the potential of your digital tools by connecting individual projects together

Consolidate data pulled from across all projects to optimise resource loading, bid accuracy and create a central repository for design elements. Standardise company-wide digital use cases that can be put into practice in future projects. Unique projects? No longer an issue.

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  Boost on-site efficiency with mobile real-time communication tools

Keep your construction team in touch with mobile apps that share updates, progress and problems as they arise. Automate administrative tasks and track essential financial data with a few taps. It’s not just your design team that can benefit from being agile.

  Protect your construction workers with bespoke work execution platforms

Maintain your high safety standards with cloud-based platforms that can log inspections, enhance the accuracy of documentation and limit response time to problems. Save on costly errors and support your key employees by investing in better safety.

  Speed up on-site manual labour with technologies powered by automation

Leverage collaborative robots and 3D printing of components to improve the efficiency of your core, most-time consuming operations. Brick-laying bots and modular construction take age-old processes and trim them into lean, long-lasting solutions.

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Here’s how we can help

Think of it like a stepping stone: we provide a firm foundation of baseline technology and operational efficiency. Your team can then find their footing, and securely move towards digital transformation. Without risking productivity, nor profitability.

At its core, the construction industry is powered by a lack of technology. It relies solely on manpower. Why fix what isn’t broken? And why use a solution known to slow down operations? The answer is simple: because new problems are set to stack on top of your current pain points. A shortage of skilled workers and resources make the manual labour that determines project completion rather more difficult. You could inflate your budget to meet your needs for manpower and materials. Or, you could find ways to boost the efficiency of what you already have and stretch your resources further.

Custom automation software can do just that. We start by finding new ways to optimise core, internal processes in a process workshop. Then, we match up those shiny new processes with gleaming software that does the job for you. The computers do those repetitive, mundane tasks like data entry and admin faster and with greater accuracy.

We can also take care of those out-of-date legacy systems that are suffocating your technology. We use robotic process automation to connect your disparate software together, cutting out all manual intervention and giving you a chance to upgrade it in the future. Speaking of upgrading. You don’t need to be a digital whizz to know which technologies will have a high ROI and work seamlessly with your team. That’s what our consultants are for. They can help map out a custom plan for your transformation, determining which digital solutions will suit your needs without scuppering your team’s work.

Frequently Asked Questions?

For every technology question there is a technology expert. In fact, we've probably already answered it below.

This is the adoption of digital technologies to improve business processes, increase value for customers and create a digital culture in the workplace.

Process transformation: Modifying the elements of a process to achieve certain goals.

Business model transformation: Reinventing a business model that finds new paths to growth.

Domain transformation: Moving into new industries or sectors (e.g. Amazon moving into Amazon Web Services).

Cultural transformation: Updating a company culture so it fosters innovation.

For construction, digital transformation involves implementing tools and technologies that leverage the power of data to make processes more efficient and safer.


Digital solutions aim to provide a number of benefits including boosting safety, reducing costs, increasing profitability, improving collaboration and enhancing operational efficiency.

This is the use and application of tools that improve the operations and delivery of construction projects.
We’ve run the numbers: automation opens up new opportunities

We can guide your team through disruptive, new technologies without compromising your operations.


Av. productivity gains for construction digital transformation


Av. annual increase in bottom line for our clients via automation


Av. cost reductions for firms implementing digitalisation

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