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"Instead of labouring over admin, we could finally deal with a greater volume of incoming enquiries, and continue our growth.”
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Lesley Reynolds Founder, The Harley Street Skin Clinic

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Our Services

We provide a vast range of services that are specific to an even wider array of digital solutions. We then adapt these custom software solutions to each individual sector. Here’s a handful of the most popular software development services that are tailored to each individual client that comes to us with a project.

App Development

Our development team build high-quality native, hybrid, and cross-platform apps. Put your business’ best foot forward in the unexplored mobile-first territory.

Custom Software Development

Need a solution specific to your operations and employees? We pride ourselves on tailored software that adapts and aligns with your business’ changing needs.

Web Application Development

We harness the full potential of web frameworks for your custom solution. This ranges from CMS, to web applications, eCommerce portals, and SaaS.

Internet of Things

We provide full-cycle IoT solutions. From the initial wireframes we construct to the integration of your IoT-enabled systems, Lolly Co keeps you connected.

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New tech firms are entering business sectors and disrupting industries overnight.
Will your business be outpaced by advanced competitors?

Digital Transformation Success Stories

Success isn’t just difficult to claim - it’s near-impossible to define, too. Discover how we created solutions that consider the client’s individual industry and disruption.

Introducing Nordens Chartered Accountants

Nordens was leading the accounting sector in the UK - but it needed to find a competitive edge against disruption in the industry.

The team behind the accounting firm typically juggled a number of responsibilities. This includes handling, analysing, and processing client data, and providing financial advice. But administrative and other necessary tasks were eating away into the 9-to-5. This was limiting the quality of their service and their efficiency.

High overheads and continuous operational blockages was impairing customer service and elevating costs. It was time for a digital rethink.

Solution Tech Stack

They had a problem, we had the answers:

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"By creating transparent systems that any staff member could use, we could finally abolish the key-man risk so prevalent in our departments."
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Mitch Hahn CEO, Nordens

The Solution

We matched their accounting with automation. We focused our attention on streamlining the tedious processes. They were detracting from their daily operations and hiking up their overheads. They needed to find crucial fixes for what held their business back.

This includes the automation of forms to Companies House. This simplified the entire process for their clients and allowed issues and errors to be sussed at a new-found pace.

We also automated the chasing of clients. This digitalized a necessary process for business survival, saving them both time and money. We digitised entire departments, and redefined the accounting industry.

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The Result

By applying the technological touch we could slash their costs and elevate customer satisfaction. We could also protect and promote Nordens’ core values.

Additionally, the streamlining of such vital processes cut out the need for select keymen. Entire departments - and thus the entire firm - no longer relied on to keep processes ticking like clockwork.

The firm could thus free up the time formerly devoted to tedious data handling and accounting processes - which added up to 10,400 hours of employee time - and dedicate it instead to focusing on and providing for their customers.

How We Work

We are versed in clients outlining the details of their projects, and letting us get on with creating custom-fit digital solutions. But we don’t just pride ourselves creating tailored technology; we make a point of being transparent about our entire process, too.

We Help You Realize Your Digital Strategy

When we work with your business, we become your dedicated custom software development team.

We kickstart the process by deep-diving your individual business processes and branding. We then work with your team to identify gaps and opportunities in your current digital technologies.

We strategise to seize those opportunities and fix the problems at hand. We finish the process by constructing a wireframe that engages with each cornerstone of your business.

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We Then Transform Your Digital Strategy Into Your Software

Having laid out the roadmap for your custom software solution, we workshop our strategy with your entire team.

From there we develop a firm foundation for your business’ future. We consider the user-driven UX and the technologies we recommend in the equation, ensuring your formula is foolproof.

From there, we begin the development process, and make sure it meets your needs at each step of the way.

Next, We Implement And Accelerate Your Digitalisation

Our services don’t cease when your custom-fit software is in place.

We pride ourselves on opening a dialogue with your entire team. This ensures we can detect issues and errors, negotiate their solution, and apply it at speed.

It also guarantees that we can adapt your solution to your evolving needs and ambitions as your business navigates the future.

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Get A Free Digital Transformation Proposal

New tech firms are entering business sectors and disrupting industries overnight.
Will your business be outpaced by advanced competitors?

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"What really made the difference to us was the ability to cope with unpredictable changes in demand. We no longer had to worry about a scramble to find a solution - we already had one!"
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Joanne Landesberg Director, Rowalk Holdings

We're Technical Experts

We Are A Full-Service Software Development Agency

We don’t just create custom software.

We are a full service digital transformation agency and digitalise businesses. Our development team and technology experts analyse both your processes and your data. We work with your stakeholders and product owners to unleash a new depth of insight into your business.

We build our software development services from the grassroots of your technology. When faced with intricate digital transformation challenges, we can deliver custom-fit technology.

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