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Business automation can act as a catalyst, helping to oversee the more mundane and repetitive tasks that can waste so much of your staff’s time. With the automation of processes, staff are freed to apply their time and talent on strategic projects, which stimulates their department to flourish. However, for business automation to operate accurately and efficiently it needs to be carefully researched and implemented with a holistic approach.

What do Automation Consultants do?

In automation consulting the role is flexible by necessity. Different automation projects require distinctive solutions, which reflect the versatility of applications. Projects, where business automation consultants excel, include a radical software upgrade or any project that needs to run frequently, using large amounts of data. So, automation is appropriate in smaller discrete projects, but at the same time, it could be just as relevant for a holistic review of your organization, where each department is scrutinized to identify the optimum route forward for automation.

Advantages of Using an Automation Consultant?

Automation Advantages

Your automation consultancy is personalized

An automation consultant is for the long term. It simply would not make sense if an automation consultant, who has put in the time to research and understand the finer points of the operation of your organization, was pulled from the job and never to return.

Regardless of the frequency of your automation consultancy requirements, it makes sense to use the same consultant on subsequent visits. They will be much better equipped to oversee a new project or review an existing one, as they already have the required insight.

In addition, there will be cost savings as an existing consultant will be able to operate more quickly and efficiently

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4 Automation Process Steps



Our automation consultants deep-dive your entire business process systems using a series of workshops to understand the current state of play. We like to involve most of your staff, so no stone is left unturned. From this, we calculate how much value automation will add and the complexity of integration that already exists. Your consultant will view his relationship with you as long term. This makes expansion plans and reviews so much more effective.



The first part of the design is functional, where all your existing and desired processes are converted into working automation solutions. The second part involves documenting these automation solutions into a cohesive plan that spans your entire organization. Your automation consultant will present a blueprint of your plans so it can be verified by all stakeholders, as it defines the software construction.



The technical details and specifications are transformed into a series of working solutions that integrate all the components into one application. This summarizes the logic of the processes, transforming them into a business process application. Once complete, the processes need to be certified to double-check their operation in production.



Your automation consultant will be key to the live testing when it starts in the production environment. Any minor unforeseen problems can be smoothed out, as processes are sequentially tested. All stakeholders are kept in the loop about implementation, so they become the eyes and ears in day-to-day operations. Your automation consultant will be the point of contact when staff need to liaise about progress.


Previous Clients

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Above all, it was the higher revenue we saw month-on-month which confirmed the benefits of our process optimisation and automation; instead of labouring over admin, we can now focus on building deeper relationships with patients. They've put the human element back in our business.

Lolly Co do a fantastic job, and are a pleasure to work with. They are clearly extremely competent at what they do, and have produced a system that is very clean, modern and successfully automates many of our day to day tasks. As experts in their field we wouldn't use anyone else.

I worked with the team on a custom rank tracker using an API, Big Query, and Google Data Studio. The group exceeded my expectations on timing and cost for the build. I got regular updates every step of the way, and there was never any uncertainty about what was happening. Already going back for phase two to add more features.

How can we help?

What skills does an automation consultant bring to your organization?

An automation consultant concentrates on the automation project, leaving you to prioritize day-to-day operations.

Most business owners find keeping on top of day-to-day operations more than enough. So, it’s much more effective to use an automation consultant for your project. He can concentrate on planning and implementation, leaving you to do what you know best. The cost of using an automation consultant needs to be seen as an investment. A properly researched and installed software system will operate effectively, requiring less future intervention.

Industry experts offer relevant and accurate experience Occasionally, we have all been thrown out of our comfort zones and forced to tackle tasks, which we are not accustomed to. Somehow, we muddle through and make a go of it but on the downside, it will probably take twice as long to complete the task. That lack of experience makes us indecisive; we hang back, fretting over our choices. On the other hand, a seasoned automation consultant will have built a solid knowledge base, across many different industries, as well as a good understanding of the of business processes that operate within them.

Our experience

Experience matters in automation

When confronted with a particular problem on a project the consultant only needs to refer to past situations or access the experience of industry experts, to find the best solution, saving considerable time and money.

A business automation plan typically includes:

  • Defining the business goals
  • Pinpointing areas that you can automate
  • Identifying the best automation goals
  • Creating an individual business automation plan
  • Installing the automation software alongside the existing system
  • Review the automation software in action

Individualizing business process software for your company offers several benefits, including using the latest hardware and software, as well as constantly updated industry knowledge.

With a customized automation package future upgrades are also simpler and more straightforward to apply

customized automation

Access customized automation tools and industry innovators

Individualizing business process software for your company offers several benefits, including using the latest hardware and software, as well as constantly updated industry knowledge.

With a customized automation package future upgrades are also simpler and more straightforward to apply



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Employing an automation consultant to help design and implement business process automation in an organization ensures the whole process is effectively project-managed from start to finish. The automation consultant will have the experience to include all relevant parameters, which ensures the finished software works seamlessly within the organization.

The benefits of employing automation consultants are savings in time and money. An automation consultant has the expertise to liaise with staff and design and implement an automation package efficiently. Experienced in the process he knows the stages to follow and can conduct them effectively, which leads to fewer errors.

The first steps of business process automation involve a thorough review of the existing business processes and how the current workflow could be improved. An automation consultant will have the experience to research the current state of play and which processes are the best contenders for automation.

Improvements in operational efficiency have a direct result on profitability and as such are increasingly seen as a priority. Business process automation has the flexibility to work on simple, data-heavy, and repetitive applications, as well as more complex, strategic tasks, for example in finance reporting. Part of the automation consultant’s role is to explain, which tasks are best suited to automation and to relay this to the business owner.

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