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The future is here. The businesses around you - no matter the industry they partake in, nor the services they provide - have already tapped into the latest technology. Why haven’t you? Whether you’re on the hunt for a custom technology solution to streamline your business operations, or are craving the technical touch for your forward-looking customers, the answer is clear:

Your business is ready to go digital. We can develop the software your business deserves, and customise it to your present and your future needs.

We know digitalisation can appear a simplistic approach to the complex business world, and many business owners anticipate a one-size-fits-all fix. This is where we stand out - we prefer to focus our efforts on tailoring a technology solution to your business that aligns with its changing needs and flushes with its capabilities.

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Raise Customer Engagement

Securing a customer or two has always been vital for your business’ survival - with data analysis technology in the palm of your hand - and a customer-friendly app in theirs - this has never been easier.

Newfound Competitivity

Whether you’re considering the benefits of AI or are eager to get some machine learning under your belt, one thing is for sure: by stepping ahead on the technological front, you can keep your competitors on their toes.

Greater Efficiency

Development tends to come across as a complicated service only taken on by the experts. But this allows us to tailor the software to your business as it currently operates and will in the future, streamlining your business on all frontiers.

Our Development Capabilities

Our development consulting process follows a simple guiding principle: we make sure the technology we have created is tailored to your business’ current capabilities and exact needs, and will be sure to support them well into the future. With a wide array of industry-specific knowledge in our arsenal, as well as a wealth of development expertise under our belt, sourcing a solution for your business is no difficult feat.

The development process tends to look a little something like this: we frame your business from each and every angle, and then we think up the development solution directly aligned with your business. Throughout this process we place a lot of emphasis on ensuring it can anchor itself against the software utilised by your competitors.

From world-renowned accounting firms to London’s top-rated cosmetic clinics, our consulting services extend across business sizes, types, and industries. And they can include yours, too.

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Development Services

Revising, rethinking, and realigning your business with your industry competitors is vital to business survival in this digital age. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing end-to-end services for our clients, from the technology itself, to the necessary training needed to access its fullest potential.

Android App Development

With a variety of tools in our arsenal specific to developing high-quality Android apps, we can be sure to create a custom-fit solution for your business.

Angular Development

Angular is a structural framework used to build dynamic web apps via HTML. It cuts out the complex process of learning a new programming language and speeds up the entire development process.


Extend the functionality of your technology with custom API design, development and integration at Lolly Co.

App Development

Put your best foot forward in the mobile-first world with Lolly Co's bespoke app development solutions, from Native to Hybrid, from iOS to Android.

Bespoke Software Development

We can provide in-depth business consulting and a wide array of technology solutions to build custom software tailored to your needs

Bootstrap Development

By combining both CSS and Javascript templates into one tool, front-end designers can create stunning websites at a fraction of the time usually spent.

Business Intelligence Services

Unleash the potential of data analysis and in-depth data visualisation via our bespoke business intelligence software development.

C++ Development

This general-purpose object-oriented programming language can be used for a multitude of tasks, ranging from browsers and cloud systems to graphics.

C# Development

C# is a general purpose programming language that is typically used to create applications and games. But in more recent years it has also found its footing in mobile app development.

Cloud Application Development

Tap into the latest cloud computing technology and unleash the potential of mobile first digital solutions.

CRM Development

We can design an app with your customers or colleagues in mind, elevating both your efficiency and engagement with a solution tailored to your needs.

.Net Development

.Net is a software framework developed by Microsoft that is utilised to create a wide range of applications, from web-based to mobile solutions.

Ember Development

This open source JavaScript web framework allows our development team to create bespoke single-page web applications.

ERP Development

We design and development Enterprise Resource Planning software that re-orientate your resources and operations back to efficient use.

Golang Development

Go is an open-source programming language that is known for building simple, reliable, and efficient software.

iOS App Development

Our senior developers harness their iOS app development experience and expertise to curate custom mobile apps designed via most up-to-date innovations in high-end UX.

IoT Development

Supercharge your connectivity and redefine your business' data-driven insights with our Internet of Things solutions.

Java Development

Java is a software platform designed to develop application software and deploy it in a cross-platform environment.

JavaScript Development

JavaScript is a programming language often utilised alongside HTML and CSS for front-end development purposes.

Laravel Development

Laravel is an open-source PHP web framework that creates web applications following the model-view-controller architecture.

Node JS Development

This is an open-course, cross-platform JavaScript environment that runs JavaScript code outside of the web browser.

PHP Development

It’s the most popular programming language on the web - and if your business wants to dominate via domain, it is a vital tool to have in your arsenal.

Python Development

Python is a general-purpose programming language first released 30 years ago. It is one of the most popular languages, and is known for its object-oriented approach and clear, logical code.

React Development

Also known as React.js, this is an open-source JavaScript library that is used to build high quality user interfaces and enhance user experiences.

React Native Development

This is an open-source mobile application framework developed by Facebook designed exclusively for their mobile app development teams.

Ruby On Rails Development

Ruby is a general-purpose programming language developed 25 years ago that is used to create web apps.

Software Development

Harness the power of our senior development team that bring together a vast array of programming languages and wide range of UX ideas to create custom software.

Symfony Development

Symfony is a PHP web application framework and a library of PHP components that can be reused, mixed, and matched for business solutions.

VUE Development

Also known as Vue.js, this open-source JavaScript web framework allows our development team to create single-page web applications.

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Your Industry-Specific Solution

Here at Lolly.Co, we place a lot of emphasis on tailoring a technology solution to your business. And this focuses on ensuring you stand out from the rest of your industry, and stand forward a few paces. Office-based businesses, for example, will tap into process automation more than other industries as it eliminates manual processes that take up time, whereas industries dealing with large volumes of stock and data will look towards software and app development that ensures the entire supply chain can stay in touch with changes in the data.