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Our Services

As one of the UK's leading software development companies, we place a lot of importance on developing a vast range of custom-fit software solutions that are tailored to your business' needs. And we provide them for an even wider berth of sectors. In that case, here are the main services we provide for software development.

Web Application Development

Need someone to develop a web application from scratch? We can do it for you! We develop web apps using JavaScript, PHP, Python, C#, and many more. Our engineers will find a solution to all your challenges.

Custom Software Development

Want to build a desktop application, scrape the whole web, or something extremely unique - we got you covered. Experience working with a talented team of engineers, get fast support, and get custom software built in record time.

Mobile Application Development

Rethink mobile apps with Lolly Co. Experience performance, reliability, scalability, and maintainability at scale with Lolly Co’s mobile app developers. We specialize in developing both - native and cross-platform apps.


Harness the power of multiple technologies at simultaneously via our API integration services. By facilitating connectivity between devices and programmes, your business can reap the rewards of a truly digital solution.

Process Automation

Streamline the 9-to-5 via our process automation - a specialist service of the Lolly Co team. We utilise the latest technologies to complete tedious and time-consuming processes, whilst also cutting out human error.

Technology Consulting

We bring together our business consulting and digital knowledge to perform a deep-dive on your business processes and identify exact solutions for your technology needs. It's a custom solution for your unique business.

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"By creating transparent systems that any staff member could use, we could finally abolish the key-man risk so prevalent in our departments."
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Mitch Hahn CEO, Nordens

Our Rates

Here at Lolly Co, we pride ourselves on high-quality software solutions that are custom to your business - and it’s budget. We take your ideas and apply our senior development knowledge to realise your vision. We can help you break the mould without breaking the bank.

Software Development


Software Consulting


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TTT members get 20% off for life - and a 10% kickback for all fees generated if they recommend someone from outside the community who works with us.

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New tech firms are entering business sectors and disrupting industries overnight.
Will your business be outpaced by advanced competitors?

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"Above all, it was the higher revenue we saw month-on-month which confirmed the benefits of our digital transformation"
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Lesley Reynolds Founder, The Harley Street Skin Clinic

We're Technical Experts

How We Work

As a custom software development company, we are used to our clients handing us complicated ideas and abstract concepts. But here at Lolly Co, we pride ourselves on matching your ambitions whatever the aim. And we also pride ourselves on transparency with your team. That's why we thought it best to let you in on our development process.

We Start With Business, Technology, And Risk Analysis

We believe that successful development projects start with successful communication.

That’s why we focus our attention on your business’s goals and concerns. We place your objectives and opportunities for mobile and web applications under a magnifying glass.

We then apply our in-depth business and risk analysis. Throughout the audit we also consider your ideas for features, functionality, and technologies.

From there, we sketch out a roadmap to follow closely.

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We Then Begin App Development

Having laid out the plan for your custom web or mobile app, we then begin our modular development process and construct your software.

We take into account both the customer-driven UX and the technical side of the technology behind it. We always keep your team in the loop to ensure it is a custom-fit to your business and will remain so far into the future.

On top of this, we make sure the code is testable and manageable, and that the codebase is simple to update in the future. That allows even your own team to edit the code.

We Scale, Optimise, Test, And Automate

Your business isn’t aiming to stagnate - your app should match this ambition. As the adoption for your app accelerates, you may want to alter its capabilities.

This is where we come in. We don’t just produce bespoke applications. We constantly trial, test, and update your app in alignment with its usage, performance, and your vision. This includes scaling your app over time.

This ensures it can confront your business’ challenges and overcome them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got an idea? Want to see your vision come to life?

We never hard sell - we always invite insight into your technology solutions, even if you don’t end up working with us.

From abstract concepts to exact technologies, we have worked with a multitude of businesses that were yet to have concrete plans. We have the knowledge and know-how to construct a custom-fit solution.

Even if you aren’t sure what the solution might be, or what those needs are.

To protect your business and its custom solution, we do not detail our security precautions publicly. However, we can reveal that we utilise a data centre in London that has high-grade security in place. The back-end server code is also configured to run over HTTPS and has a secure SSL certificate.

Other measures include password encryption algorithms and built-in security features for each app.

Alongside our senior developers is a team of expert marketers. We collaborate with your current marketing initiatives and future strategy to ensure your app is optimised for users. We also make sure it is stationed for maximum downloads on the app stores.

This will depend on the application being built. The size, complexity, and coding will impact both the cost of the custom solution and the length of time required to create it. Having reviewed your business and your idea, we can outline an accurate timeframe and the complete cost of the solution.

We don't just pride ourselves on producing bespoke mobile and web apps. We are constantly trialing, testing, and tailoring them to your business. Your ambitions, goals, and concerns will evolve over time, and so will your solution. That’s why we always make sure you can contact our development team with any issues or ideas.

Often your system, websites, and CRM can integrate with your custom app. This can elevate functionality. With a team of API experts on hand, we have created apps that have integrated with a number of systems and tools, including Amazon AWS.

On top of our development services we also provide app modernisation. Whether you want to revamp your application or start from scratch, we can alter the UX and edit its functionality.