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Technology is the future - but the mobile-first world is here. If your business wants to set itself apart from disruption in your sector, a custom app that aligns with your branding and is driven by high-quality digital technologies and seamless user experience is a necessity. And we can provide just that.

If you’re looking for app development in London, we have the solution.

Our remote team span across the entire world, and can provide support in-house or remotely no matter the industry or issue at hand. Our senior mobile app developers have worked with firms in the heart of central London and produced bespoke mobile apps dedicated to their exact needs, whilst also identifying the best use of select mobile app technologies to reduce costs and improve the software.

public class Main {

public static void main () {

for (String project : completed) {

char turnaround_time = 'rapid';
char build_quality = 'top rated';
char project_cost = 'competitive';

System.out.println("At Lolly Co we only employ from the top tier of senior developers. This means that we can produce high-quality custom-fit apps specific to your needs. If you have the idea, we have the mobile development capabilities. ");




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We only hire senior developers with proven experience and expertise in mobile app development. Our global team means we can pick and choose from the top tier of mobile developers across the world to produce your app.

A Multilingual Team

Our senior developers are versed in a number of programming languages and digital technologies; our app development team in London can thus route the relevant digital knowledge directly into your solution.


We don’t just develop bespoke apps for our clientele. We pride ourselves on continuous testing and trialling of every app we build to ensure it meets your standards both now and in the future.

The benefits of custom app development

Here at Lolly Co, we focus our attention on creating custom-fit software solutions that are tailored to your business. Our London mobile app development team stick to these principles with a focus on functionality, capabilities, and UX UI design.

As the mobile-first world begins to infiltrate all sectors currently operating, the range of programming languages, tools, and technologies has expanded, too. Thanks to the growing array of app development solutions, we can produce better mobile apps.

As a result of the app development options now available, our senior app developers can tap into the latest technologies and stretch the capabilities of mobile apps to ensure your tailored solution tops the leaderboard.

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Hire the right team for your app development

We don’t aim to simply create incredible apps - we seek to create applications that meet your customers’ and your business’ specific needs. From functionality to the user experience, we pride ourselves on creating a custom fit solution.

Developing bespoke mobile apps starts with our technology consulting: we kickstart the process by performing a deep dive on your business processes and digital needs, and strategise the end solution.

Sourcing a custom solution that aligns with your business is no easy feat. Finding one that can be scaled up, down, and refocused is vital the survival of your business, let alone its future success. We can provide fixes for all of these problems.

Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands
Anyone with a growing business needs technology in order to succeed. Our internal team productivity jumped by over 241% thanks to the tools and code that Lolly Co produced.
Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands

Jeremy Garcia
Director of Technology, Simply Brands

Our app development with
The Harley Street Skin Clinic

From industry-leading accounting firms to world-renowned online retailers, we’ve created tailored software and systems that streamline operations and automate processes.

One example of our software development is the custom iOS app we produced for the internal operations of The Harley Street Skin Clinic, a cosmetic surgery clinic on the world’s most famous medical strip in central London.

They needed a paperless solution to process patient data. On top of that this award-winning cosmetic surgery clinic was struggling to keep up with complex operations as they scaled up both manpower and their services. They needed a way to keep staff connected whilst elevating the patient experience. And we found it.

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You're in good company
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Leverage the power of iOS engineering to secure a mobile app that is highly functional, easy to use, and scalable to your business and customers’ usage well into the future.

Android Application Development

We utilise our Android app expertise to develop highly usable, reliable, and scalable apps. Reap the rewards of a low app footprint and high app performance with our customisable solutions.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Anchor your app firmly on the app store via a competitive advantage sourced by a cross-platform framework. Seize the opportunity, and tap into an ever-growing audience.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Harness the wide capabilities of native platforms with hybrid app development frameworks. Fast track development and expand your audience at the same time.

Application Development

We provide connectivity, data integrity, and cyber-security to your business via our select experience with IoT technologies such as communication protocols, gateways and integrations.

Application Modernisation Services

We don’t just develop bespoke mobile apps. We also provide modernisation services for your current technology via in-depth consulting to ensure it meets the new standards of your sector.

We can utilise a number of technologies that are suitable to your task

App development is no longer a digital niche. The number of smartphone users in the world has surpassed 3 billion; mobile apps are now a necessity for basic business survival. But this doesn’t mean a wide audience is waiting for your next app. It means the volume of technologies used to build bespoke apps is now available for use.

This allows our team of senior developers to apply the latest app development technologies to construct a solution that is tailored to your business’ exact needs. This ensures that our developers can select technology that is suited to the potential users of the app and fits the desired functionality.

Whether your team is sourcing an app directed at your customers or suited to your employees, our app development London team has the solution.

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It's a popular option for a unique user experience

Disruptive forces are altering industries overnight. Your processes, practices, and principles need to be reshaped to survive the disruption and move beyond it via a competitive advantage. A custom app is just one way to provide a unique experience for your customers and team, and can propel your business into the future.

As custom apps are a popular solution for businesses just like yours, we make sure that we trifle through the specific trends in your sector and strategise a bespoke solution that fits your ambitions and customer-base.

Forging an individual experience from your business processes to your customer service is vital to fostering a strong reputation in your industry. We can do just that for your app.

A modern, lightweight development solution

App development has grounded itself as a modern digital solution for businesses seeking a novel way to prove their technological prowess. But we don’t just provide a modern solution that matches your business strategy. The individual practices that inform our app development are themslves founded on modern principles of development.

Our modular development process ensures we can get feedback on each feature and each function we install, and this fast tracks the software development.

Apps might be the latest way to connect with your customers, but these are by no means simple solutions that require simple development. You need a team that can streamline the entire process whilst also inviting input from your team at every step of the way.

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+ How much does it cost to buld an app in the UK?

The cost of building an app can range from anywhere between $13,000 and $54,000 for a simple application. For a complex app this can go beyond $130,000. The total cost depends on the complexity of the app itself, and thus no single price can be attached to it.

+ Is it hard to create your own app?

Despite a wide range of app-building softwares that require no coding or app development experience, it is considered a difficult task as a result of the level of programming one needs to have to build a high-quality, functional app. It is for that reason that experienced developers are best hired for the task as they can closely follow and flesh out your app idea.

+ Why do we need an app?

There are a number of benefits to having app for your business. This includes expanding the audience for your business, developing your branding, exploring new marketing avenues, and improving customer engagement.

+ Who needs an app?

All businesses - no matter the sector, nnot the ambition - can benefit from a mobile app. Whether its intended for employees performing your internal business processes, or destined for use by your customers for marketing and sales purposes, applications can be applied just about anywhere.