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In this day and age, finding a digital solution that bolsters your relevance amongst your customers and sets you apart from your competitors is vital. And one way to secure this is via a mobile, web, or desktop app. But the ever-competitive app store has ever-evolving expectations.

If your app can’t stand out based on quality, concept, and user experience, your business will struggle to survive.

From established brands searching for a statement solution, to start-ups seeking in-depth consulting regarding their application, we can provide analysis of your app on a number of levels and devise a strategy via our development and creative skillsets. From the technology used to its market solution, the Lolly Co team has it covered.

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Plan &

It’s your business, it’s your business solution. We kickstart the process by determining your ideas, issues, and concerns, bringing together your business’ goals and our technological know-how. We then follow this roadmap in the next step.

Develop & Launch

Once we’ve aligned your business with a strategy specific to your wider industry and your branding, we begin the process of analysing each facet of your application, performing deep dives on the app itself, and the market it operates in.

Maintain &

Your business should aim to succeed - not stagnate. It follows that your business solutions should match your business as it evolves, and this is why our consulting services don’t cease after you reshape your app.

Tailoring Your Business’ Individual Consulting Solution

Your business shouldn’t just harness the latest technologies to showcase your newfound competitive edge. The latest technologies often rely on data-driven insights, and can provide a revolutionised customer experience.

The digital age has been driven by your customers. By implementing the latest technologies via custom apps, your potential customers can trust in and be drawn to your forward-thinking ambitions, all the while engaging with your business far more frequently.

Streamline your business processes with technology tailored to your business. By simplifying tedious processes and utilising tech to facilitate business processes, you can speed up the 9-to-5 and increase the rate of conversions with easy-to-use customer-oriented apps.

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Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands
Anyone with a growing business needs technology in order to succeed. Our internal team productivity jumped by over 241% thanks to the tools and code that Lolly Co produced.
Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands

Jeremy Garcia
Director of Technology, Simply Brands

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We Assess

We start with your business. It begins with an initial consultation that sketches out your concerns, your aims, and everything else in-between for your business.

Once you’ve brought your business’ details to the table, we can bring our tech know-how.

We believe that the path to successful app development projects start when we understand your business goals. That’s why before we begin the wider process of in-depth consulting, we try to map your business goals with the technology and product roadmap.

We then perform a business and risk analysis to make sure your product goals won’t be compromised under any condition. During the same audit, we also discover features, technology options, etc that you otherwise would have missed.

Once we are done, you have a technology roadmap that can’t fail.

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two employees look at laptop together and discuss information in an office
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We Apply

After establishing a roadmap, we work through our consulting process, considering your business and the wider market the app operates in at each and every stage of our consultation.

Our assessment considers a number of components of your apps including its marketing potential and competitiveness in the marketplace, your budget, the feasibility of the app, the technological complexity behind its development, its platform and device compatibility, and its UI and UX.

Here at Lolly Co, we pride ourselves on tailoring a solution that is a custom-fit to your business.

From here your team will experience a unique overhaul.

We Review

As your app gets more adoption, you may want to add more features, scale it, or maybe automate everything that feels redundant.

We will be there for you.

We provide consistent consulting for your application no matter the stage it is at, nor the scenario it is currently facing.

By providing in-depth consulting that covers how the app has been built and how it should move forward, we can leave your team to carry out the necessary changes and alterations we pick up on.

We might facilitate innovation within your business, but our services are never complete.

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+ What does app consulting look at?

It provides consulting into a number of areas for assessment. This includes feasibility, the technology and the complexity of it, platform and device compatibility, market potential, and the budget cost. We also provide insight into code reuse, backend functionality, and UI and UX compatibility.

On top of these services, we can also provide development documentation, database planning, independent code reviews, architecture blueprints for your app, evaluation of the UX or UI, and strategising services.

+ How long does app consulting take?

This depends on the size, complexity, and technology used to build the mobile app in question. The services we provide also come into the equation and affect the length of time required to perform a deep-dive on the individual components of the app and then provide insight into it.

+ How much does mobile app consulting cost?

This depends on the nature of consulting that needs to take place. From the complexity of the technology and the app in question, to the size of the project, the final figure will come down to the app itself.