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In this digital day-and-age, running a business is by no means an easy feat. Harnessing the potential of the latest technology for your business is one thing - but as a result of disruption in your sector, you need to go beyond one-time digitalisation. That’s where APIs come in.

API - or application programming interface - integration connects your technology together, extends the functionality of your digital solutions, and guarantees that it is always harnessing the latest technological innovations.

As one of the leading software development companies in the UK, we provide a vast array of services. These solutions are then molded to the individual sector in question. Following this, they are shaped to a business’ exact needs.

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var projects = ["Project1", "Project2", "...", "ProjectX"];


function myProjects(project, completed)


var turnaround_time = 'rapid';
var build_quality = 'top rated';
var project_cost = 'competitive';

console.log("We've brought together a team of consultants and developers that are yet to be challenged; the results we achieve for our clients is second to none. If you're looking for expert Ember js and JavaScript developers then you've found the solution.");




With a team of senior API designers and developers on hand, creating a solution custom to your business’ exact needs has never been easier.

Beyond API Integration

We only hire from the top tier of senior developers that are versed in a number of development technologies beyond APIs to ensure you receive a complete digital solution.


We don’t just provide custom development solutions that are specific to your business. We provide 24/7 support to ensure your solution avoids and overcomes issues and errors.

The benefits of coding your next project with API integration

Some of the UK’s industry-leading businesses hire our API integration team to connect their applications and databases. This allows their technological capabilities to extend even further.

APIs work with computers rather than the developers who set the technology into motion. This means that your digital solution requires minimal maintenance and takes effect fast.

APIs allow data and content to be embedded from sites and applications. This allows the information to easily integrate with your current technologies.

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Hire the right team for your API integration

We only hire the top-tier of senior developers, guaranteeing that the apps produced aren’t just up-to-date with the latest innovations, but also utilise high-quality UX.

We don’t just provide API integration. We can also perform deep-dives on your operations, and create and customise APIs to ensure they meet your exact needs.

Here at Lolly Co, we pride ourselves on creating custom technology that is fitted to your business requirements - and we also provide in-depth API consulting the strategising, too.

Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands
Anyone with a growing business needs technology in order to succeed. Our internal team productivity jumped by over 241% thanks to the tools and code that Lolly Co produced.
Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands

Jeremy Garcia
Director of Technology, Simply Brands

Third-party API Integration

We power the integration of your technology with an external app or web service via third party APIs. Streamline connectivity, and benefit from the fullest functionality of your digital solutions.

Custom API Integration

Experience a tailored digital solution with our custom API design, development, and integration. Address your capabilities and elevate your digital technologies with custom-fit functionality.

Automated API Testing

As a software development company, we utilise unit testing, functional testing, and load testing. This monitors individual API performance by guaranteeing full functionality and correcting errors.

Cloud-based Integration

Our senior developers build scalable cloud-based APIs - they leverage connectivity and the potential of the cloud. We can integrate your applications and data whilst enhancing the cloud experience.


We build API as a Service for businesses looking to harness the full potential of APIs. Manage and monitor your third-party and custom APIs, and seamlessly share them throughout your business.

Microservices Consulting Services

We deconstruct applications into microservices, allowing modular processes to inform your operations. Each service can be altered, scaled, and deployed at a much faster speed on a much greater range of premises.

API Integration is suitable for many tasks

APIs rarely work alone; they fit into a patchwork of technologies used to deliver a digital overhaul for a business. The Harley Street Skin Clinic is just one example of the many API integrations we utilise to deliver high-quality digital solutions.

The Shopify API, for example, works with your eCommerce web development and gives your team full control of the eCommerce solution and providing them with a whole host of other benefits.

APIs extend your capabilities and can help your technology perform even more tasks for an ever-growing set of technologies.

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API integration is the internet's backbone

APIs have already infiltrated the world of business in most sectors. But eCommerce is not the only industry which is due an API-driven revolution. API popularity is set to continue its uncontrollable growth through 2020 as digital solutions further dominate our daily processes.

Most major firms have already tapped into the latest digital trend including Google Maps, IBM, Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon.

This popularity is down to one thing: it encourages and facilitates faster innovation. Ditch the barriers for change and infuse digitalisation throughout your entire business with APIs.

A modern, lightweight programming solution

APIs are a popular digital solution that have forged innovation based on their ability to extend the basic functionality of your technology. Just as technology has revolutionised the way we work, APIs will only quicken the pace of change.

It is for this reason that APIs are utilised as a basic method of modernisation for businesses. That’s why we believe successful API integration only occurs when we fully understand your business. We first perform a deep-dive on your business. This uses business and risk analysis to ensure we select the right API and functionality.

From there we produce a wireframe for your API strategy. We then flesh it out alongside your business’ changing needs.

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+ What is an API?

Application programming interfaces help two apps 'talk' to each other. It allows applications to access the features of another operating system, application, or an service.

+ Where are APIs used?

APIs specify how software components should interact. They are used when programming graphical user interface or GUI components. The developer puts the 'blocks' together.

+ What are examples of APIs?

Some of the world's most famous businesses have their own APIs. This includes Weather Snippets, Pay, Twitter Bots, and Shopify.