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"Above all, it was the higher revenue we saw month-on-month which confirmed the benefits of our digital transformation"
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Lesley Reynolds Founder, The Harley Street Skin Clinic

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Our Services

Here at Lolly Co, we pride ourselves on seamlessly integrating relevant digital solutions into your business as is tailored to our customers' exact needs. By navigating your specific sector, we can produce digital strategies that survives competition and then guarantees that your business will succeed beyond it in this digital age.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital Transformation Consultants at Lolly Co help you identify gaps and opportunities with your tech and your people. You get a transformation plan, accountability, and metrics to drive your Digital Transformation.

Custom Software Solutions

Support your digital transformation efforts with our custom software development services that are tailored to your business. High performance, cutting edge custom software such as artificial intelligence and machine learning - minus the risk.

Application Modernization Services

Simplify legacy application transformation to drive next generation processes and digital transformation initiatives with our powerful suite of our transformative application modernization services.

Speak With Our Digital Transformation Experts

New tech firms are entering business sectors and disrupting industries overnight.
Will your business be outpaced by advanced competitors?

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"What really made the difference to us was the ability to cope with unpredictable changes in demand. We no longer had to worry about a scramble to find a solution - we already had one!"
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Joanne Landesberg Director, Rowalk Holdings

We're Technical Experts

We Are A Full-Service Digital Transformation Company

What makes our Digital Transformation Services stand out is the fact that we don’t simply build new technologies to support organizations with digitalisation. Here at Lolly Co, we like to do things differently.

Our subject matter experts dive deep into your business processes, your big data, and work with stakeholders and product owners to catch out what was might have been missed in your digital transformation strategy.

Our engineering services on the other hand, are built from the ground up to support your Digital transformation efforts and improve your customer experience. This means - even with extremely challenging digital transformation scenarios - we’ve got the best practices to deliver the digital technologies and complement new business models.

With a team of developers and business consultants working together to rewrite the digital aspects of your business processes and refine your solution with both your industry and your business in mind, we go that much further than providing a technology solution for your digital business transformation.

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