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Immense pressure from the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the life sciences industry to grapple with disruptive technologies, new consumer demand, and supply chain disruption.

The life sciences industry has already played a pivotal role in navigating the pandemic. The sudden shift in healthcare delivery, dependency on high levels of efficiency and new expectations of the patient experience has forced the industry to rapidly-digitalise. Surviving this wave of ‘health technology’ relies on automation software that can streamline manual processes, cut costs, and optimise the agility of a business.

As a result of the industry’s digitalisation, our team has access to an array of technologies, tools, and frameworks that can extend your capabilities.

Our team is made up of expert automation engineers and technology consultants that collaborate to produce top-tier automation solutions.

We deep-dive disruption to ensure your bespoke software keeps in-step with digitalisation and goes beyond industry standards.

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Maximise productivity against disruption

There is growing competition to achieve first-to-market. Agile companies and intensive market demand expect higher-quality goods in a shorter time frame.

The life science industry still relies heavily on manual manufacturing processes. Streamlining workflows threatened by human error and the limited speed associated with it is essential to simplify the discovery-to-market process and improve the quality of production. And with an added focus on personalised medicine, aligning production with fluctuating market and consumer demand relies on agile operations.

  Utilise Laboratory Robotics

Human error and slow manual processes are limiting the efficiency of your business processes. With in-lab robotic technologies, such as robotic arms or electronic pipetting, we can restore precision, speed up operations and lower costs.

  Optimise Commercial Processes

The life sciences industry is now having to adjust to greater market and patient demands. We can build automation software that retrieves accurate sales data in real-time, providing insights into customers and optimising sales activities.

  Automate The Back-office Processes

Outside of the laboratory, administrative tasks, such as data entry or payroll, can be streamlined with automation. This can limit the need for human intervention and redirect their knowledge to other areas, such as customer service which is of primary importance.

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  Streamline Discovery-to-market

The techniques utilised by the life sciences companies might be built on cutting-edge tech, but there’s always room for added innovation. And this innovation comes in the form of new business models.

  Connect With Patient Needs

Framing services to patients starts with data-driven insights designed to depict their exact needs. Advanced analytics and medical devices shaped to this purpose are fundamental to this.

  Marketing The Medical

Insights into the patients’ needs extend further than product creation; producing relevant marketing and sales processes that help your patient navigate their way through the field is key to digitalisation.

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We are the life sciences experts

We’ve already produced bespoke automation software for a range of industry leading firms.

We open a dialogue with your entire enterprise - from intern to executive - to identify your exact requirements for automation. We focus on identifying your competitive advantage and maximising it with disruptive technology. Our team of software developers and automation engineers do so by following agile methodologies: we build and deploy bespoke software in constant iterations to ensure the solution can keep in-step with industry leaders.

We can elevate your efficiency

We produce automation solutions that drive efficiency throughout business processes.

Digitalisation might be the definition of efficiency, but it's how it unleashes the potential of research and development via constant adaptation to new technology and innovation that scores its importance here.

Technology is the future - but the integration of technology puts you ahead of your competition. By allowing data relating to patient wants, potential problems, and other information to flow, issues and innovation can be spotted sooner.

With technological solutions from across the entire supply chain, collaboration and communication between niche departments can allow issues and opportunities to be identified faster and solutions to be found at pace.
We can drive greater customer satisfaction

Our digital solutions focus on freeing up your employees to devote their attention to enhancing the patient experience.

Leverage the power of data to tap into your patient’s exact needs and wants; detect changes in patient care in real-time, and navigate biomarkers to ensure an experience tailored to them.

Align your new focus on personalisation with a new business model dedicated to patient experience. By guaranteeing each stop on the supply chain focuses on the patient, you can uphold your competitive edge.

Engage with your customer’s specific desires via data-driven insights, and tap into the thoughts of providers and pharmacies to re-design the experiences they expect.
How can automation help you?

We build automation software that speeds up entire operations whilst enhancing the accuracy required for production within this industry.

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