Reach more customers in an era of uncertainty

The technology boom has encouraged buyers to swap in-office discussion for online inspections. You know digitalisation is essential - but where will it lead?

New waves of PropTech (‘property technology’) have breached this fundamental sector. Your competitors - and your customers - are bringing up the rear with new expectations for technology. Failing to accommodate both the growing pressure of disruption and the rising demand of customer satisfaction will gut your team’s potential. The survival of real estate agents hasn’t as of yet been called into question. The survival of your real estate business, however, depends on what you do next. Workflow automation has the potential to improve the standing of your team by fundamentally altering your reliance on manual processes, allowing investment into high-value tasks, and improving your agility.

Our business automation can re-orientate your workflow, moving time spent on routine tasks towards opportunities to enhance the rapidly-shifting customer experience.

As disruption forges a new generation of buying and selling, building a foundation for future adaptability requires scalable technologies.

We take into account the automation leveraged by industry-leading real estate firms to create software that stays in-step with the new standards.

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What we can do for you

We can build bespoke software that offers up limitless efficiency and agility in the face of disruption.

From optimising internal workflows to simplifying the final transaction, automation can power new leases of efficiency back into your business. Processing real estate documents, marketing initiatives and the customer journey can be shortcut with custom-built software. Your bespoke software focuses on enhancing efficiency and opening up opportunities for customer engagement.

  Streamline Internal Workflows With Automation

Real estate agencies depend on manual processes, such as completing and filing documents, scheduling meetings and appointments and managing client databases. Automation can manage these tasks effortlessly without employee supervision.

  Improve Your Sales By Automating Marketing Campaigns

Marketing automation is one of the most popular uses of the technology and can be utilised effectively in real estate. Gather information about leads, send out timely reminders, and respond to incoming messages instantly with automation.

  Boost Sales With A Personalised Customer Journey

We can build software that leverages automation technologies to accelerate the sales funnel. Automation can streamline the ordering process, secure real-time messaging with property managers, and satisfy new demand for virtualised customer service.

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  Enhance Your Outlook With A Strategic Roadmap

Via a revitalised operating model and portfolio services dedicated to supporting firms in such a fragile sector, we can draw up a roadmap for the future of your business, ensuring it meets your customer experience and operational objectives.

  Maximise Your Sales Potential With Data Governance

Digitalisation is all about data; how you source it, how you use it, and how your business shifts is drawn back to data-driven insights. That means the real estate industry needs to meet this new resource with data governance capabilities.

  Drive Your New Strategy With Expert Asset Management

A technological overhaul isn’t just about your business' technology. Our management services are dedicated to promoting a streamlined business that unlocks your portfolio potential and assists with tedious tasks.

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We are the real estate experts

Our team of automation experts and technology consultants can help you disrupt the real estate industry.

We start by opening a dialogue with your entire team. We identify the operational challenges within your business and the processes causing lags and delays to your efficiency. Then, we compare these problems with disruption in your wider sector to ensure the automation software we produce meets the standards of industry-leading firms. Throughout this process, we follow agile development; that means we review, revise and redeploy your software as your business evolves over time to ensure it stays in-step with customer demand.

We can elevate your efficiency

Our software developers build solutions that streamline and simplify lagging workflows.

In the real estate sector, financial matters tend to dominate your operations, whether a client is signing the lease or you're shaking hands with institutional investors. That’s why our services are tailored to focusing on streamlining these financial responsibilities and boosting their accuracy.

Digitalisation is no one-time-fix. By introducing basic technology to your business, you can create a culture of innovation among your employees and future tech can be easily implemented.

By introducing the relevant technology across your entire supply chain, you can shave wasted time off each process involved in your operations, and begin to beat the clock.
We can boost your customer satisfaction

Drive more sales with a revolutionised customer experience by freeing up your employees from manual processes.

This sector might not be driven to focus its efforts on enticing customers, but by providing the personal touch via the newfound resources of data, you can boost your chances of retaining clientele.

Using this data is the move towards personalisation, but it’s finding, analysing, and safeguarding that data that requires the necessary governance to meet this.

Your marketing capabilities might not be the focus of your 9-to-5, but financial transactions are as personal as real estate gets. To ensure you can achieve this, focus on streamlined accounting services for ease of service.
How can automation help you?

We can guarantee you higher efficiency and an optimised sales funnel with our custom-built software.

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Proportion of realtors that prefer to communicate with clients via text

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Realtors are twice as likely to earn this salary per year if they use a CRM tool

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Proportion of millennials that found their new home on a mobile device

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