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A strategic technology partner

In this day and age, finding a digital solution that bolsters your relevance amongst your customers and sets you apart from your competitors is vital. And one way to secure this is via a mobile, web, or desktop application or 'app'.

With an ever-growing audience dictating markets via downloads, the future is on the app store.

A website is no longer enough.

From established brands searching for a statement solution, to start-ups looking to get off the ground, we can devise a strategy via our development and creative skillsets, and formulate a roadmap based on your response to our ideas.

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Plan &

At the sound of the starter pistol we look over your entire business, bringing into consideration your aims, your ambitions, and your concerns. From there we sketch out a wireframe and begin fleshing it out.

Develop & Launch

Having laid out a plan, we put out senior development team to work. We walk you and your entire team through the fundamentals of your new mobile, web, or desktop app, and assemble your tailored solution.

Maintain &

We don't just produce the app and press 'launch' - we are constantly testing, trialling, and reviewing your custom software solution to ensure it meets your standards both now and in the future.

Tailoring Your Business’ Individual Consulting Solution

Your business shouldn’t just harness the latest technologies to showcase your newfound competitive edge. The latest technologies often rely on data-driven insights, and can provide a revolutionised customer experience.

The digital age has been driven by your customers. By implementing the latest technologies via custom apps, your potential customers can trust in and be drawn to your forward-thinking ambitions, all the while engaging with your business far more frequently.

Streamline your business processes with technology tailored to your business. By simplifying tedious processes and utilising tech to facilitate business processes, you can speed up the 9-to-5 and increase the rate of conversions with easy-to-use customer-oriented apps.

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Anyone with a growing business needs technology in order to succeed. Our internal team productivity jumped by over 241% thanks to the tools and code that Lolly Co produced.

Jeremy Garcia
Director of Technology, Simply Brands

You're in good company
We Assess

We start with your business. It begins with a consultation that sketches out your concerns, your aims, and everything else in-between for your business.

When you present the full details of your business - that your willing to share, that is - we can fully apply out senior development skillset.

We believe that the path to custom-fit app development starts when we understand your business goals fully. That’s why before we write a single line of code, we ensure that we have created a wireframe that connects your business goals together with select technologies as a part of your custom technology roadmap.

Having laid out the strategy, we follow up with a business and risk analysis. This makes sure your product goals aren't to be compromised mid-development. We also use this auditting process to find features, offer options, and identify issues that could have been missed.

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two employees look at laptop together and discuss information in an office
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We Apply

Once we've detailed and constructed your technology roadmap, we bring together our UX experience and expertise and data-driven customer journey insights to curate a highly usable mobile app interface.

In fact, that's why we pride ourselves on our modular app development process. This allows us to design and develop simulataneously, guaranteeing the high quality of our custom-fit technology which also promising faster time-to-market.

Our development process centres on creating code that is easy to review and fully testable. This ensures that maintenance and scaling the app in the future is no difficult feat, nor will it eat away into your 9-to-5. Anyone can review, alter, and edit the codebase in the future.

Here at Lolly Co, we pride ourselves on tailoring a solution that is a custom-fit to your business. From here your team will experience a unique overhaul via the latest technologies to hit your industry.

We Review

As your app racks up the downloads, your business strategy might evolve to focus on more features or scaling opportunities. Not only can we meet these needs, we can also automate features that appear redundant to users.

We not only help your team achieve higher downloads and conversions via our select app development knowledge, but we will also guide you through each and every step to ensure your team can replicate these ideas in your wider business strategy.

By taking on the task of re-building and up-scaling your app, we keep you from making costly mistakes and wasting time. Instead, you can direct your attention back to your business with the assurance that your technology is safe in our hands.

We might facilitate innovation within your business, but our services are never complete.

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