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The future is digital - and the digital needs data. In order to unlock the full potential of your business growth, your organisation needs to harness the data that can reveal deeper insights into the processes and operations of your business. In order to fulfill your business strategies, you need business intelligence software to help you make informed decisions.

And we can provide just that.

Business intelligence includes the strategies and technologies used for the data analysis of business information. It provides an in-depth view of your business operations with a huge range of capabilities such as reporting, analytical processing, business analytics, and data mining. Navigate new markets and assess your operations on a whole new level with our business intelligence tools.


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echo "Our team is made up of top-tier senior developers and high-quality consultants. This guarantees that your front-end solution will be a custom-fit to your business, and provide the UX needed to push competitors out of the market.

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We only hire from the top tier of senior developers, guaranteeing that your business’ digital solution can compete with the disruptive forces in your sector.

Beyond Your Solution

Our software developers are versed in a wide number of programming languages and development technologies, ensuring we can select the right solution for your business.


We don’t just provide high-quality digital solutions for businesses like yours - we also provide maintenance facilities to ensure the technology sticks to your standards.

The benefits of business intelligence software

Business intelligence can be accessed by select employees via an easy-to-use portal. This gives your business control over data security and allows the right employees data interactivity.

This technology is designed for use by your employees; it allows us to create a user-driven tool that’s interactive and self-serving, reducing your IT costs effectively.

Your team can set rules to govern and monitor your data via multi-tenant deployments which keep your data secure and software functionality simple.

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Hire the right team for your business intelligence services

We can provide seamless business intelligence integration into your technology to ensure it fits your current digitalisation, and works with and for your business.

Analyse and identify trends with custom data visualisation via our front end development solutions. Monitor your data and data sources in an instant with our dashboard and reporting system.

We can scale up, scale down, and rewire the functionality of your business intelligence to ensure it fits your business at each step of the way.

Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands
Anyone with a growing business needs technology in order to succeed. Our internal team productivity jumped by over 241% thanks to the tools and code that Lolly Co produced.
Jeremy Garcia - Simply Brands

Jeremy Garcia
Director of Technology, Simply Brands

BI Software Modernisation

Harness the power of modernisation via our technology consulting and strategies. From your software’s architecture to implementing cloud computing, we can reinvent your solution.

Third-party Integrations

We enhance your data utilisation and deepen insights into your business operations by blending your new technology into your current solutions via data integration.

Mobile BI Solutions

Leverage the potential of data analytics with our senior development team. We design and deploy data analysis procedures and put mobile accessibility first for the solution.

BI Software Integration

Extend the functionality of your business intelligence software with our embedded BI solutions. Bring data visualisation into your business process solutions with Lolly Co.

Data Visualisation

Our front end developers facilitate the data analysis capabilities relayed by our back end development team through easy-to-use data visuals that every employee can analyse.

Data Warehousing

Bring your data together with our Data Warehouse as a Service solution to guarantee secure data storage and data warehouse implementation for your BI software.

Business intelligence is suitable for many development tasks

Digitalisation is no longer a nifty business strategy that puts you ahead of your competitors - it’s now a necessity to ensure your business has the chance to compete. Business intelligence can drive a smarter enterprise, and it does this by providing and streamlining data gathering, monitoring, and analysis. Data is now a necessity to help your team assess your strategies’ and services’ success in your sector, and navigate the future of the industry.

Business intelligence typically encompasses a wide variety of capabilities that provide your team with detailed insights into your business. With real-time updates that are simple to understand, in-depth data analysis can infiltrate your entire business.

The tasks it can cover include data collection and analysis, machine learning, data lineage tracking, interactive visualisations, cloud deployment, integration, and workflow collaboration. Whatever your team needs, business intelligence software has it covered.

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Business intelligence is the internet's backbone

Technology has informed a number of trends re-aligning each and every sector. And with certain trends comes a need for your business to match them and go beyond them. Business intelligence software is yet another digital solution your business needs to consider to stay relevant, and advance to stay competitive.

Modern BI has become such a popular solution as a result of its low barriers to entry and fundamental functionality for a vast range of sectors; each company needs data-driven insights. Within this, each individual department and employee has a stake in understanding data-driven insights, from finance to marketing.

In fact, as digitalisation speeds up business processes - especially marketing campaigns - real-time analysis of the effectiveness of them is vital. BI software facilitates this competitivity inherent in the business world.

A modern solution for a modern business

Today’s businesses rely more than ever on data. From accuracy to analysis, keeping up with the latest trends is vital to maintaining a modern outward stance that your competitors also seek to do.

Not only can the capabilities of business intelligence software allow your team to identify your sector’s trends, it can monitor the operations and success of your operations.

From your business’ production methods to what your customers think of what you produce, our BI software can provide unrivaled insight alongside bespoke functionality. And thanks to our front end expertise, the software is easy-to-use and accessible for even the most technologically inept.

Modern businesses require modern solutions. We can supply them.

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+ How does business intelligence work?

Business intelligence software works by using ETL - the extraction, transformation, and loading of data to a database - to create reports and dashboards about data for business executives to monitor and use.

+ What is meant by business intelligence?

Business intelligence is the technologies, applications, and practices of the collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of data for businesses. It is a tool that derives value from big data.

+ What is the use of business intelligence?

Business intelligence software has a wide number of uses including data provision and analysis for executives and insights for your individual departments such as marketing and finances.

+ What is the process of business intelligence?

The process of business intelligence involves gathering data and organising it via data reporting, analysing it to derive value from the data, and making decisions with the data to fulfill a strategic goal.