It’s time to rethink investment management.

As with all sectors - especially those handling, managing, and moving finances - investment management is currently in a state of flux. Thanks to disruptive forces entering the market and driving competitivity, there is a need to find an edge on the competitors in the sector.

And one way to achieve this is via digitalisation.

Any firm operating within the financial sectors understands the risks of instability to be faced day-in, day-out, and this is especially true with investment management. With global strategies and data-driven insights on the cards, rethinking a business inside-out is central to our technology consulting services.

And we know how to do all that.

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Curate A Digital UX

Central to a technological overhaul is creating an experience that fuels the engagement of your customers. In turn, this will establish a greater volume of sales and retain your all-important assets.

Overhaul Your Operations

Digitalisation is no simple process - it encompasses the entire business. By industrialising your core operating models and accelerating your digital capabilities, putting the customer first becomes that much easier.

Learn To Manage Your Data

The digital overhaul begins with data; by using technology to allow access real-time data-driven insights for the entire organisation, you can align your operations with your customer and your competition.

On The Production Line

Despite being one of the first industries to take things technological, at the core of its future is innovation. Yet rather than simply mirroring components in the sector to bolster one’s own success, innovating the way it does business and how it serves its customers goes hand-in-hand with digital renovation.

Central to the future of the industry is platform-based business models which puts growth at the centre of a business. Paralleling this is rethinking revenue, from which market-making revenue will be passed to alternative firms. Nevertheless, also fundamental to its digital transformation, is the management of the new technology implemented.

Whether it’s the necessary change in operating models or the need to serve the customer at a new level, one thing is for sure: digitalisation is the way forward.

Your team is versed in investment strategy and your employees know asset allocation and asset classes - as investment consultants, we know the rest.

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For The Customer

Alongside tapping into the latest digital innovations set to serve the financial sectors is the need to utilise this technology for the customers' sake. At the centre of this is data management:

By harnessing data via analytics and technology, not only can you access customer wants and needs at a far more accurate level, you can integrate this data retrieval across the entire organisation. From there you can reimagine investment management sector in alignment with the customer.

You need to curate customer satisfaction and move with the tide of demand to maintain business stability, all the while upholding the standards required of such complex products and the advice needed to implement them. Balancing the ever-changing technological trends from portfolio construction to pension schemes for your operations and for the customer are feats not to be taken lightly.

The future is digital, and you need to know how to manage it.

Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands
Anyone with a growing business needs technology in order to succeed. Our internal team productivity jumped by over 241% thanks to the tools and code that Lolly Co produced.
Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands

Jeremy Garcia
Director of Technology, Simply Brands

You're in good company
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Do You Dare Go Digital?

For those with an ear to the ground, our services carry out a Digital Transformation.

A Digital Transformation rethinks how you manage your employees', your clients' and business’ data, and how you carry out your business operations. Or, in simple terms, a DT is the technological revamp your business needs to stay competitive.

And whilst the investment management sector might strike one as unique, it is anchored firmly in the financial sectors, dabbling with fellow industries that are all supercharging along technological lines. This can often make for a confusing picture, especially with the blurred lines between investment management and asset management.

Nevertheless, both are framed within the same digital changes.

The financial sectors are all about one thing: and that’s the customer. It’s the customer’s money you’re safe-guarding, and it's the customer that’s looking to spend, splash, and save that cash. That means tailoring the in-house experience and digital service is central to your next move, as is applying risk management.

With a bustle of business types filling this sector, and dividing attention with their own collection of complex technologies, this new territory needs navigation specific to your business.

We know the way.

Put Personalisation At The Fore Of Your Business

Engage your clients with experiences dedicated to their personal needs and preferences; it’s time to rethink your approach to marketing and sales.

Your clients want answers, and they want them now. Keep your clientele in-tow with a workforce reinvigorated by digitalisation, improving their efficiency with customers looking for those answers.

The personal touch isn’t just for the clientele. Transform your tech and your operations to create solutions fine-tuned for your business.

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Engage With The Need For Engagement

Money and marketing - they seem to go hand-in-hand. By providing an intensive marketing technique that guides your clientele through to your business, you can keep them engaged.

By ensuring each member of the team has sufficient knowledge to support customers, you can fix issues, and find solutions faster, all the while upholding engagement.

Draw in customers with digital insights that harness data with greater accuracy and integration. Align each move you make for your clientele with the statistics.

Enforce Efficiency Via Technology

Bring the front, middle, and back office platforms together to implement the total-tech transformation required for boosted efficiency.

Re-imagine your business’ core-operating models in alignment with your new-found digital capabilities, all the while putting your customers first. Streamline your business, and stick with your clientele.

Reboot your entire business and follow a new navigation set to take on the challenges of regulations, costs and compliance. Cut corners, and cut costs at the same time.

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+ What is the investment sector?

This sector consists of firms that handle financial assets and strategise investments for clients. It also includes firms that devise strategies for acquiring and disposing of portfolio holdings.

+ Is the investment sector growing?

Going into 2020 the sector was predicted to witness a huge rise in assets as well as a shift in the investor base. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused great uncertainty in the global economy and has forced firms within the sector to focus on safeguarding assets during this period.

+ What is the future of the investment industry?

Before Covid-19, the investment management sector was forecasted to direct its attention to transparency with clients as well as stave off new pressures on the industry as a result of rising assets and a shift in investor base.

+ What are the trends for the investment sector?

The firms operating in the investment management sector need to stave off competition by focusing on sustainability, seeking value in their new technology such as cloud computing, expanding their use of data analytics, and adopting new business models.

+ How is technology changing the investment industry?

So far the investment management sector has been rewritten by data analytics technology and machine learning in order to reveal insights into new investment opportunities. But the training of the employees involved with it, and collaboration between these technologically-minded teammates stands out, too.

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We're Re-Writing Your Business Plan

Taking things technological might seem a challenging feat set to put your troops through their paces, but with Lolly Co at every step of the way, navigating the new territory need not be difficult. In fact, with our tech-team assessing your business’ exact needs and walking you through each step, you don’t need a map, either! But, if you do fancy finding your way around tomorrow’s business technology, you can start here.