Satisfy the accelerating demands of the digital consumer

Retail has been forced to adapt to the crisis at-hand. Firms that failed to become agile collapsed in the wake of new pressures. Will yours be next?

Automation has swept through your competitors to minimise social contact and meet spiking demand. But those that didn’t meet new expectations have already crumpled under the pressure of ecommerce supply chains, surging supplier demands and intensified competition. You shouldn’t be trying to keep up - it should be trying to move forward. Our automation software ensures you respond to higher online customer demand, satisfy the new expectations for the customer experience, and deliver your goods faster.

It’s been estimated that half of all retail business processes can be automated, opening a huge opportunity to speed up operations and limit the need for employee intervention.

Vast numbers of retailers are passing up growth by replicating capital spending year-on-year. If you choose to automate core processes, your growth will push them out of the market.

Our automation engineers follow agile development principles to ensure we can produce agile and scalable software that meets the evolving needs of the consumer.

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What we can do for you

We produce custom software that unleashes the full potential of automation and facilitates new business models to achieve agility.

From optimising internal workflows to revolutionising the in-store and online customer experience, automation can accelerate your operations. We can help you overcome mounting retail-margin pressure from hypercompetition, improve the customer journey via a digital experience, and reinforce these changes with a digital-oriented business model.

  Maximise Warehouse Space And Efficiency With Management Software

Robots and process automation can collaborate within a warehouse to improve storage organisation and access to goods. By performing tasks such as picking, packing and shipping faster and with greater accuracy, you can speed up your entire supply chain.

  Personalise Marketing And Improve Sales Via Automation

Elevating your branding is not limited to your efforts on social media. We can build automation tools that tag customers, trigger personalised marketing campaigns and remind them to go to the checkout. This level of engagement is now essential in ecommerce.

  Enhance The In-store Experience With Customer-facing Automation

Beyond the limits of the warehouse, robots can also take over basic retail processes, such as assisting customers in-store, facilitating self-service checkouts and performing janitorial functions. This can, in turn, redirect customer service assistants to higher-skilled tasks.

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  Achieve Agility With A Business Model Reinforced With AI

AI takes the centre-stage of a retail DT, and is set to ensure retailers can see the reality of their ideas in real-time, and rethink problems and potential in a new light. Experimentation is a thing of the past; excellence is a promise of tomorrow.

  Open Up Opportunities For Future Innovation With A Digital Strategy

Setting yourself apart from the competition starts with innovation - and reimagining customer experience and meeting customer expectations begins with technology. Finding a retail strategy that steps outside of the box requires the quick-thinking only a computer can do.

  Prepare For Your Future Growth With Predictive Analytics

Fine-tune customer experience and sharpen your merchandising with machine learning and automation. From price allocation to product relevancy, guaranteeing future success has never been easier.

RPA & Automation banking processes
We are the retail experts

Our team of software developers and technology consultants can help you survive - and lead - disruption in retail.

We work with your enterprise to identify operational challenges and out-of-date processes that are holding back your efficiency. We then contextualise your technologies within your wider sector to ensure your automation software stays in-step with your competition. To complete this process, we follow agile methodologies. We are constantly reviewing and redeploying your software to guarantee it can be as agile as your business models.

We can elevate your efficiency

Our automation engineers construct software that streamlines entire operations.

The current disruption evolving the industry is not a wave that will crest and crash onto the shore; it is simply part of the tide to come. It’s time to rethink technology, and never stop rethinking it.

A conversion is not to be turned down; but a quick conversion shouldn’t go amiss, either. By creating a step by step process for customers with in-store and online experiences, more customers can click add-to-basket faster.

It’s not all about engaging the customer; keep your team engaged and efficient with technology devoted to keeping them connected and cutting time spent trying to solve issues as they arise.
We can boost your customer satisfaction

Meet the changing standards of consumer demand with digitalised and personalised experiences.

In the ever-quickening world of business, we expect fast results and fast responses. Meeting these demands is key to keeping a customer.

Your customers want answers, and your customers want them now. Your business has these answers, and it can start with something as simple as a chat-bot.

Your clientele might know what they want, but you can make it that much easier. Thanks to fresh data on said clientele, discovering their demands and aligning the products to their needs only takes a tap or two.
How can automation help you?

We can guarantee you new leases of efficiency and the opportunity to enhance your business’s agility.

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Proportion of customers that prefer brands that personalise the experience

# Capgemini


Predicted spending by retailers on artificial intelligence by ‘22

# Salesforce


Proportion of ‘baby boomers’ that prefer shopping in a physical store

RPA & Automation banking processes
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