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"Instead of labouring over admin, we could finally deal with a greater volume of incoming enquiries, and continue our growth.”
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Lesley Reynolds Founder, The Harley Street Skin Clinic

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Our Services

As one of the UK's leading software development companies, we pride ourselves on providing a wide array of services attuned to specific digital solutions, and provide them for an even broader stretch of sectors via the latest technologies. In that case, here's just a few of our most popular services that we tailor to each and every client that comes through our virtual doors with a project.

App Development

We develop native, hybrid and cross-platform apps that merges your branding and high-end UX to help you conquer in a mobile-first world and tap into the new vast sources of traffic.

Custom Software Development

Need software that fits your processes and workflows to outcompete others? We develop custom software solutions that scale with your business and your unique needs.

Web Application Development

From a simple CMS to a progressive web applications, custom web applications, ecommerce portals and SaaS - harness the power of web development with our services.

Internet of Things

We write firmware, integrate and manage IoT enabled systems to help you deliver seamless experiences to your customers as driven by their exact needs.

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Digital Transformation Success Stories

Success is difficult to define, but the results are crystal-clear. See how we've already brought custom software solutions to our clients based on their efforts and their wider industry - and how it's transformed via our dedicated teams.

Introducing The Harley Street Skin Clinic

They needed a paperless solution to patient data. We found it. This award-winning cosmetic surgery clinic was struggling to keep up with complex operations. And they needed a way to keep staff connected whilst elevating patient experience.

We created custom software solutions via cloud computing and automation to improve access to client data in a busy health clinic through mobile app development for use by the employees. This elevated patient experience and increased the rate of processing enquiries. This technological transformation stuck to the clinic's principles and put the client first. With higher feedback on the NPS confirming the benefits of our tech-based solutions and lower overheads due to the automation of tedious tasks, processes were streamlined and costs were cut.

Solution Tech Stack

They had a problem, we had the answers:

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The Diagnosis

There were two problems: patient data access and the efficiency of the clinic’s staff. Our consulting discovered the clinic's staff was juggling a variety of responsibilities. But in particular, it was their diary clashes that were complicating the 9-to-5. We determined that they needed an app to keep each staff member in-touch. And then we created it.

With patient data still managed in a physical form, finding this data during appointments was a laborious process. This was detracting from the customer service this world-class clinic deemed so vital.

The Harley Street Skin Clinic was committed to streamlining their processes, whether customer-based or staff-initiated. To reach this goal, they needed to focus on a custom software solution that could allow them to go paperless. That’s where we came in.

As a hub of the rich and famous, maintaining an outward appearance wasn’t just reserved for the clientele. Demonstrating that they were a slick, streamlined healthcare clinic that pivoted itself on meeting the high standards of its clientele was vital to its success.

Not only did they need a solution to improve the client-experience on the whole, they needed a solution which was a custom-fit to their high-end branding and upheld an exterior of forward-thinking cosmetic practices via the latest technological solutions.

The clinic prided itself on the personal touch - a personal experience which was rooted in privacy. And by sourcing a solution via the cloud which could facilitate the one-on-one experience as well as keeping the whole clinic working as a unit, they could stick to their core values and extend them even further.

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male employees using tablet together
doctor with patient in a doctor's office
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"By creating transparent systems that any staff member could use, we could finally abolish the key-man risk so prevalent in our departments."
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Mitch Hahn CEO, Nordens

The Solution

We powered an app driven by the need to streamline the operations of the clinic. We used cloud computing and our experience of iOS apps to provide control of staff schedules. Access to patient data via Apple devices was also available. We reinforced this solution with high-level cyber-security measures to protect patient data.

We started with the cloud, harnessing the power of its computing capabilities to reduce the risk of threats to in-house client data. We finalised its protection by digitising past records. It was this cloud computing that brought the whole team together via the app. It ensured that any changes to patient data, alterations to appointments, and other updates were seamlessly integrated across the entire team.

The process allowed employee-based IT solutions such as tablets and smartphones to tap into our tailored technology solution. This allowed the right staff members to access the right patient data.

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The Result

The HSSC ran a tight-ship - and we had the technology for that. Access to patient data via iOS mobile devices boosted efficiency and gave way to a technological overhaul. And the improvements in efficiency were at each staff members’ fingertips. This created the client-focused experience expected of its star-studded roster.

Fundamentally, the faster access to the relevant patient data during appointments allowed a greater level of insight and efficiency during patient appointments. Sourcing their own solutions for their own services in-turn was thus promoted.

By connecting the updated data with the entirety of the clinic’s staff, a complete digital rethink was achieved.

How We Work

As a technology consulting firm based in the United Kingdom we are used to our clients handing over complicated problems and finding solutions for them - but we pride ourselves on transparency with your team. And we thought it best we were clear about our entire process, too.

We Help You Realize Your Digital Strategy

When we work with you, we become your dedicated custom software team.

We deep-dive into your business processes and branding, and collaborate with your team to detect the digital gaps in your business that can be streamlined via bespoke software. From there we layout a framework for software that engages with your brand and your strategy.

That's why we place a lot of importance on upholding that constant dialogue with your team, ensuring we can respond to your business’ needs at the start of the process, all the way through to its future maintenance. From your changing team to the alterations of the industry at large, we can help your business evolve by doing the same with our technology.

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We Then Transform Your Digital Strategy Into A Digital-technical Roadmap

Having produced a wireframe for your software solution, we workshop our ideas with your team and flesh out the plan.

We take into account both the user-driven UX and the technical side of the technology behind it. We always keep your team in the loop to ensure it is a custom-fit to your business.

While being technical in nature, the roadmap still has its deep roots in your business processes. That reduces any chances of failure and allows it to be adaptable to your business' future changes and your industry.

Next, We Implement And Accelerate Your Digitalisation

Here at Lolly Co, implementing and installing custom software is not a one-step process.

We place a lot of significance on opening a dialogue with your team before we’ve sketched out the software and after it’s in use. From there, we can solve errors as they arise and adapt it to the ambitions and evolving branding of your business.

This can only be accomplished via technological know-how specific to your industry and your business - know-how we just so happen to have.

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New tech firms are entering business sectors and disrupting industries overnight.
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"What really made the difference to us was the ability to cope with unpredictable changes in demand. We no longer had to worry about a scramble to find a solution - we already had one!"
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Joanne Landesberg Director, Rowalk Holdings

We're Technical Experts

We Are A Full-Service Software Development Agency

What makes our software development services stand out is the fact that we don’t simply build custom software. We are a full service digital transformation agency.

We provide tailored solutions dedicated to rethinking your business in a digital light. Our subject matter experts analyse your processes and your data, and work with stakeholders and product owners to identify what always gets missed.

Our bespoke software development services are built from the ground up to support digital transformation. This means, even with challenging digital transformation scenarios, we’ve got the skills to deliver the technology.

With a team of developers and business consultants working together to rewrite the digital aspects of your business and refine your solution with both your industry and your business in mind, we go that much further than providing a technology solution for your business.

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