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Sales can be an immensely dull subject to read about, can’t it? Okay, that may sound harsh, but it’s true. Even if you’re obsessed with sales, there comes a point when reading the same old drivel over and over again just bores you . When you decide that you would rather throw your morning coffee over your computer , than read another page about “core competency” or “adding value” - it’s time to hit the breaks.

You just want the secret to increasing sales , and you want it now !

But don't fear, I've scoured the USA to locate the very cream of the crop of sales blogs that this mighty country has to offer.

And the blogs we’ve featured on this list are nothing like the stuff that you usually get recommended. I want to make sales fun again . So for the past 9.5 days - yep, I’ve been counting - I’ve been examining all the sales-related blogs I can find. I’ve read every single one - even the bad ones - and spent hours comparing and contrasting them. I actually hit triple figures on the Google results page - now that's dedication.

The blogs I found are not only full of brand new information (as opposed to the mindless, dated nonsense these posts usually contain), but are actually interesting to read. So, what are you waiting for ? Check out the essential list I’ve created for you now and you’ll never be stuck trying to find an interesting read again!



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Justifiably, I do believe that this article is the best resource out there - specifically for keeping all the information that’s advantageous in one place! Why, you ask? Well, it doesn’t take a genius to see that we’ve provided you with essential knowledge you can really use - even if you haven’t realised it yet . From crafting the perfect sales pitch, to marketing strategies - we had you covered!

So, there we have it. You finally have a post to read about sales that isn’t ridiculously dull or a complete waste of time! Instead of reading the same rehashed content that’s been churned out for years, I’ve supplied you with blogs that ‘add value’ to your day. ( Okay, okay - I’ll stop with the sales jokes ).

There’s no reason for you to be overwhelmed as you trawl through the millions of sales pages anymore - instead you can now reference back to the ‘Top 50 USA Sales Blogs’ . You can return to this page and read those blogs again and again - they’re always providing new, exciting content - you’ll never be bored to death again!

So, what are you waiting for? You’ve got 50 different sales blogs to start reading! Go forth and find out how you can increase your sales today!

Author: Daniel Cooper

The founder of Lolly, Daniel is obsessed with all things sales and lead generation. Previously working as a stock broker in London's financial district he loves to help clients realise their company goals with high quality leads and sales excellence.
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