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In this digital day-and-age, sourcing a technology-driven solution is essential for the survival - let alone the success - of your business against the latest risks of cyber attacks.

But those looking to compromise your data and attack your business have made a similar move, and are now enforcing their efforts online. A password is no longer enough to protect your business.

Your business needs cyber-security, and it needs a protective solution tailored to its exact needs.

With core, cloud, and edge security needing to be considered, a custom security strategy that considers your business, your industry, and your customer data is vital to the integrity of your business.

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Plan &

First, we decode your ideas, issues, and concerns, and then bring together your business’ goals and our senior technological know-how. We sketch out a strategy via initial penetration testing, and then begin to flesh out the solution overtime.

Develop & Launch

Once we’ve aligned your business via your data needs and business type, we walk you and your entire team through the best practices for cyber security solutions and assemble your tailored solution.

Maintain &

Surviving is not longer your sole aim - surviving disruption is your new ambition. That's why we provide a solution that is easily maintainable and can be adapted to your industry as it alters overtime alongside evolving cyber threats.

Tailoring Your Business’ Individual Consulting Solution

Scoring a sale might be the end-all of your business, but our cyber-security services facilitate a trustworthy and reliable transaction to take place, ensuring your customers remain loyal to the cyber resilience and data protection.

Technology is the future - but your customers want it now. By strapping into the latest cyber-security innovations and providing a trustworthy business process for your potential customers, you can secure more conversions.

Threats to the safety of your business’ and your customers’ data is rife in this digital world. And attacks don’t just cost your customers, but also eat away into your 9-to-5 as you spend time correcting problems that arise.

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Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands
Anyone with a growing business needs technology in order to succeed. Our internal team productivity jumped by over 241% thanks to the tools and code that Lolly Co produced.
Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands

Jeremy Garcia
Director of Technology, Simply Brands

We Assess

As with all our custom-fit solutions, we start with your business. We source your concerns, aims, and everything in-between to tailor a solution to your exact needs. From your details to our tech know-how, we can create a seamless solution for complete security whether it operates in the United Kingdom or needs specific measures beyond borders.

The first thing we do is consider your business size, type, and the wider sector it operates in to determine the projects you will need management for, and the nature of your future cyber-security solution. Whilst finding a fix might be the obvious solution for a business seeking the cyber essentials, it's sourcing a scalable solution that really matters.

From here we also kickstart that dialogue with your team, adjusting and adapting your cyber security to your business as it shifts with the ebb and flow of its industry, and follows its own path.

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We Apply

Having laid out a strategy to combat your cyber risks, we implement the software and employee-based changes that not only alter your business culture but also rethink your risk management of your data. Our solutions integrate with your operations, and work for a variety of organisations.

Specifically the changes we implement include user-based security reinforcements such as device-based security and cloud security and employee training in the new software; data centre security software; DNS services including software against DDoS; APIs; web apps specific to your business; and general malware protection for your computing systems.

We craft a solution specific to your business from our range of capabilities, weaving it around your technology, your data, and your business to ensure complete information security..

We Review

Our services don’t end when the first threats to your business' and customers' data is deflected. Your business should not aim to merely succeed; it should be constantly looking to evolve.

That's why throughout the entire process our cyber security consultants rigorously test and rethink your cyber security solution, adding and altering new features and capabilities as your business survives disruption within its wider sector. We also place a lot of importance on decoding your wider sector to ensure your solution doesn't just match your standards but meets the wider shifts expected of the industry.

We might produce a cyber security strategy your business deserves, but our services are never complete.

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+ What are the types of cyber security?

There are five different types of cyber security: there’s critical infrastructure security which provides physical systems for security; application security which consists of programmes to download for your devices; network security; cloud security; and Internet of Things security.

+ Is cyber security important?

Now more than ever is cyber security vital for your business as the cyber risk evolves. From phishing scams to ransomware attacks, security is a must-have as society shifts more and more online.

+ What is a cyber attack?

A cyber attack is an attempt by an individual or an organisation to access the information systems of another individual or an organisation. Cybercrime occurs as cyber criminals attempt to benefit from breaching information - this is typically done by attackers looking for ransom.

+ What are the types of cyber attack?

There are seven types of cyber attacks: malware which is malicious software that breaches a network through a vulnerability; phishing which is when fake communications attempt to convince users to hand over data; man-in-the-middle-attack is when attacks insert themselves in transactions; denial-of-service attack where networks and servers are flooded with traffic to exhaust bandwidth and resources; SQL injection to reveal information in the code; zero-day exploit which attacks vulnerability before a fix is put in place; and DNS tunneling.