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One of the essential standards that make one company stand out from another is the level of consistency that permeates its processes. Staff who work to consistent standards are much more likely to achieve their departmental goals and be more productive too. Process implementation is the framework around which consistency can be applied to the individual tasks in each department.

Why Change Your Current Processes?

There are numerous different reasons why businesses introduce new processes, such as improving efficiency, streamlining tasks, eliminating errors, or pushing growth.

And at the same time, it’s simply human nature that different workers will have different takes on the same process, as well as different ways of doing things. Through process implementation, these differing attitudes are evened out to produce reliable consistency. In effect, the subjective becomes objective, enabling evaluation to be more accurate.

What Are The

Benefits Of Process Implementation

Process implementation creates a filter, whereby documented, standardized steps are applied to a process to create a consistently reliable product or service. Process implementation involves the guidance and efficient execution of tasks that form day-to-day work. Promoting this culture results in several valuable benefits:

1. Improve the Quality of Output
In manufacturing, process implementation ensures better consistency and reliability. Where process documentation requires approval, each step is signed off for clear accountability.

2. Increased Efficiency
Process implementation highlights repeatable processes, which can be streamlined. This improves labor efficiency and the use of resources.

3. Improves Compliance and Transparency
Organizations that document and implement processes in accordance with industry standards and the law are viewed as much more responsible. Additionally, staff who understand the transparency of company processes are much better able to understand their role in the framework and how they can perform better.

4. Enable Scalability
When processes have been implemented strategically along with full documentation, it’s much easier to plan and execute growth. The existing facts and figures in the documentation can be used to accurately extrapolate growth changes.

5. Cultivate Improvement
The method of process implementation naturally alerts staff to the possibilities of improving how they work. The cultivation of ongoing evaluation and development leads to a workforce that strives to be better.

6. Performance Monitoring is Simplified
Through a combination of key performance indicators (KPIs) and automation, the process implementation plan can offer accurate data and insights for monitoring.

Learn more about our process

Our Process Implementation Process


Create a team and formulate the process

Ideal team members need to have a creative, process mindset and be meticulous.

Additionally, team members should have a global view of the project, where they can utilize perspectives from different departments to create a broader, more unified plan. Formulating the plan can start with the intended goal. By working backward each step becomes apparent along with its associated equipment and resources.


Assign roles for the involved team

Employees need to understand the steps in their new procedures. When they do understand it will enable them to work independently and motivate them to contribute towards organizational goals. It is important to get team leaders and managers on board, so their enthusiasm filters to other employees.


Implement the processes and use training to reinforce them

Well-defined objectives create clear and specific goals for improvement. When objectives are clear-cut, tracking and monitoring are that much easier, so that intended objectives are realized more easily. It has been clearly shown that the quality of implementation is directly related to the success of the strategy. High-quality implementation equates to a much better chance of success.


Review and adjust processes

In monitoring the objectives of the process implementation strategy new processes may need to be refined. If some objectives aren’t being met liaise with the relevant employees to brainstorm and gather feedback so the process can be adjusted accordingly.


Previous Clients

Hear from our past success stories.

Above all, it was the higher revenue we saw month-on-month which confirmed the benefits of our process optimization and automation; instead of laboring over admin, we can now focus on building deeper relationships with patients. They've put the human element back in our business.

Lolly Co do a fantastic job, and are a pleasure to work with. They are clearly extremely competent at what they do, and have produced a system that is very clean, modern and successfully automates many of our day to day tasks. As experts in their field we wouldn't use anyone else.

I worked with the team on a custom rank tracker using an API, Big Query, and Google Data Studio. The group exceeded my expectations on timing and cost for the build. I got regular updates every step of the way, and there was never any uncertainty about what was happening. Already going back for phase two to add more features.

How Does PI Affect Growth

Process Implementation and Growth

Scaling and growth within companies can often be problematic. Failure to adapt to change, talent shortages, and not having a good product-market fit are often symptoms. However, using a framework of detailed implementation processes enables companies to address these shortcomings and at the same time enhance efficiency and productivity. Lolly can assist your company to implement this documented and accountable approach to help you achieve your company’s objectives.

Why Does Your Company Need Process Implementation

How process implementation applies to your company

Companies must present a consistent image at all levels for commercial authenticity. This authenticity is a powerful force in building and retaining customer loyalty. Process implementation offers a framework that enables this consistency when applied to any task in any department.

The efficiencies of process implementation span many new tasks, including the improvement of growth and efficiency, streamlining tasks, and eliminating errors. Talk to Lolly to see how process implementation can inspire measurable and consistent growth.

Why us

Why choose Lolly?

Lolly’s expertise is in helping businesses to navigate the increasingly complex world of business automation. We have a very unique insight into how business processes should work, and how changes should be implemented. We can help you make changes to your processes, in the most streamlined way possible. Book a call today to find out how much money we can save you by fixing your processes.

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The relevant stakeholders in each process will provide vital input, which will help to ensure its success. Their hands-on experience offers greater insight. Their involvement also fosters ongoing support for the implementation and by feeling included and valued they are more likely to buy into the project.

Employees should be reminded and supported during the implementation that the process will take time to absorb. A culture of openness, without the fear of consequences, will help employees to test out new processes, which may lead to further efficiencies.

Employee participation in any process implementation is essential from the outset. By adopting an inclusive mindset, employees will more easily understand the logic and benefits of the new processes. Gaining an insight into how the new processes fit within the company’s aims gives them a clearer understanding and also makes them feel valued part.

It's very important to show employees the benefits and rationale for adopting a new process. Showing how the process ties into the organization's goals can help employees to see the big picture and how their adoption of a new procedure benefits the organization.

Process implementation should become a priority and core element of strategic thinking. The integration of process implementation offers tangible benefits in terms of quality and profitability. These benefits often include improved systems, the adoption of new technology, and greater efficiency.

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