Turn data into decisions with process mapping

We lead workshops that collaborate with your team to produce process maps that reveal obstacles to your business' efficiency and opportunities to boost it.

Inefficiency is costing you time and money. Bottlenecks in your workflow are allowing disruptors to absorb frustrated customers and preventing your enterprise from growing. Finding a solution to these bottlenecks is impossible without understanding your processes. Our expert consultants provide an end-to-end review of your business' processes, harnessing process and task mining to extract insights that can be converted into opportunities for streamlining operations. By opening a dialogue with your employees in an workshop environment, you can garner objective information from individual sub processes to entire operations.

We lead workshops that deep-dive current processes and draw upon industry best practices

Our team of business consultants contextualise your business process maps within your industry

We deliver optimisation and automation opportunities for enhanced business process management

Increasing profits and productivity with Process Workshops
We use data to improve your business process mapping

Our team of business consultants have worked with a number of industry-leaders to deep-dive and produce process documentation for entire operations.

We champion honesty and transparency when it comes to our business process mapping workshops. We leverage the latest digital innovations to deliver bespoke and flexible insights that can be directly applied to your business and generate new processes - even without using our services. We clarify your view of your business processes with process mapping tools like flow process charts, process documentation, and business process modeling; this visual representation allows your team to strategise a crystal-clear solution to inefficiency.

Gaining clearer vision, reducing costs and getting higher profits

  Measure the productivity of your workforce

Throughout our workshops, we focus on delivering business process mapping that is dedicated to extending your operational efficiency. Through our digital knowledge and business process modeling expertise, you can understand how each technology opportunity secures process improvement.

  Find opportunities to reduce costs

By detecting inefficiencies in your business via process map - whether from individual employees not devoting their full attention to work, or from outdated manual processes - your team can optimise each process step highlighted in the process flow.

  Increase transparency across the business

Data-driven decision-making is essential to driving more value into your business. With an overview of current processes and employee activity, your team can use this 20/20 vision to their advantage. Business process management can draw upon the process map to ensure no time nor money is wasted.

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We’ve highlighted a range of problems - and potential opportunities - within our clientele’s business processes.

We’ve worked with a number of industry-leading firms looking to get ahead of their competition. We harnessed the power of automation and the latest technologies to deliver bespoke solutions that streamlined entire operations. And here’s what they had to say about it.

How can our process mapping help you?

We’ve highlighted a range of problems - and potential opportunities - within our clientele’s business processes. And our insights can extend to yours, too.


Proportion of companies that measure and manage their processes


Cost of Mars Climate Orbiter disintegrating from a lack of documented processes


Proportion of executives who have never used process mining

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Frequently Asked Questions

As the experts in process mapping and business automation, we’re here to clear up any of your questions, queries and concerns.

There are lots of different process maps to choose from. Here is a handful of the most popular types of process map:

1. SIPOC map (it is structured according to supplier, input, process, output and customer)
2. Deployment map
3. Swimlane map
4. Value stream map
5. Relationship map

Process mapping is used to document a business process in detail, from start to finish. It includes inputs, outputs, people and controls. It provides a visual, easy to understand representation of your business operations.

So, when it finally comes to streamlining or simplifying them, it is that much easier.

There’s a vast range of benefits for teams that use process mapping. But here are some of the most significant advantages:

1. It can show visibility into your processes
2. It can be used for training purposes
3. It can show compliance
4. It enables process analysis
5. It can highlight what’s running smoothly - and what’s slowing you up


Over a 4 day period we work with a small group of your team (between 4-6 employees to deep-dive your business processes and map out your operations, and then optimise your processes. We recreate your process maps and present your team with a collection of resources that include Standard Operating Procedures, a plan for optimisation and a roadmap for automation.

Our process workshops involve between 4-6 of your team members at £1,000 per person (plus VAT).

You’ll leave our workshops with actionable insights and resources you can put to use.

This includes process documentation, a plan for optimising your business processes and a potential roadmap for automation in your organisation.
Using automation to streamline processes, increasing effeciency and optimising tasks
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