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A strategic technology partner

Your business should no longer aim for success.

In this digital age it’s all about being competitive. If not, the new contenders entering the market and disrupting your industry will threaten the position of your business. If you want to stay afloat your business is going to need to compete. That means you’re going to have to unlock the power of marketing on a new technological level.

Your business needs a marketing solution that is digitally-driven by the era we live in.

This includes the latest ways to get the word out about your business, such as rebranding, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, and email, social media, content and display marketing.

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Plan &

We start the process by sketching out a custom-fit solution that considers your ideas, issues, and concerns. We mould together your business’ goals and our technological know-how, and then proceed to follow up on the roadmap.

Develop & Launch

Once we’ve aligned your business with a digital marketing strategy specific to your wider industry and your branding, we walk you and your entire team through the fundamental building blocks of digital marketing and assemble your tailored solution.

Maintain &

Don't focus on success - instead, avoid stagnation. We create solutions that we can maintain and adapt overtime, and thus present your team with constant support far into the future.

Tailoring Your Business’ Individual Consulting Solution

Your customers might be the pillars supporting your business, but it's maintaining those customers through multiple purchases which can ensure your business stands strong. By tapping into the personal touch via a new lease of digital marketing, you can guarantee this.

With new data capabilities on the cards and real-time insights on offer, understanding exactly what your customers want and exactly when they want it has never been easier. Data analysis is the cornerstone of business in the future, and we can help you access it.

Digitalisation doesn’t end when you launch that new Twitter campaign; it’s a constant process, it’s a consistent technological overhaul. By infusing the new digital capabilities into your marketing, you can be sure that the rest of your business follows suit.

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Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands
Anyone with a growing business needs technology in order to succeed. Our internal team productivity jumped by over 241% thanks to the tools and code that Lolly Co produced.
Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands

Jeremy Garcia
Director of Technology, Simply Brands

We Assess

It begins with you. We take your business, frame it within its wider industry, and then pull it apart. We decode and sort each process and component currently feeding our clients' marketing strategy, and then create a strategy that applies our select digital know-how.

That's why we always consider your business size, type, and the industry it operates in to determine the marketing projects you will need specific management support for, and the nature of your future digital marketing solution, such as whether email marketing is the optimal use of our efforts. Don't just aim to find a solution - we find you a scalable solution that will always meet your exact needs as and when they change.

This is also where we begin that dialogue with your team, adjusting and adapting your specific marketing strategy to your business as it shifts with the tides of its own industry, and then sails forward.

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We Apply

With a variety of capabilities under our belt - and an even greater range of industries we have worked with - rethinking your business in alignment with the digital world is no difficult feat. Having set out a strategy that considers your technological capabilities and your branding, we follow through with the plan that sticks to time constraints for immediate results.

We rebrand your business alongside your competitors, implement SEO via content marketing and backlinks, utilise PPC to put your website at the top of the search engines, and enforce email and display marketing to find your customers, and keep them asking for more.

Essentially, our digital marketing consultants frame your business from each and every angle, and then we match it up with the relevant technology your industry competitors are tapping into it. We then advise your team on how to utilise this new technology to meet your objectives.

We Review

Our services don’t end when the online traffic first spikes. Your business should not aim to stagnate; it should be constantly looking to evolve. And our services do the same; we are always seeking to respond to your team’s and your customers’ shifting needs.

Throughout the entire process your dedicated marketing team will rigorously test and rethink your digital marketing, adding new features and capabilities as your business grows, develops, and alters. In the same discussion we review your specific sector and keep one eye on your competitors. From there we negotiate new ways of reshaping your branding and digital marketing to wider disruption.

As a digital marketing agency we might produce a marketing solution your business deserves, but our services simply don't cease.

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+ What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the use of the internet and online outlets to reach customers as a part of a marketing strategy. This includes using social media, search engines, and other online channels to do so.

+ What are the types of digital marketing?

There’s a wide range of digital marketing types. This includes: search engine optimisation, pay per click, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and viral marketing.

+ Is digital marketing easy?

Digital marketing is an accessible option for even the smallest of businesses. However, it does require knowledge of SEO, SEM, SMO and other avenues of online marketing, such as graphic design.

+ Is digital marketing the future?

Digital marketing has already taken over the business world and dominates advertising tactics. The future of digital marketing includes AI, voice optimisation, personalisation, and automated influencer marketing.