"By creating incredible apps that any staff member could use, we could finally reduce on-boarding and training by 80% in all of our departments."

Mitch Hahn CEO, Nordens

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Our Services

As one of the UK's leading app development companies, we pride ourselves on providing a wide array of custom software development solutions attuned to your specific digital needs, and provide them for an even broader stretch of sectors. In that case, here's just a few of our most popular services that we tailor to each and every client that comes through our virtual doors.

Application Development

Experience the power of iOS engineering with Lolly Co where we develop cutting edge iOS apps that test all limits of performance, scalability, and maintainability.

App Development

We develop highly usable, reliable, and scalable android apps. Experience low app footprint, higher performance, and reliable engineering with Lolly Co Android developers.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

We turn cross-platform app development risks to your competitive advantage through high-quality engineering and faster time to market. We develop apps using all major cross-platform frameworks.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

We leverage the power of native platforms (iOS, Android) and fuse them with hybrid app development frameworks to develop apps that increase your time to market.

Application Development

We develop apps that empower connectivity, retain data integrity, and infuse security. We have expertise in custom firmware, communication protocols, web development, gateways & integrations.

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Our Custom App Development Success Stories

Success is difficult to define, but the results are crystal-clear. See how we've already brought custom digital solutions to our clients based on their efforts and their wider industry - and how it's transformed their businesses.

Introducing The Harley Street Skin Clinic

They needed a paperless solution to process patient data.

On top of that this award-winning cosmetic surgery clinic was struggling to keep up with complex operations as they scaled manpower and services. They needed a way to keep staff connected whilst elevating the patient experience.

We built custom mobile apps and custom cloud software to improve access to client data for the employees. This new access to information and mobile operations management increased the rate of processing inquiries, improved level of services, new app-enabled service deliveries led to a higher NPS, lower overheads due to the automation of tedious tasks, and streamlined processes.

Solution Tech Stack

They had a problem, we had the answers:

consultants talking to client in an office
female employee working on a laptop in an office
developer working at desk on computer
Diagnosing The Problem

There were two problems: patient data access and the efficiency of the clinic’s staff. Our consulting team discovered the clinic's staff was juggling a variety of responsibilities. But in particular, it was their diary clashes that were complicating the 9-to-5. An extensive analysis was required to come up with solutions that could tackle this from both business and technology point of view.

With patient data still managed in a physical form, finding this data during appointments was a laborious process. This was detracting from the customer service this world-class clinic deemed so vital.

The Harley Street Skin Clinic was committed to streamlining their processes, whether customer-based or staff-initiated. To reach this goal, they needed to focus on a custom software solution that could allow them to go paperless. That’s where we came in.

image of client
"Above all, it was the higher revenue we saw month-on-month which confirmed the benefits of our app development project"
image of client

Lesley Reynolds Founder, The Harley Street Skin Clinic

The Solution

We developed a native iOS app and cloud application to streamline the operations of the clinic. Staff can request information and other important data (such as patient data) straight from their mobile app.

The entire solution was developed on top of HIPAA compliance and with a high degree of in-app and cloud security in place to protect highly sensitive information.

Any information that was decentralized in sheets or papers was moved to a high performing cloud solution. Our solutions were capable of digitizing past records and seamlessly integrating it with new digital data stored on the cloud.

female employees using tablets and laptops in an office
male nurse working on computer in an office
female doctor with patient in doctor's office
graphic of progress on a graph
The Result

The HSSC ran a tight ship - and we had the technology for that.

Access to patient data via iOS mobile devices boosted efficiency and gave way to a technological overhaul. And the improvements in efficiency were at each staff members’ fingertips. This created the client-focused experience expected of its star-studded roster.

Faster access to the relevant patient data during appointments allowed access to a greater level of insights and higher efficiencies during patient appointments. Sourcing their own solutions for their own services in-turn was thus promoted.

By connecting the updated data with the entirety of the clinic’s staff, a complete digital rethink was achieved.

How We Work

As a technology consulting firm we are used to our clients handing over complicated problems and finding custom app solutions for them - but we pride ourselves on transparency with your team. And we thought it best we were clear about our entire process, too.

It All Starts With Business, Technology, and Risk Analysis

We believe that the path to successful app development projects start when we understand your business goals. That’s why before we write any line of code, we make sure that we try to map your business goals with your tailored technology and product roadmap.

We then perform a business and risk analysis to make sure your product goals won’t be compromised under any condition. During the same audit, we also discover features, technology options, etc that you otherwise would have missed, such as artificial intelligence.

Once we are done, you have a technology roadmap that can’t fail from back-end development to UX UI design.

three soldiers looking at computer screens and talking
two men looking at laptop and one pointing at screen
woman putting post-its on a board with other employee
male employee looking at graphs on a whiteboard
meeting of employees in an office
man giving speech to employees in an office
We Then Start App Development

After establishing a roadmap, we work through user experience and customer journey that leads to a highly usable mobile app interface.

Our app development process is modular, which means that we can start design and development in parallel and allow you to reach the market faster.

Our development process focuses on creating highly testable and manageable codes - this ensures that you will never have to re-do the entire app.

We develop the codebase that anyone can in future edit, update, or manage even after it's been launched on the app store.

Scaling, Optimisation, Testing, and Automation

As your app gets more adoption, you may want to add more features, scale it, or maybe automate everything that feels redundant. We will be there for you.

We will not only help you achieve higher adoption, but we will also guide you through each and every step. While we build and scale your app, we will keep you from making costly mistakes and save on your spending.

In the end, you can focus on your business with the assurance that your technology is safe in our hands.

male developer using laptop next to servers
employees talking in an open plan office
employees working at desk together and looking at documents
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New tech firms are entering business sectors and disrupting industries overnight.
Will your business be outpaced by advanced competitors?

image of a client
"What really made the difference to us was the ability to cope with unpredictable changes in demand. We no longer had to worry about a scramble to find a solution - we already had one!"
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Joanne Landesberg Director, Rowalk Holdings

We're Technical Experts

We Are A Full-Service App Development Company

What makes our app development services stand out is the fact that we don’t simply build technology to support your digitalisation. Here at Lolly Co, we like to do things differently.

Our subject matter experts dive deep into your business' processes, your data, and work with stakeholders and product owners to catch out what was might have been missed.

Our engineering services on the other hand, are built from the ground up to support your digital transformation. This means - even with extremely challenging digital transformation scenarios - we’ve got the skills to deliver the technology.

With a team of developers and business consultants working together to rewrite the digital aspects of your business and refine your solution with both your industry and your business in mind, we go that much further than providing a technology solution for your business.

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