Turn data into decisions with Process Workshops

A Process Workshop is the discovery, monitoring, and improvement of processes via data; task mining is the technology that allows businesses to capture this data.

Process and task mining extracts vital information and insights from business processes and converts them into opportunities for streamlining operations. By offering objective insights derived for existing data, it can both highlight and solve compliance and performance-related problems. We can clarify your view of your individual business processes and use this crystal-clear vision to strategise a solution to any inefficiencies.

We use the latest technologies, such as AI, to deep-dive processes and draw in-depth insights from your processes

Our team of business consultants contextualise these insights against your industry and competitors

We deliver solutions for the optimisation and automation opportunities discovered

We use data to identify opportunities in your business operations

Our team of business consultants and highly-qualified developers have worked with a number of industry-leaders to deep-dive and then streamline entire operations.

We champion honesty and transparency when it comes to working with our clients. We leverage the latest innovations in the digital world to deliver bespoke and flexible insights that can be directly applied to your business - even without using our services.

  Measure the productivity of your workforce

Analysing ‘desktop data’ allows your team to identify potential inefficiencies within the daily routines of individual employees. By using AI and other technologies that contextualise the activities that take place, you can understand how each action affects your business.

  Find opportunities to reduce costs

By detecting inefficiencies in your business - whether from individual employees not devoting their full attention to work, or from outdated manual processes - your team can implement process automation and optimisation and boost productivity.

  Increase transparency across the business

Data-driven decision-making is essential to driving more value into your business. With an overview of individual processes and employee activity, your team can use this 20/20 vision to their advantage. Monitoring entire operations can ensure no time nor money is wasted.

We're the Process Workshop experts

Our services don’t cease until our consultants have identified each individual problem holding back the efficiency of your operations.

We’ve worked with a number of industry-leading firms looking to get ahead of their competition. We harnessed the power of automation and the latest technologies to deliver bespoke solutions that streamlined entire operations. And here’s what they had to say about it.

How can our process Workshops help you?

We’ve highlighted a range of problems - and potential opportunities - within our clientele’s business processes. And our insights can extend to yours, too.

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