Engineering Automation & RPA

Automation helps maintain precision

whilst plotting future disruption

Fresh, agile firms are breaking up the engineering industry. They’ve worked out how to overcome the traditional problems buffering the value chain. And we can let you in on that secret.

Engineering and manufacturing are the backbone of the global economy but now things are starting to creak. Age-old challenges are still set as eternal barriers to project completion, let alone growth. Here’s the thing: complex production cycles, confusing logistics flows, and varied machinery are impenetrable to basic technology solutions. However, implementing the right technologies is costly and can threaten the reliability and efficiency of operations. It’s a risky move that in-turn requires an agile business model. The good news? We can select the right tech for your team and start the cogs turning. Then, we make sure the digital solutions stay up to speed with your agile competition via automation.

  •   We build custom automation software that streamlines repetitive engineering processes and speeds up operations.
  •   We identify the latest engineering digital solutions that your team should be leveraging.
  •   Our technology consultants can devise a disruption-proof automation strategy that keeps your company agile.

Essential technologies reconfigure
the future of engineering

Digital transformation means disruption. If you want to keep your business afloat, you need to know how to navigate what lies ahead. We have access to select technologies that can accommodate your innovation. You’re welcome.

The engineering industry has recently undergone record growth, but at the same time, numerous firms have gone under. Why? Because agile, disruptive companies have changed the requirements for leading the industry. Innovation, a defining factor of engineering, now needs to happen faster. New products need to be dispatched sooner. The value chain needs to run smoother. Maintaining fundamental operations whilst integrating new technologies is a balancing act. Automation can help your company maintain its center of gravity.

Custom automation software can streamline core internal processes. Those mundane, repetitive tasks can be executed faster and more accurately by a computer. You know the ones, that distract from value-generating responsibilities and eat into your 9-to-5. Finally, your reliable, precise services operate to your standards. Then you can focus on implementing the latest digital innovations into your tech stack. Easy.

Maximize your machinery’s efficiency with IoT sensors and analytics

Unleash your equipment’s full potential with hardware that can identify problems before they arise, point out inefficiencies and cut out downtime. Armed with real-time insights into the elements of your value chain, streamlined operations have never been easier.

Optimize workflows by streamlining training and machine prototyping with AR

Visualize factory planning, machine components, and manual labor with augmented reality(AR). From designing machinery to training your employees on how to use them, entire operations can be improved before they’ve even started. That’s what you call foresight.

Speed up internal processes and enhance employee safety via artificial intelligence

Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) within self-learning machines and automated processes. AI can help software complete your pesky, repetitive tasks even faster. From internal, administrative processes to core machine-based processes on the factory floor; your efficiency is now trackable

Enhance the entire value chain by connecting individual stakeholders and departments digitally

Arm your team with AI and analytics so they can predict customer needs and forecast future sales trends. Then, route this intel back to the factory floor and keep your operations in step with demand. Plus, by breaking down data silos, your team can utilize higher-quality data insights, too. It’s a win-win.

Elevate operational performance by creating a foundation for digital twins

Utilize a digital twin to test and trial a physical asset or system in depth, all without risk. By combining data sources across engineering, informational, and operational technology, your team can simulate future outcomes and monitor the product in real time. Well, simulated real-time.

Liberate your team of engineers to focus on complex challenges with automation

Unleash your experts’ capabilities by handing over their tedious tasks to custom software. Automating repeatable tasks won’t threaten jobs, it’ll simply enable your employees to devote more time to innovation and human interaction. The things that really influence profitability.

Here’s what
we can do

We can reinvent your essential machinery and streamline your internal processes, all without doing damage to your operations. All with no costly delay, and no time-consuming training. Our automation and new tech will seamlessly integrate into running processes.

Here’s the problem: engineering has always championed change. When disruption puts that under pressure, finding new ways to speed it up can appear impossible. It requires the value chain to be honed. This is a dramatic change that established firms will struggle to make, especially in the face of firms redefining what it means to be innovative. In order to implement what these disruptive companies are executing, engineers need to devote more time to investigate the changes.

Our business process automation achieves just that. We start with a process workshop, identifying those pesky processes that need streamlining. We optimize them and then build the software that carries them out for you. Computers can complete those core, internal processes faster and more accurately than any human employee. That leaves you to get back to discovering your own disruption.

Frequently Asked Questions

For every technology question there is a technology expert. In fact, we've probably already answered it below.

The adoption of digital technologies to improve business processes, increase value for customers and create a digital culture in the workplace.

Process transformation: Modifying the elements of a process to achieve certain goals.

Business model transformation: Reinventing a business model that finds new paths to growth.

Domain transformation: Moving into new industries or sectors (e.g. Amazon moving into Amazon Web Services).

Cultural transformation: Updating a company culture so it fosters innovation.

This is the use of technologies like systems data and analytics to support lifecycle activities from design to product delivery.

Like construction, engineering rarely has repeatable processes. Repetition is something digital solutions aim to take over.

Artificial intelligence, analytics, and automation are a handful of the new digital solutions rippling through the sector. We’ve run the numbers: automation opens up numerous new opportunities

We can guide your team through disruptive, new technologies without compromising your operations.

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