We deep-dive processes to find opportunities for optimisation

Our process consultants lead a 6-session workshop that identifies the processes that are riddled with inefficiency, bottlenecks and complexity. Then, we optimise them for you.

Time is money, right? Well, your repetitive and complex manual processes are dragging out your process cycle time and beefing up your costs. But trimming the fat requires insights invisible to the human eye. Sometimes, you need to take the machine apart to establish what’s going wrong. We can roll our sleeves up and help you put it back together - and supercharge your engine, while we’re there. Our process workshops draw on process mapping techniques to identify fresh scope for change and gather insights that can be plugged back into your business. We redesign your current processes, whittling down the process length. Then, we send you back to the office with a stack of helpful resources that outline how to streamline your business even more. You in?

We map your current processes, help you optimise them and provide a clear path to automation

Involving 5-6 people from your team, our workshops are designed to maximise the investment you make

Speaking of investment: if our workshop doesn't provide a 10X return in savings, then there's £0 cost to you

Increasing profits and productivity with Process Workshops
What are the benefits of process mapping?

Good question. Think easy-to-read, detailed diagrams that lay out every step of your process using shapes, labels and arrows. It's your fool-proof plan to business clarity.

Knowledge is power. That’s exactly what process mapping offers you. It picks apart the individual steps that add up to a process and exposes any inefficiency or bottlenecks. It allows you to press pause, put your feet up and see what’s really going on in your business. Here’s the best bit: all of your processes can be rejigged with process mapping. Are they high cost or high volume? Crammed full of manual interventions? Attracting customer complaints? We can take care of them.

Once we’ve worked out what ain’t workin’, we brainstorm how to fix the problem. Then, we redesign your process maps, add in all the improvements and chart a clear path to automating the repetitive.

Gaining clearer vision, reducing costs and getting higher profits

  Take your operational efficiency to the next level with redesigned processes

We can make your business go faster and run smarter - and you don’t have to lift a finger. By reconstructing your process maps with our optimisation and automation experience in tow, we can minimise manual employee intervention. You can finally ditch delay and slash your costs.

  Reinvent your processes in record time with easy-to-use process maps

Change is good. But we make it easy. Process maps help us find opportunities for streamlining that are already within your current processes. You just can’t see them, right now. That means any optimisation can be found quickly and implemented instantly. No overhaul necessary.

  Navigate your business’ future with free, personalised resources

When the workshop is done and dusted, we arm your team with clear ‘n customised plans for your future growth. This includes: a delivery report crammed full of financial cycle costs; an optimisation report containing your new optimised process maps; and a trusty guide setting out your next steps for business automation.

Download the process workshops digital brochure

Get all the details and do the math on our rapid improvement process workshops. See for yourself how we can reinvent your inefficiency.

Want to know more? Of course you do. We’ve compiled a brochure bursting at the seams with information on what a successful workshops consists of, a play-by-play of how our process consultants run them and all the benefits you can expect on the other side.

Optimising processes with Business Automation

Here’s what happens in a process workshop

Our workshops last for 4 days and are split into 2 stages: Discovery and Optimisation.

Stage 1: Discovery

This is where we assemble your team and extract an accurate account of what’s really going on in your business. We then turn the individual process steps into some shiny, new process maps. This stage consists of 4 sessions, both of which are 3.5 hours long.

Stage 2: Optimisation

Later, and we’re back in the ring. Only this time, we’re here to maximise your efficiency by reducing cycle time and process complexity as much as we can. This is where we redesign your process maps with your newfound efficiency - that’s the ‘optimisation’ bit. This stage consists of another 2 sessions, both of which are 3.5 hours long.

Stage 3: Delivery

This is when we reveal everything we learned about your business. We reviewed what we uncovered in the ‘Discovery’ stage, we show you how we optimised your processes in the ‘Optimisation’ stage and we confirm how much money we’ve saved you with these process improvements in place. We then hand over your custom technology roadmap to solve ineffecient processes and bottlenecks within your business with the ultimate aim to provide a 10X return on your investment in our workshop. Job done.

We've run the numbers: process mapping outlines your potential

Our process consultants have experienced firsthand what a flowchart can do for a business. But you haven’t, quite yet. Why not see for yourself?


Proportion of companies that measure and manage their processes


Average savings we find for our clients in a process workshop


Proportion who document processes to improve customer satisfaction

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Frequently Asked Questions?

We’re happy to clear up any questions, queries and concerns you might have. We are the experts, after all.

There are lots of different process maps to choose from. Here is a handful of the most popular types of process map:

1. SIPOC map (it is structured according to supplier, input, process, output and customer)
2. Deployment map
3. Swimlane map
4. Value stream map
5. Relationship map

Process mapping is used to document a business process in detail, from start to finish. It includes inputs, outputs, people and controls. It provides a visual, easy to understand representation of your business operations.

So, when it finally comes to streamlining or simplifying them, it is that much easier.

There’s a vast range of benefits for teams that use process mapping. But here are some of the most significant advantages:

1. It can show visibility into your processes
2. It can be used for training purposes
3. It can show compliance
4. It enables process analysis
5. It can highlight what’s running smoothly - and what’s slowing you up


Over 6 sessions, we work with a small group of your team (between 5-6 employees) to deep-dive into your business processes and map out your operations, and then optimise your processes. We recreate your process maps and present your team with a collection of resources that include a Discovery Report, an Optimisation Report, and an Automation Roadmap to map out your path to success.

This is a discipline that uses various tools - like process mapping - to model, measure, improve and optimise business processes.

You’ll leave our workshops with actionable insights and resources you can put to use.

This includes process documentation, a plan for optimising your business processes and a potential roadmap for automation in your organisation.
Using automation to streamline processes, increasing effeciency and optimising tasks
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