More than a consultant
A strategic technology partner

It's time to take the technology out of the blockbuster sci-fi movies, and insert it in your business.

In simple terms, Artificial Intelligence is the area of computer science emphasising the use of intelligent machines that work - and react - like a human employee.

Or, in simpler terms, it’s a must-have for your business.

From speech recognition to machine learning, AI is not just within reach for any business in any industry - it’s within our range of services, too.

By leveraging AI across your business, you can tap into a host of benefits for your business, stretching from raised productivity to scaled opportunities.

Plan &

We take a brief snapshot of your business as a whole, and then pull apart the cogs that create its complex machinery. From the industry you operate in, to the size you operate at, we align your goals, ambitions, and issues with your AI solution.

Develop & Launch

We start the process in the individual portions of your business, developing AI models and systems whilst maintaining a constant dialogue with the leaders of your business. By building on your own vision, your entire business can then benefit from the AI treatment.

Maintain &

We don't just create custom-fit software solutions - we trial, we test, and we rebuild to ensure your AI meets your changing needs and standards. Through rigorous rethinks on all sides of the software (from the early stages to the post-launch) we can provide a complete service.

Tailoring Your Business’ Individual Consulting Solution

At the centre of the digitalisation process is the need to personalise your customers’ experience. But this doesn’t start with AI - it starts when customer data is properly harnessed and analysed via AI.

Engaging your customers should always figure when rethinking your business’ operations, but it's the cultural shift ignited in your business that takes centre stage. Encourage innovation across the business, and entice your next customer.

Taking things technological is no one time thing. It’s a constant process that needs constant review - and AI allows you to do this. AI allows you to integrate a variety of other services that align with it, including analytics and automation, ensuring a streamlined process of adaptation.

Anyone with a growing business needs technology in order to succeed. Our internal team productivity jumped by over 241% thanks to the tools and code that Lolly Co produced.

Jeremy Garcia
Director of Technology, Simply Brands

You're in good company
We Assess

We kickstart the process with you.

We consider your concerns, your issues, and your ideas regarding the future of your business, moulding a plan that merges your business with our tech know-how.

When forming the framework for your next business move, we consider the potential for cultural change, responsible AI, human and machine collaboration, end-to-end integration, and your wider industry’s innovation. Adding AI to your business’ to-do list is no simple feat, and often encompasses a wider shift with analytics and automation.

But we can simplify the entire process in alignment with your business. By devising a specific model and maintaining a constant dialogue regarding your concerns, we can refocus and fine-tune your plan before development even begins.

We Apply

Once our team of developers - who are versed in all that AI has to offer - have sketched out a plan and identified business-driven use-cases, they then trace out the initial, smaller projects required to begin an AI transformation of your business.

The team can then consider your business’ data architecture, or the platform and tools required for your AI. From here, the software can be created and put into practice. Alongside this technical process is the business based services that can be provided alongside it, including management of external innovation, and training of staff in AI capabilities.

Throughout this entire process, a dialogue is maintained between the team behind your new AI, and your business. AI typically involves an overhaul overtime, and this communication is key to your business’ success.

We Review

As stated previously, a dialogue between our team and yours is key to your next move in the world of business. And considering AI can alter your business inside-out and is a rigorous process that requires work overtime, maintenance is key. Only we can provide that maintenance.

Throughout the process, rigorous testing and rethinking lines up with your customers' and your employees' perspectives. Our service doesn’t stop when you click ‘launch’. In fact, it doesn’t stop; your business needs to be constantly adapting to your industry’s competitors and staying one step ahead. You can’t do this with software that isn’t updated frequently.

Add to that the constantly streamlined AI, and you can be sure to discover the digital solution your business deserves. Problems? Fixed. Improvements? Found.