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Don't leave innovation to the industry leaders. It's your time to step up.

In this day-and-age, running a successful business is no longer enough.

Finding your competitive edge in an ever-disruptive industry is vital to the survival of your business. And the only way to achieve this is via tapping into the latest technological advances, and sourcing innovations that are tailored to your business.

We can help you find them.

We utilise our digital knowledge and know-how to identify new opportunities within your business and the wider industry, and create new products and branding that is specific to your business.

Plan &

We start the process by sifting through your business' operations and aligning it with your wider industry via a custom-fit plan. We then alter, edit, and follow up on this sketch.

Develop & Launch

Having laid out a roadmap tailored to your business' future needs and wider disruptive forces, we train up your team and walk them through the fundamental building blocks including design, psychology, and marketing. From there we assemble your tailored solution.

Maintain &

We don't aim for success with your business solution - our ambition is to ensure your business does not stagnate. This is why our services don’t cease after you hit ‘launch’ - we constantly revise and rethink your solution.

Tailoring Your Business’ Individual Consulting Solution

Innovation isn’t just about putting your business at the fore of your industry; it’s about finding the innovations that your potential customers will be interested in. It’s all about providing the personal touch.

In this technology-driven era, innovation is a must-have. This is because potential customers are seeking a trustworthy business that is strapped into the latest developments in technology.

Innovation doesn’t just look good on a business - it can also provide a multitude of other benefits that can speed up your processes and streamline your operations.

Anyone with a growing business needs technology in order to succeed. Our internal team productivity jumped by over 241% thanks to the tools and code that Lolly Co produced.

Jeremy Garcia
Director of Technology, Simply Brands

You're in good company
We Assess

The process starts - of course - with your business. It begins with a consultation that sketches out your concerns, your aims, and everything else in-between for your business. All you have to do is lay out the details you're willing to share, and we can do the rest

The first thing we do is consider your business size, type, and the sector it operates in. From there we determine the nature of your future digital innovation and the incremental changes that we will have to facilitate alongside its implementation.

Whilst we place a lot of importance on finding a solution, sourcing one that is scalable is what really matters.

We also begin that dialogue with your team here, and make the point of adjusting and adapting your tailored solution to your wider sector as it shifts with the times.

We Apply

Having strategised an innovation that is relevant to competition within your industry and sets you apart from it, we guide your business through the project and implement the additional changes that will follow.

This includes developing a business culture that supports innovation whether through ideation or technological advances.

We follow innovative goals that include your entire business, facilitating R & D via a management-based approach, and consider new markets for expansion.

Innovation facilitates future innovation, kickstarting a process that continues to transform your business from the inside-out and creates a change of continuous renewal.

We Review

Our services don’t end when your conversion rate rises. Your business should not aim to stagnate; it should be constantly looking to evolve. That means our services seek to do the same, responding to your team’s - and your customers’ - changing needs.

Throughout the entire process we rigorously test and rethink your innovation, adding new features and capabilities as your business grows, develops, and alters. Your specific industry also enters the discussion as we consider your competitors, and negotiate new ways of reshaping your ideation via marketing trends, cultural changes, and new technologies.

We might facilitate innovation within your business, but our services are never complete.