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Bootstrap is an open source CSS framework dedicated to creating front-end web development and web applications easier and faster. By combining both CSS and Javascript templates into one tool, front-end designers can create stunning websites at a fraction of the time usually spent. And given the significance of your website in the Internet age, it’s a necessity.

Yet despite the ease of use of Bootstrap, this front-end framework requires a certain level of expertise one cannot pick up overnight. To unleash your online presence’s fullest potential, you need to use developers that are not merely versed in the Bootstrap framework, but a variety of other front-end tools such as JavaScript, Angular, and Bootstrap Studio to make sure your website stands out.

With a team of dedicated front-end experts and Bootstrap developers on hand, we can provide responsive web design that aligns with your business’ specific branding and drives forward its ambitions.


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echo "Our team is made up of top-tier senior developers and high-quality consultants. This guarantees that your front-end solution will be a custom-fit to your business, and provide the UX needed to push competitors out of the market.

If you're looking for experts in PHP development then you've come to the right place."




With a team of Bootstrap web development experts on hand, curating a solution custom to your business’ requirements can set you apart from disruptive forces entering your industry.

Beyond Bootstrap

Here at Lolly Co, we pride ourselves on development expertise that goes further than the software in question. By applying our complete Bootstrap web development knowledge, we can provide a truly tailored solution for each of our clients.


We don’t just provide a solution specific to your business and it’s capabilities. We provide constant code maintenance and repair to ensure the solution evolves with your business.

The benefits of coding your next project with Bootstrap

The Bootstrap framework streamlines the entire web design process, cutting out the need to add CSS or JavaScript via the HTML5 style and Bootstrap Studio, and ensuring your high-end website is launched in record time.

Access a vast audience via this mobile-first framework that provides high-quality UX on a variety of screen sizes, saving development time.

Bootstrap web development is an end-to-end solution that covers all major browsers, ensuring your sleek design and custom branding is accessible by all.

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Hire the right team for your Boostrap web development

Running a business is no easy feat. Rather than conjuring up your own branding and matching a website to it, why not hand over the complicated process to the web development Bootstrap experts?

Your business isn’t aiming to stagnate, is it? That’s why we open a dialogue with your team post website-launch, and alter it to the changing needs of your business when necessary.

In alignment with the fundamental basis of Bootstrap web development, we provide the custom web design with responsive layouts to ensure your business meets the needs of your audience whatever device they use.

Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands
Anyone with a growing business needs technology in order to succeed. Our internal team productivity jumped by over 241% thanks to the tools and code that Lolly Co produced.
Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands

Jeremy Garcia
Director of Technology, Simply Brands

Custom Bootstrap

Your business deserves a high-end solution to match its forward-thinking ambitions. That’s why we ensure our senior developers lead each bootstrap project, guaranteeing a streamlined, user-driven website that is customised to your brand and your business’ ambitions.

Version Upgrades

By harnessing 3rd party assets such as CodeIgniter and Zend we can apply tried-and-tested PHP solutions to your custom business tool, providing a polished product and boosting your time-to-market.

Extend Custom CSS To Bootstrap

Bootstrap might be championed by front end development experts for its ease of use and high-end styling, but if your branding ambitions go beyond Bootstrap Studio we can extend your CSS and override the default styling.

To HTML Migration

Put your vision on the internet with our PhotoShop to HTML service; we translate your graphic designs into Bootstrap and HTML elements, all the while matching the rest of the website to the document.

Scalable Application Development

Not only is Bootstrap web development known for its flexible customisation and responsive websites, it facilitates scalable applications. Let your business grow, and we can do the same for your web design.

Custom Application Recoding

Not convinced by your current web design? We can translate your HTML into Bootstrap, leaving your business to reap the rewards of a user-friendly design and scale up as it follows its ambitions.

Bootstrap is suitable for many development tasks

First released in 2011, Bootstrap transformed front-end web design.

And whilst it’s capabilities are limited to just that, it is by no means held back by the platform it uses. Fact is, your website is vital to getting the word out about your business. First impressions count, and our Bootstrap development services can help.

By bringing together the fundamentals of front-end web design including HTML, CSS and JavaScript, it streamlines a tenuous process and slashes time spent fixing errors or experimenting with styling. That being said, the options for customisation are by no means limited.

Built on a wide array of custom styling opportunities, we can also implement your custom branding which aren’t contained within the framework. To many, it is a stepping stone in basic web design. To us, it is a fully flexible web design solution.

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Bootstrap web development is the internet's backbone

Over 18 million websites are currently using Bootstrap, and its thanks to the popularity of this framework that a number of new capabilities are constantly being added and packaged within the new versions of Bootstrap that are released.

But it is also due to this popularity that seeking a Bootstrap web development expert that can provide a unique twist on your website and utilise its full potential is vital.

We are living in a digital age - your website needs to stand out and engage your customers better than your competitors. Basic Bootstrap simply won’t cut it.

By drawing together our front-end capabilities outside of the framework, we can extend Bootstrap into a detailed, custom front-end design that goes further than the other results in the search engine.

A modern solution for a modern business

Technology is the future, but Bootstrap is happening right now.

The digital revolution forces businesses like yours to constantly find new outlets for evolution - this includes adjusting your branding to the changes in your wider industry to stay competitive.

Bootstrap is a flexible, easy-to-use framework allows changes to be readily made when necessary in alignment with the ambitions of your business.

If you need to put a new message to the web or are seeking a complete overhaul, it is only a ‘couple lines of code away.

Here at Lolly Co, we pride ourselves on providing custom solutions tailored to your business. Bootstrap allows us to do just that.

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+ What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is an open-source, free-of-charge, front-end framework that is used by front-end developers to create websites and web apps. It provides basic HTML and CSS templates for users to copy and paste into projects, too.

+ Why is Bootstrap used?

Bootstrap is a popular CSS framework among front end developers as it is a free, easy to use tool that streamlines the process of building a website or web application and provides instant UI.

+ Is Bootstrap a programming language?

No - it is a front-end development framework. A programming language, on the other hand, is a set of instructions that delivers various kinds of outputs.

+ What are the benefits of using Bootstrap?

There are a number of benefits to using Bootstrap. It has fewer cross browser bugs, is a consistent framework that supports major browsers, it is lightweight and easy to customise, and is instantly responsive, amongst other advantages.