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Running a business is no simple feat. Making a new move costs both time and money, and rests purely on chance. But predicting the future of your business is no longer up to the crystal ball.

Thanks to digitalisation of the world of business, data is rife in each and every industry, providing insight into your customers, your employees, and your operations. But it’s not enough to have data; having the right kind of data and the right kind of analysis is crucial for your business intelligence. And we can help with that.

Data analysis has always been left up to your employees, involving a tedious process that detracts from their 9-to-5 - up until now, that is. By handing over this vital task to technology you can cut out human error, save on wasted time, and direct your attention back to your clients.

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Plan &

We begin the process by opening a dialogue with your team. We pride ourselves on tailoring business solutions to your business, focusing on your business’ operations, your team, your business’ size, and the industry it operates in to sketch out a strategy.

Develop & Launch

Once we’ve drafted a game plan, we install our analytics software, combining it with AI and automation to create a tailored solution to your exact business’ needs. From here we train your team in decoding the 360 degree view of your data.

Maintain &

Our services don’t end when you click ‘install’. We rigorously test and maintain your software to ensure it can shift with the ebbs and flows of the world of business, and meet your business' changing standards. This way you won't wash away with the tide.

Tailoring Your Business’ Individual Consulting Solution

Curating a marketing campaign has always been a challenge, especially when it comes to scoring the personalised service customers cannot turn down. But with crystal clear data and efficient analysis, the personal touch has never been easier.

Marketing has always been a hit-and-miss practice. But by knowing exactly what your customers want and when they want it is key to delivering campaigns that cannot fail. That means no more excuses!

Streamlining any business operation is a universal aim across the world of business. By handing over a laborious task to a computer - who can produce higher-quality results than a human employee - you can direct your team’s efforts to more effective and efficient work.

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Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands
Anyone with a growing business needs technology in order to succeed. Our internal team productivity jumped by over 241% thanks to the tools and code that Lolly Co produced.
Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands

Jeremy Garcia
Director of Technology, Simply Brands

We Assess

It’s your business - it’s your business solution. We place a lot of importance on maintaining a constant dialogue with your team, ensuring we can respond to your business’ needs at the start of the process, all the way through to its maintenance in the future.

By uncovering your requirements and expectations from data analytics, we can source a solution that boosts your business’ efficiency. Determining the quality of the data you use and the current digital initiatives your business is already operating with - such as automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning - allows us to line up the alterations to our software and to your current technology.

This is not a one-size-fits-all fix. From your business’ size to the industry you operate in, your perspective is crucial to tapping into advanced analytics.

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We Apply

Once we’ve assessed your business and laid out our plans, we can follow up with a variety of digital moves. But before this takes place, we rethink your data supply; your analysis won’t be effective if your data is unclear, untrustworthy, and near-impossible to access.

Having revamped your data collection methods, we then turn to how you use this data via our technology solutions. Our initiatives include third-party data and predictive analytics, data management and monetisation, employee training, features which are user-friendly, and a guided data-driven approach.

This is a service which encompasses each facet of your data collection, analysis, and evaluation. And this is a service which needs to be specific to your business to secure your competitive advantage.

We Review

Data analytics might produce simple, crystal-clear results for your business to put to use, but data science is by no means simple. This tailored solution provides an end-to-end service that will no doubt require refurbishment and rethinking when your business expands upon its success. And that’s why our team is constantly testing the software.

We keep a dialogue open with your team to understand the incremental changes in your business - including your customers’ and employees’ reactions to the software - to discover the best ways to alter the software and service to meet those new standards.

Polishing and perfecting your data analysis is key to staying competitive in an ever-disrupted industry. Your competitors aren’t pausing for breath, and neither should you.

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+ What is data analytics used for?

Data analytics is used mainly to better understand a business’ customers by providing new insights into advertising campaigns, personalise their content, and elevate their bottom lines. It improves decision making, boosts customer service, and streamlines operations.

+ What is data analytics?

Data analytics is the scientific process of analysing raw data. This process is used to reveal both trends and metrics that might be missed in the human process of data analysis. It is typically automated into mechanical processed and algorithms.

+ What’s the difference between data analytics and data analysis?

Data analysis is the process of examining a data set and then analysing it, whereas data analytics is the discipline that covers the entire management of data. This includes all of the tools and the techniques that are required for analysis.

+ Does data analytics require coding?

Data analytics requires complex technology to collect and analyse data. It does require coding and development knowledge, and thus is best left to the data analytics experts.