Tackle uncertainty with automation

The engineering industry has been hit hard by instability. Weathering this crisis relies on technologies that comply with a new business model and drive connected-construction.

Prior to fluctuating levels of uncertainty driven by COVID-19, the digital revolution introduced technologies that focused on digital capture, data access, and 3D engineering. But the shifting levels of demand have forced many firms to reckon with their efficiency, productivity, and business models in order to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. Digital strategies that pivot on scalable automation and AI can rethink manufacturing and connect closer with customer demand. Change can be predicted - and prepared for.

Our team can utilise a growing range of high-tech tools, languages, and frameworks to build a bespoke automation software solution.

We only hire technology consultants and automation engineers that can leverage their skills to optimise your operations with the latest technology.

We contextualise your final software against your wider industry to ensure it meets the expectations of your competition.

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Evolve with changing demand

The ability to respond to changing levels of demand - from manufacturing goods to the administrative processes - is now a basic requirement of the industry.

The engineering industry has always relied on the newest technologies to enhance services, such as 3D engineering, to make core processes simpler. Digitalisation is pushing innovation along these lines: automation and AI will be leveraged to improve the quality of output, drive higher efficiency in administrative tasks, and enhance operational agility.

  Elevate Safety With AI

Artificial intelligence can detect potential errors - including dangerous ones. In this hazardous manufacturing industry, AI can alert employees regarding broken machinery and assembly-line errors, and remind them of safety measurements to maintain.

  Automation For Admin

Manual processes are not the only feature of engineering firms that can be revised with process automation. Back office tasks, such as data entry, accounting, and customer service can be automated, too.

  Redefine The Business Model

In order to maximise the full potential of automation and AI, a business model is required. Agile business processes demand a strategy and framework that allow technology to be scaled and changed.

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  Create A New Culture

By introducing technology at a basic level and identifying the right KPIS to fuel growth your business can tap into a culture that fosters data-driven insights, and ensures both innovation and value are forged together.

  Software For Satisfaction

Turn your attention to software-driven solutions for your customers’ use that unlock the power of data-driven insights to find new avenues for expansion and innovation, and inspire similar changes in your business model.

  Research & Development

Bring together your entire supply chain with specific digital solutions that both reduce development cycles and provide real-time results to help your business trial and test the technical expertise produced by your R&D.

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We are the energy experts

We are a global team of technology consultants and software developers that aim to move beyond disruption with automation.

We collaborate with your entire enterprise to ensure the automation software we design and deploy meets your business’ standards and goes beyond the competition’s. We’ve worked with a number of industry-leading firms looking to streamline their core business processes. To comply with their evolving requirements, we follow the Agile methodology: we frequently revise and redeploy your software in iterations to ensure it adapts to your changing business.

We can elevate your efficiency

We build automation solutions that streamline processes and optimise entire operations.

Digitalise the entire team via tech solutions that consider the whole supply chain. Encourage collaboration and meet evolving needs.

The engineering industry is versed in gathering and analysing big numbers. Beat the clock and stay relevant via software-driven analysis.

The digital operating model is the future of this industry. Constantly rethink, reshape, and rephrase how you work to adapt to the continuous changes in the industry via data-driven insights.
We can drive greater customer satisfaction

By optimising core processes, your employees can devote more attention to customer-facing responsibilities.

The central purpose of data-driven insights is to provide renewed access to the exact needs of your customers.

Custom-fit solutions don't just apply to the products you create for your customers. Apply the same initiative to the support and maintenance services, too.

Rephrase the operating models by reshaping the marketing and sales department to enforce the innovation of a personalised buying experience.
How can automation help you?

We can guarantee your business remains operating throughout changing circumstances.

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Number of people employed by the industry in the US in February ‘20

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Proportion of UK turnover in ‘18 generated by the engineering industry

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Total cost of rework in the US due to poor project data

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