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Business software is any software or programs that business’s employ to perform a variety of business functions. These functions can include measuring and increasing productivity, or improving the digital marketing of your business, to promote products and services worldwide at minimal cost. The process of business software development enables us to create complete software products, including different steps and stages, such as design, development, testing, and installation.

How can software development help your business?

Software development is now so embedded in our business culture it is hard to avoid it. Today even the smallest of businesses have the online capability to sell their products and services. Spend time getting it right, so that customers feel energized to engage, and you are likely to experience remarkable results in custom.

Examples of how

Custom software can help

There are numerous reasons why software development is important for your business but these are the top three:

Improves sales and service
Gaining regular customer feedback about products and services provides a two-way channel of communication. The customer feels their comments have been heard and they will be more likely to engage again soon, while the business has gained valuable information, which can be collated and acted on to further improve the service.

Helps to market your business
With the advent of international sales and delivery, businesses are discovering the extra income of selling to wider markets, with only minimal additional spend on marketing and time required.

Promote your business
Improving the visibility of your brand is a quick and reliable method of promoting your business. Customers' confidence grows as they feel they can rely on the brand, which leads to higher sales and repeat custom.

Learn more about our process

Our Software Development Process



Customers present their needs and ideas, and then skilled software engineers rationalise these ideas into workable solutions.



Software engineers set about designing and programming the code for the project.



The software is thoroughly tested before installation to identify and remove any defects. Software testing is the process of validating and verifying a software program/application/product.



This usually involves the installation, customization, and testing of the product. Staff software training and support are vital, to ensure the software is used effectively.


Previous Clients

Hear from our past success stories.

Above all, it was the higher revenue we saw month-on-month which confirmed the benefits of our process optimisation and automation; instead of labouring over admin, we can now focus on building deeper relationships with patients. They've put the human element back in our business.

Lolly Co do a fantastic job, and are a pleasure to work with. They are clearly extremely competent at what they do, and have produced a system that is very clean, modern and successfully automates many of our day to day tasks. As experts in their field we wouldn't use anyone else.

I worked with the team on a custom rank tracker using an API, Big Query, and Google Data Studio. The group exceeded my expectations on timing and cost for the build. I got regular updates every step of the way, and there was never any uncertainty about what was happening. Already going back for phase two to add more features.

Who's involved

Who are the people involved in software development?

Programmers, or coders, write source code to program computers for specific tasks like merging databases, processing online orders, routing communications, conducting searches or displaying text and graphics.

Software engineers apply engineering principles to build software and systems to solve problems.Their responsibility has grown as products have become increasingly more intelligent with the addition of microprocessors, sensors and software.

Software developers have a less formal role than engineers and can be closely involved with specific project areas — including writing code. At the same time, they drive the overall software development lifecycle — including working across functional teams to transform requirements into features, managing development teams and processes, and conducting software testing and maintenance.

Practices throughout

The software development life-cycle

Continuous feedback
Teams should evaluate each release and generate reports to improve future releases, ask for customers to give input about the value and impact of product features, and share business-related outcomes with stakeholders. By gathering continuous feedback, teams can improve their processes, and increase value to customers.

As software applications grow in complexity and scale, traditional Q&A and security that is “bolted on” at the end of a release cycle are no longer enough to keep software safe. Instead, testing should be included throughout the software development lifecycle in order to minimize bugs in software code.

Why us

Why choose Lolly?

Lolly’s overall expertise is in helping businesses to navigate the increasingly complex and competitive business world. Specialising in automation and business streamlining we enable companies to rationalize wasteful processes, thus improving the bottom line, saving time, as well as eliminating the routine of dreary tasks.

We’re a technology consulting firm that creates diverse, complex, web and mobile solutions for any business need with the aim of lowering business costs and boosting process efficiency. We’ve remotely helped businesses both across the planet and across numerous industry sectors too. We’re renowned for quality software and attentive service every time.

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In more than 30 years, we’ve worked in a lot of industries. In recent years, we’ve worked in Life Sciences, Precision Ag, Medical Devices, Aerospace, Home Automation / IoT, Construction, Medical Billing, and Ed Tech.

Confidentiality and intellectual property is covered in the intellectual property (IP) contract. The NDA and IP contracts are signed by yourself and Lolly. We regularly audit our processes and have a continual training programme for our staff to ensure that customers intellectual property is dealt with the importance it deserves.

We offer different levels of maintenance and support services depending on your requirements. Some clients need continued external support, for which we have several support plans and the flexibility to adapt them to your requirements.

Other clients take over the long-term care of systems we build. In those cases, we work closely with those teams to make sure that transition is effortless.

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