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"Instead of labouring over admin, we could finally deal with a greater volume of incoming enquiries, and continue our growth.”
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Lesley Reynolds Founder, The Harley Street Skin Clinic

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Our Services

Here at Lolly Co, we pride ourselves on providing services that can be tailored to specific businesses. We only assign your team dedicated senior developers and project managers. They can then apply their skills to your individual sector and business requirements. Here are the services our dedicated developers can supply for your next project.

App Development

Our developers build high-quality native, cross-platform, and hybrid mobile apps. Tap into the mobile-first market via technology tailored to your business.

Custom Software Development

We create custom software solutions that adapt to your operations and employees. Streamline your processes via specific solutions for your business.

Web Application Development

Expand your capabilities via web framework solutions fitted to your business’ needs. We create tailored CMS, web applications, eCommerce portals, and SaaS.

UI & UX Design Services

We create bespoke user interfaces for your custom software and websites. Appeal to your customers and drive conversions for each individual development process.

Platform Modernisation

Update your operations and keep competitive via our dedicated senior developers. We convert, rewrite, and port your legacy system to a modern alternative.

QA Testing & Maintenance

Guarantee quality in your software via our dedicated QA engineers. We put your technology through its paces, ensuring it meets your standards and streamlines your processes.

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New tech firms are entering business sectors and disrupting industries overnight.
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Digital Transformation Success Stories

Success isn’t just difficult to claim - it’s near-impossible to define, too. Discover how we created solutions that consider the client’s individual industry and disruption.

Introducing The Harley Street Skin Clinic

This star-studded clinic needed a paperless solution to patient data. And our dedicated development team found it. This world-renowned cosmetic surgery clinic was struggling to keep their operations running smoothly. They needed to ensure their staff stayed connected across whilst elevating customer satisfaction.

They navigated a solution without hiring in-house developers. Their lack of development team was blocking their ambitions and stunting their growth. That’s why we created a dedicated development team for them, providing them with long-term support for long-term solutions.

We harnessed cloud computing and automation to drive custom software solutions. This improved access to vital data for employees via an iOS app. It also boosted their rate of processing enquiries and increased patient experience.

Solution Tech Stack

They had a problem, we had the answers:

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"By creating transparent systems that any staff member could use, we could finally abolish the key-man risk so prevalent in our departments."
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Mitch Hahn CEO, Nordens

The Solution

Our team of dedicated developers assessed the situation at hand and streamlined the operations of the clinic via a custom iOS app. The cloud solution constructed by our senior developers sought to control staff schedules. It also brought patient data into closer contact with staff members. High-level cyber-security measures also protected patient data.

Our dedicated development team started with cloud computing. We harnessed its potential to block threats to client data and digitising physical patient records. From there, the entire team could be within a few taps of patient data and brought together via the app.

The dedicated developers were also responsible for the testing, maintenance, and management of the custom software. From issue identification and correction, to adapting the software to their latest ambitions, the Lolly Co team had it covered.

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The Result

The Harley Street Skin Clinic had already negotiated its own success. We had the dedicated development team to match their exact needs and ambitions as and when they evolved with instant updates and tech support.

Easy access to patient data elevated the individual employees' efficiency and customer satisfaction. It also gave a greater level of insight during appointments. This in turn encouraged a technology overhaul for the entire clinic.

We brought the entire team together with revitalised operations. This meant a digital transformation could follow.

How We Work

We are versed in clients outlining the details of their projects, and letting us get on with creating custom-fit digital solutions. But we don’t just pride ourselves creating tailored technology; we make a point of being transparent about our entire process, too.

We Help You Realize Your Digital Strategy

Here at Lolly Co, we pride ourselves on becoming your dedicated development team.

We don’t just provide software solutions; we provide solutions that evolve with your business. We start by deep-diving your business processes and technology.

We then collaborate with your team to identify gaps and opportunities in your business. This allows us to sketch out a wireframe that engages with your business’ strategy.

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We Then Transform Your Digital Strategy Into Your Software

Having laid out a roadmap for your software solution, we workshop our ideas with your team.

From there we flesh out the plan based on your team’s responses to the potential software. We take into account the user-driven UX and the specific technology behind it.

Throughout the entire process - from ideation to deployment - we keep your team in the loop to ensure it is a custom-fit to your business.

Next, We Implement And Accelerate Your Digitalisation

Implementing your custom software solution and then integrating it with your business is no simple process.

The roadmap we lay out for your business does not come to a dead-end; we maintain a constant dialogue with your team.

This ensures that we can solve errors as they arise and identify areas of opportunity for your technology.

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Get A Free Digital Transformation Proposal

New tech firms are entering business sectors and disrupting industries overnight.
Will your business be outpaced by advanced competitors?

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"What really made the difference to us was the ability to cope with unpredictable changes in demand. We no longer had to worry about a scramble to find a solution - we already had one!"
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Joanne Landesberg Director, Rowalk Holdings

We're Technical Experts

We Are A Full-Service Software Development Companu

Our dedicated developers don’t simply build custom software solutions.

What makes us stand out if the fact that we are a full service software development company. Our team of dedicated developers rethink your business processes from a digital perspective.

Our consulting experts and senior developers analyse your processes and your data. They then work with your stakeholders and product owners to identify areas of opportunity.

Our dedicated developers work from the ground up to support your digital transformation. Whatever the digital transformation scenario, we can deliver the right technology.

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